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Matt and Natalie KISSING! the other boys know what is up, it was their idea. NT - camera12
1:59AM 15/03/2008

James is staring at the memory wall. NT - dontjudgeme
2:00AM 15/03/2008

...and down Nat goes for the BJ NT - camera12
2:01AM 15/03/2008

James painfully runs up the stairs to the HOH room where his bed is still unmade. NT - dontjudgeme
2:03AM 15/03/2008

The cameras are loud so james keeps looking at them follow him. - dontjudgeme
2:04AM 15/03/2008

Ryan and Baller laughing at Nat and Matt.....busted! NT - camera12
2:06AM 15/03/2008

Nat and matt end there BJ and matt and adam immediatly start talking again and matt gives them the code that he just got a BJ - Gorf
2:07AM 15/03/2008

Matt says baller is going to make love to sheila whenthis is over. - dontjudgeme
2:09AM 15/03/2008

Nat says morning sex is the best. (adult) - dontjudgeme
2:12AM 15/03/2008

They say they should get the keys and lock sheila in her room. Adam gets up. - dontjudgeme
2:14AM 15/03/2008

couple min ago Nat says morning sex gives her energy, Now Matt tells her to go to sleep, she says she cant she just got a burst of energy :P NT - Gorf
2:15AM 15/03/2008

Nat says she hasnt given a BJ in a while, Ryan asks her when she last did it (as he looks at matt with a smile on his face) she says she cant - Gorf
2:25AM 15/03/2008

all hgs. settling down to sleep now NT - bigjaniefan
2:46AM 15/03/2008

James in HoH alone, drinkin' a beer, listening to tunes, biting his nails. NT - camera12
2:56AM 15/03/2008

Ryan or Adam is snoring very, very loud in Pink BR (Think it is Ryan), Nat and Matt are - CruiseCritic
5:52AM 15/03/2008

Adam lifts up and rolls over again and Natalie just lifted her head up, looked around and back under covers NT - CruiseCritic
6:00AM 15/03/2008

Adam tossing and turning to Ryans snoring, scratch, scratch and covers up head and rolls over NT - CruiseCritic
6:38AM 15/03/2008

Matt just leaned over the bed and cant tell, but he may have nudged Ryan. Ryan has stopped snoring(for now) NT - CruiseCritic
6:56AM 15/03/2008

All feeds still show HGs soundly sleeping NT - BamaDaisy
8:00AM 15/03/2008

One cam quickly went to GP cage (cute) Everyone sleeping NT - CruiseCritic
8:20AM 15/03/2008

Natalie just got up from bed.... went to the bathroom - Lisette21
8:25AM 15/03/2008
She goes straight to bed, NEVER washed her hands NT - Heavenly
8:28AM 15/03/2008

Natalie back in bed now. NT - Lisette21
8:27AM 15/03/2008

matt up and in WC NT - ariel1981
8:57AM 15/03/2008

matt out of bathroom - stops to brush teeth and then goes back to bed - ariel1981
9:01AM 15/03/2008

Adam up to WC comes out and does not wash hands. Now back to bed NT - cambik
9:14AM 15/03/2008

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