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James/C/J are in their bedroom on corner bed. Missed the convo but will go see if I can find what was said NT - realitydoll
2:22PM 15/03/2008
James revealed plan is to take Ryan off block and replace with Adam. He did not tell Shelia that he would take her off the block - JenniLee
2:25PM 15/03/2008
James confirmed he's taking Ryan down and putting Adam up. Josh said he wont tell - Brendabythebay
2:24PM 15/03/2008

James/Josh say it's going to be a crazy week. Josh went to go hide some of Adam's Cigs (for james for later). James doesn't think he should, says he - realitydoll
2:24PM 15/03/2008

Josh leaves. C/J kiss, giggle. Josh/Sharon talk - SouthernBelladonna
2:25PM 15/03/2008

Josh just told Sharon 'the plan' to BD Adam, Josh says - DanaRose
2:25PM 15/03/2008

Josh goes immediately to tell Sharon - Rubykins
2:26PM 15/03/2008

James and Chelsia talking about how cold it is in the morning as C changes clothes (on camera) NT - JenniLee
2:27PM 15/03/2008

Josh said when they played Its Raining Men this morning he was dancing around with an umbrella! NT - DanaRose
2:29PM 15/03/2008
He also danced during a Celine Dion song NT - JenniLee
2:30PM 15/03/2008

Chelsia putting something on James' lips, he says he thinks its too late for that, he needs to get Abreva. (sounds like lip sore) NT - DanaRose
2:31PM 15/03/2008

Shelia flossing; Natalie using conversation about needing to tan as an excuse to flash the hgs NT - JenniLee
2:31PM 15/03/2008

James and Chelsia discussing cold sore remedies NT - erin33520
2:33PM 15/03/2008

Ryan laying down on the couch in the bathroom; talking to sharon about a really smart 3-year-old NT - JenniLee
2:33PM 15/03/2008

Josh, James and Chelsia talking about Josh never being on the block, and how James got the "full block" effect NT - JenniLee
2:35PM 15/03/2008

Adam and Matt reading the Bible together; James and Chelsia talking about popping pimples (ed: eww!) NT - JenniLee
2:36PM 15/03/2008

Matt and Adam discussing parallels between the Bible and Indiana Jones NT - erin33520
2:39PM 15/03/2008

Matt thinks he can find Holy Grail or Arc of the Covenant w/ his - erin33520
2:40PM 15/03/2008

Adam reads the bible and fondles his "business" on F3. - SouthernBelladonna
2:41PM 15/03/2008

Close-up of Adam scratching/rubbing his leg on F3. Nat and Sheila talk about the problems of sun damage on F1. NT - SouthernBelladonna
2:43PM 15/03/2008
That's not his leg he's scratching - KevSlider
2:49PM 15/03/2008

Matt tells Ryan/Adam (while reading bible) that the 12 apostles were kinda like a gang but they - Brendabythebay
2:45PM 15/03/2008

Sharon/Sheila/Nat talk about the memory wall photos. - SouthernBelladonna
2:49PM 15/03/2008

Nat and Sheila talk about how much they like George Carlin. - SouthernBelladonna
2:50PM 15/03/2008
Also talking about Officespace, The Office, and Jim Carrey. - SouthernBelladonna
2:55PM 15/03/2008

Adam continues to play with himself as he reads. - SouthernBelladonna
2:56PM 15/03/2008

Sheila's explanation of why she likes forensic type shows - Brendabythebay
2:58PM 15/03/2008

Sheila is talking about Dexter now. Nat talking about Saw. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:00PM 15/03/2008
Sheila nd Shar say they can't watch movies like Saw and Hostel. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:01PM 15/03/2008

Nat is taking a shower.. Ryan and Adam are reading bibles in the bedroom. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:07PM 15/03/2008

Sheila and Sharon talking in the hot tub NT - zaneta
3:27PM 15/03/2008

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