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Shelia and Sharon in bathroom. NT - BBFanChelle
12:00AM 15/03/2008

Sheila came and apologized to Adam for treating him like she's his mother. (about the dishes) NT - CSIGrissom
12:09AM 15/03/2008
Also, Adam replied that his mother doesn't even treat him that way & that he didn't accept her apology; wanted to sleep on it NT - scandalous
9:56AM 15/03/2008

James is up out of HOH NT - BBFanChelle
12:13AM 15/03/2008

James, Adam and Ryan in BY playing Pool. Talking mostly about Sheila at first and rehashing the events of - Snarf123
12:46AM 15/03/2008

Matt/Ryan/James/Adam in kitchen trying to get Matt to accept the BJ nat is offering, matt informs them that she already gave him - Gorf
12:46AM 15/03/2008

Matt doesn't think the BJ's were shown on TV. (LOL) NT - Snarf123
12:48AM 15/03/2008

Now talking about STD's. Matt says he's surprised he hasn't caught one yet. Adam says he caught his first one around - Snarf123
12:50AM 15/03/2008

Adam, James and Ryan trying to convince Matt to have sex with Natalie. - Snarf123
1:00AM 15/03/2008

Just lots of chit chat on topics from sex to the PoV competition to the perceived rivalry between James and Matt. - Snarf123
1:12AM 15/03/2008

Matt/Adam/James/Ryan talking about fears that people will want to beat the crap out of them when they get out of the house. NT - LunaC
1:17AM 15/03/2008

The boys are requesting that BB play Sexual Healing in the morning for Matt NT - dontjudgeme
1:26AM 15/03/2008

James sits down to eat his dinner that he slept through - dontjudgeme
1:30AM 15/03/2008

They say Monday and Tuesday are the most boring but have the most drama - dontjudgeme
1:32AM 15/03/2008

Matt tells Ryan he plays the same chess game every time so he knows all his moves. - dontjudgeme
1:34AM 15/03/2008

Matt goes to bed and Ryan stays out with James - dontjudgeme
1:37AM 15/03/2008

Matt went to join Nat and Adam in bed, tripped over the divider in the bedroom and hurt his leg :P - Gorf
1:37AM 15/03/2008

Ryan wants to be able to get up tomorrow and enjoy the day. Matt says they slept all day today. - dontjudgeme
1:45AM 15/03/2008

James confirmed to Ryan that he's not going to use the Veto NT - folieadeux8381
1:47AM 15/03/2008

James saying he broke his word with matt but it was the smart thing to do. - dontjudgeme
1:49AM 15/03/2008

Adam leaves and as soon as he does, some curious movments appear under the covers in Matt and Natts bed :P NT - Gorf
1:50AM 15/03/2008

James said chelsia took ehrself off and he went up. - dontjudgeme
1:52AM 15/03/2008

Adam comes back and he and Matt talk as Natalie continues to give Matt a hand favour :) NT - Gorf
1:53AM 15/03/2008

James goes in and cuddles up to chelsia NT - dontjudgeme
1:55AM 15/03/2008

Matt keeps pushing on the top of Nat's head for her to "go down" lol NT - camera12
1:55AM 15/03/2008

James kisses her shoulder and gets up. NT - dontjudgeme
1:57AM 15/03/2008

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