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Topic #8292907
WVpdles - Sheila - just because Matt's gone from the house doesn't mean he's gone from the game, he'll still be here. 0 Replies #8292907 9:56AM 17/03/2008
Sheila - you know the different between evil dick and all those little sh!ts upstairs. evil dick had something between his legs, they don't.
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Topic #8292958
WVpdles - Sheila on about them being a nobody and her still being famous when they walk out of the house. It's all jealousy NT 0 Replies #8292958 10:00AM 17/03/2008
She's questioning her sanity for letting them treat her the way they do.
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Topic #8292979
WVpdles - Nat - every day i have ppl telling me how much they love me and what a breath of fresh air i am because i'm different NT 2 Replies #8292979 10:01AM 17/03/2008
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WVpdles - Nat -People watching this are praying for us. Sheila - I hpe they are #8292999 10:02AM 17/03/2008
Sheila - the evil man won last year, but it ain't gonna happen this year. Nat- I hung up there for 5 hrs and i'll do it again. i'll put myself thru torture.
Sheila - i wish dick was here, that should be the twist. he should come back and rip havoc on all these aholes, and i would cheer him on.
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Suzan - and always happy. NT #8292983 10:01AM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8293031
Suzan - Sheila is angry with the "others" for disecting her and her character behind her back and out there for her son and 0 Replies #8293031 10:05AM 17/03/2008
family to see. Telling Nat that she's already accomplished fame outside of the house and when she leaves she'll still have that. That the "others" don't have that, they want that and they are jealous. That that would be the only reason she'd question her sanity in the house is allowing them to do that.

Then she starts talking about wishing Dick was in the house so that she could cheer him on while he tore apart the others. That the people are cowards that they won't say these things to her face that they are going be hind her back.

She's really angry with the things she is finding out have been said about her by the others.

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Topic #8293044
Suzan - Sheila has the blowdryer on so it's impossible to listen at the moment - Josh/Sharon shown on other feeds sleeping NT 0 Replies #8293044 10:06AM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8293063
Suzan - Natalie asking Sheila where everyone is and she tells her they are still sleeping - 0 Replies #8293063 10:07AM 17/03/2008
that they all went to bed late last night. Sheila saying she went to bed about two, and that she can't just lay around in bed all day - Nat agrees. On with the blowdryer noise.
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Topic #8293077
Suzan - Sheila is working on her hair - Nat is off camera NT 0 Replies #8293077 10:09AM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8293113
Suzan - All is quite - Nat back at the mirror in her towel working on make up, other cams on J/S sleeping NT 0 Replies #8293113 10:13AM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8293198
Suzan - S: I'm so disusted Natalie that I can't even tell you, Natalie is telling her God will take care of things - S 0 Replies #8293198 10:19AM 17/03/2008
saying she's ready to explode. That her son did not sign up to watch these people dissect me. I understand we signed up for a cetain amount of humiliation, they didn't, they didn't. I didn't realize it got this brutal, yea I saw some of it but I didn't realize. Talking about how Dick protected his kids and would not let them talk about his son or daughter.

Sheila going on that she didn't realize it would get this nasty - Natalie saying she told her mom it would be brutal.

S: No amount of money in this world I will take if it hurts my son. I came back in this game to make our lives better and to have him sitting there watching this show 3 days a week and crying.

N: I've never in my life been attacked - ever, S: I know you've had it bad too. S: your family knows how strong you are and that you ahve God in your life. My son is different, he can't separate a show from life, he's not an adult, he can't separate like your family can watching it and knowing how you are. You didn't get picked for this show because your weak.

Sheila saying he hasn't been playing the game right because she's worried about what her son is seeing.

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Topic #8293209
Suzan - Sheila commented on Natalie being on her side - but Natalie thought she was infering 0 Replies #8293209 10:20AM 17/03/2008
God was on their side and Natalie said that God was on their side and the He was just waiting for the right time - to take them out!
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Topic #8293212
WVpdles - Nat tells Sheila she told James he should be scared because she had everything on her side. Sheila - yes you do. Nat - God is on my side, He's just 1 Replies #8293212 10:20AM 17/03/2008
waiting for the right time to take them out.
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WVpdles - Nat - We are the better person, because we won't stoop to their levels. We're better than that. NT #8293223 10:21AM 17/03/2008
Sheila - they have the numbers on their side, Matt's not staying.
Nat - Sharon?
Sheila - no she went back to their side, to that psycho. But that will be her downfall. When he walks out of that door, all he!! will break lose.
Sheila - I don't trust Ryan.
Nat - I do 100%
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Topic #8293324
Suzan - Only action on the feeds is Nat blow drying her hair - Sheila in the kitchen cleaning - others asleep NT 0 Replies #8293324 10:29AM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8293420
WVpdles - Nat - I'd be so grateful if he'd stay, but if not i'm gonna take them down. Nothing would make me happier to see J/J's faces when I win HoH NT 1 Replies #8293420 10:38AM 17/03/2008
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WVpdles - Nat - they're not even gonna be allowed in my room. sheila - you'll prob get a nice bottle of wine. NT #8293427 10:39AM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8293447
WVpdles - Sharon's up feeding the pigs NT 0 Replies #8293447 10:40AM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8293476
WVpdles - Sharon tells Sheila/Nat the pigs names, and they both said oh they need better names than that. 0 Replies #8293476 10:43AM 17/03/2008
Nat - said didn't they say unisex, a boy and girl name (she thinks that's what unisex means, 1 of each)
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Topic #8293484
WVpdles - Nat - both are girls, she's seen so many guinea pigs she knows what the 'thingy' looks like. NT 1 Replies #8293484 10:44AM 17/03/2008
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WVpdles - At one time her father had 15, because they kept reproducing NT #8293507 10:46AM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8293514
WVpdles - BB: Chel please go to the DR. she was still in bed asleep NT 1 Replies #8293514 10:47AM 17/03/2008
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WVpdles - Brief DR leak. (female producer) Hello Chel, it's Sean. How are you? Good. First of all, (sound cut) NT #8293536 10:50AM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8293582
WVpdles - Chel out of DR, Matt/Ryan/Adam up NT 0 Replies #8293582 10:55AM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8293609
WVpdles - Sheila in BY - She said something about knowing where a george is.(water running in WC on other feeds). 0 Replies #8293609 10:57AM 17/03/2008
then she says "I am really am crazy, I'm talking to myself."
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Topic #8293677
WVpdles - Ryan in BY and Sheila asks him to come hang with her(in hammock) NT 2 Replies #8293677 11:03AM 17/03/2008
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WVpdles - Sheila - we gotta stick to our plan. Nat totally trusts you. She has a plan, they have to BD someone on their side. #8293710 11:06AM 17/03/2008
If you win HoH you do what you need to do. I don't owe them crap. No one is gonna break me, I've raised a child, not gonna let those punks think they're gonna knock me out of this game. They have assassinated my character. My son is a minor, he didn't sign up for this. They stoop to the lowest low in this game, I respect ED more than any of them. He had the thing between his legs to tell it to their faces.
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WVpdles - S - she questions her sanity everyday for coming on here. her son didn't ask for this. What i've done in my life #8293733 11:08AM 17/03/2008
they question that. no no chel I'm very sane, because when i put you ass on the block you're gonna be begging me to get off. know that.
Sheila's pretending to Ryan that they really are voting the way she says.
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Topic #8293759
WVpdles - Meanwhile on the other feeds, Sharon is telling Josh that Matt denied EVERYTHING, the BJs, everything. NT 2 Replies #8293759 11:11AM 17/03/2008
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WVpdles - BB: Ryan to DR NT #8293771 11:12AM 17/03/2008
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WVpdles - Sheila calls Adam to hammock and telling him her game plan #8293898 11:22AM 17/03/2008
he'll only go up from there side as a pawn to BD someone.
i've flipped this house 3 or 4 times. josh has to go before james.
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Topic #8293777
WVpdles - Chel has a battery operated shaver, and asked sharon to buzz her neck for her please. NT 0 Replies #8293777 11:12AM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8293865
WVpdles - Nat in BY practicing croquet. Matt's out there too. NT 0 Replies #8293865 11:20AM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8293975
WVpdles - Nat told Matt, sheila said they (J/C/J/S) all want you gone. NT 0 Replies #8293975 11:27AM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8294042
WVpdles - Sheila to Adam - you don't know what I gave up to be in this game. 1 Replies #8294042 11:32AM 17/03/2008
We have to win the next 3 HoHs. They think you don't have the things between your legs to win HoH. That you don't want the power.
Adam - and?
sheila - sharon is not playing this game smart, she said she'd put up the boys. this game changes daily, that's not smart.
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WVpdles - S - nat's good at this game. you have to think about what's good for you in this game. #8294081 11:35AM 17/03/2008
what's good for me in this game. we have the #'s going in to this HoH. we have to get the power back and once we get it we can't let it go. we have some flip floppers in out group. nat's not loyal to me, she tried to throw you under the bus when i was on the block. nat would have voted me out, that's what matt has to go, because she always goes to matt for his opinion, he tells her what to do. he's the puppet master with nat. that has to be broken up. she has to make decisions on her own. if i had stayed on that block, i would have been going.
swear on something that you weren't gonna vote me out of here.
adam - i swear on something i wasn't gonna vote you out of here.
sheila - i already voted out my best friend, i won't do that to you. let's keep the votes the way they are. i hope i'm making the right decision.
adam - gonna have a cig a think about it.
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