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Topic #8315968
streetsense - Sheila talking to Matt and Ryan about Josh-- Matt saying its not going to happen tonight--Matt saying ryan or adam will protect her tomorrow NT 0 Replies #8315968 8:12PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8316024
streetsense - Matt saying him after POV was just him amped up--he will go nuts NT 0 Replies #8316024 8:14PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8316058
streetsense - Sheila saying Josh has sucked her spirit away from her and if he wasnt here she would be confident NT 0 Replies #8316058 8:15PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8316074
realitydoll - Josh/adam/james in kitchen eating and chit talking 0 Replies #8316074 8:16PM 18/03/2008
Josh, she is going to need protection adam, she is coming to you.
Adam: She is? Says that she is ready for you dude
Josh: I don't share my family information to people...go around andshare all their family gossip. I have an arsenal.
Adam: Tell sheila to STFU (ed: Lmao!)He is mimicking shelia's never ending nagging/talking. (ed. funny)

Josh: I wouldn't be surprised if there are security guards at that door, that door, ready to take me out.
Adam: You are going to be taken out by big sheep
Josh: I don't care...give me what you know. come on...
James: Her man legs
Adam: When I got casted for the show, I said, if you have mudd jeans, you can go that way dude. I hate mudd jeans.

Josh: Saying it's sad that your son has to get made fun of every day on national tv b/c someone rips on her (shelia)

Adam is giving Josh advice on how to get at nat.
Josh says is wondering if he should forewarn her tonight that she is getting it tomorrow (nat or shel)
Josh: She'll eject herself from the game. She is outside running her mouth right now.
JosH: I have crossed the line! I have crossed the line! (Mimicking shel)
Adam, asked a ?
Josh: b/c I like rattling people

I'm posting, trying to keep up with this.....

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Topic #8316083
streetsense - Sharon is laying in bed NT 0 Replies #8316083 8:16PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8316107
streetsense - Josh going outside--says "happy bunch" good *** session" how you sheila? say hi to your son NT 0 Replies #8316107 8:17PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8316114
realitydoll - Adam walked by piggy cage and said "Hi guineas!" NT 0 Replies #8316114 8:17PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8316146
WVpdles - josh comes out to BY and says 'say hi to your son' goes back in and Sheila starts going off again NT 0 Replies #8316146 8:18PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8316154
streetsense - Josh goes in slams door--and goes tells chelsia what he said NT 0 Replies #8316154 8:19PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8316155
realitydoll - UH OH>>>>James/Josh going outside! 0 Replies #8316155 8:19PM 18/03/2008
Josh: whats up!? Happy bunch out here! Good bitc*h session?
Sharon: I"m good!
Josh: Say hi to your son for me! (goes back in)
Josh: ME, I was proving a point
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Topic #8316226
streetsense - Sharon tells Josh to basically calm down--Josh says hes not going to do anything NT 0 Replies #8316226 8:21PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8316292
streetsense - James says Josh isnt going anywhere so...then he says well unles he goes next week but if hes on block against me im gone NT 0 Replies #8316292 8:23PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8316307
realitydoll - Josh goes in BathR where Chels is sitting on chair...... 0 Replies #8316307 8:24PM 18/03/2008
Josh: Anyone who knows me knows I'm the nicest guy ever!
Chels: I Know. Your like the nicest guy. And I want to play with you outside
They are snickering and Laughing their arses off. (ed: Chels makes me sick agreeing and egging him on now...he walks to the KT and is now doing a funky dance in the KT WINDOW NOW!!!!
They see him outside and want to know what he is doing!!!?
Chels laughing

(can hear shelia on the other feed...)

Sharon comes in and tells him to stop because they (S/N/M/A) are trying to get him riled up.
Josh: I'm not doing anything! (ed: Oh brother!!) I'm going to get something to eat.

Josh is so riled up, getting a slice of pizza. Said she is so riled up outside, ripping me apart. I cannot be stoppppped! Insert evil laugh here.
She is freaking out, so funny...snickering
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Topic #8316333
lakeview - Matt/Ryan/Sheila outside 0 Replies #8316333 8:24PM 18/03/2008
Matt says that as soon as Josh says something Matt or Ryan - whoever's left - will rip that kid. He'll be tearing on the floor. I'll talk about his mother. I gave him his warning.

Matt: if he tries, it won't happen.

Sheila: he's going to cross a legal line. I will not leave gracefully. You know what I will do. You better hit me or man up.

Sheila thinks that he'll only go against Sheila. Won't go against Natalie. He'll just go after a weak player.

Matt: moment he even starts, we'll walk over there and I'll start screaming as loud as I can in this house. And I know Ryan will too. You heard me give the warning before. He will fear me after this.

Sheila: that's why he doesn't want you in the house. He fears Ryan too but not as much as you.

Matt: he should be.

Sheila: he hasn't attacked one of you. As a woman and a mother, I have cried bc I feel like I am waking up and it's a nightmare bc that man is still in this house. He needs to be evicted.

Sheila loves where she is. Sheila would be more confident without him there. He has sucked her spirit away. Sheila is a good person.

Sheila: Adam won't even help me which makes me sick. I wake up every morning. [brings up psychological exam thing] That's not what bother me. I question my sanity that I've allowed what he's done in front of other women in here. No one in my life deserves this. No amount of money matters. You guys don't understand. I'd like to wake up like you guys and just hang out. I don't want to wake up with fear.

Josh/James/Adam walk outside.

Josh: What about you Sheila? Sheila: I'm good. Josh: Say hi to your son for me.

Walks in.

Sheila: he's nuts. He's out of control. He's mentally in.

Matt: he's nuts.

Sheila: why is he out of control.

James: he's just furious.

Sheila: we haven't been talking about him.

Sheila: how are you feeling Adam? Why is Josh so worked up?

James says he doesn't care about the votes. Sheila: what is it? Is it the Shedevil? James: it might be you.

Matt: he's not going to explode tonight. James: I don't think he's going to explode. Or tomorrow either. Matt: he shook on it with me.

James: he'll do it before live show goes on. Sheila: let him. Matt just wants chilltown.

James: it's not you. [laughs]

Adam: he's really tapped in the head.

James: if he gets charged like this, he did it with Allison and want HOH.

Sheila: if he wins, I'd beg to be put up and put me out of this misery.

James: this is his gameplay.

Sheila: why does he get to escape without being put on the block?

Sheila: he can mess up my game. I don't care.

James: he's going nowhere soon. People will leave him in here for gameplay and I'll go home.

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Topic #8316373
streetsense - Sheila tells james thanks for taking her off block---James says dont look to far into that--it was gameplay NT 0 Replies #8316373 8:26PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8316467
streetsense - Sheila saying her son wont get internet feed and she trust BB wont show slander NT 0 Replies #8316467 8:29PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8316580
realitydoll - Josh goes to br where chels is to sauna room to eat his pizza. Says that he is letting James get their strategy outside.... 0 Replies #8316580 8:33PM 18/03/2008
Matt comes in and is laughing. Tells Josh that he is getting good laughs outside. Cracking everyone up. Tells him he is nuts
Josh: Am I getting shelia all riled up?
Matt: NO! NOT AT ALL!!

Josh is stunned by this. All quiet. Gets another slice of pizza in KT
Matt in there getting plates w/ryan...Ryan goes to SR looking for food.

Josh says something calm (trying not to show how freaked out he is and how he is shaking and so MAD, it's really funny)

Matt: How long should I put this in?
Josh: like 30-40 secs
Matt: You don't want some of this stuff?
Josh: NO,
Matt: Asks shelia outside from slider SHELLLia!!!

Matt: Talking about wardrobe tomorrow w/ryan. Tells Josh he wants to look his best for tomorrow (asking Josh if such and such will look good)
Ryan: You're going to make me look baad!

Matt says your not going to blow up right?
Josh: No, I will respect your wishes
Matt: good! My last night..Your not going outside right?
Josh? No, I have no reason to
(ed: darn. Matt forced him into a deal earlier and shook his hand to please not cause any drama or attack the girls tonight, his last night)

Ryan: You don't want any of this chicken?
Matt: Yeah! Course I do!
Ryan: Awwh. K..cook it all.

Chels: No. I'm anorexic, I don't eat.
Chels says I Love you to Josh. And asks about the plan...can't hear, whispering
Josh: NO.. no..
(not sure..if someone heard, please reply/fill in)
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Topic #8316703
realitydoll - Chels doing hair in BR and Josh drinking his drink 0 Replies #8316703 8:37PM 18/03/2008
Chels:honey? soy sauce? (listening to KT - guys talking)
Josh: I'm going outside to terrorize shelia

Matt in BR now w/chels. knocks on Dr. goes in w/c
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Topic #8317029
lakeview - Josh/James outside 1 Replies #8317029 8:48PM 18/03/2008
Josh: is she fired up?

James: No, talking about her book. thinks she'll get $250K book deal.

Josh: no she won't

James: Talking about how she can win the game

Josh: With an 8th grade education?

Josh: back to her boring life.

Josh: do you think I have her a little riled.

James: I think you can knock it out of the park tomorrow. You have to do it right before the live show. And then do it during the pauses.

Josh: just like Allison.

James: same thing.

Josh: I can't believe she thinks that she's been flipping the house this whole time. Are you just saving your frustration for her? You're just letting me hang myself?

James: no, I'll chime in suddenly.

James: tomorrow it will go split. Sheila and Adam will vote to keep Matt and Chelsia won't. I'm making sure it will go split.

Josh: Sheila's scared bc she thinks she needs Matt here to protect her.

James: walk out here, Natalie will be rattled.

Josh: I'll take care of both of them but more Sheila.

Josh: It's already set, I'm going up so I've got to just like bring it.

James: I'm just glad Nat didn't win it last week.

Josh: that competition was made for her. They aren't going to do another competition that's made for Natalie.

Josh: tomorrow in the room will get fun. We're tired of your pathetic stories. We just don't care.

James: Matt will chime in.

Josh: say, what f--you? No, f--- you when you're alone in sequester by yourself on the bday.

Adam walks out. James wants to go to bed. (ed. Shocking!)

Adam saying Sheila doesn't want to sleep in her own room.

Josh says "I don't think Matt's going home tomorrow. I think it's 4-2 with Sharon/Josh hanging ourselves. If Sharon wants to flip and make it 5-1 and f--- me, go ahead."

Adam: it's irrelvant who goes home.

Josh: I think Ryan's going home. [ed. ??? maybe James said it instead]

Josh says he doesn't flip flop.

Adam: if you win HOH just blow him out of the water next week.

James says not many people will go up to his room next week if Josh wins HOH.

James off to bed.
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WVpdles - As soon as Sheila went in James said 'that lady is a nutcase' she thinks she's gonna win the game and network in NY NT #8317168 8:55PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8317158
cindytexas - Matt says he thinks Sheila would have had a hard time last year with ED in the house. She said no, he would have related to me on a single parent 0 Replies #8317158 8:54PM 18/03/2008
level. He wouldn't have gone after me. I would have teamed up with him. Matt said what about Amber. She was a single mom. Sheila said that was totally different because Dick's kids were closer to the age of her son, so he would have related to her and teamed up with her. (ed: cough)
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Topic #8317193
realitydoll - Josh goes and sits by the ht by himself and puts his feet in. Says about shelia: Same stories over and over and over. Matt comes out 0 Replies #8317193 8:56PM 18/03/2008
James says that lady is a nut case, says she thinks she is winning the money and getting a book deal.

Josh: pipe dream
James says she thinks she is going to ny and writing up a book deal after this
They are all laughing at her.
Josh says is she fired up?
James: No, she isn't . Talking about her life, getting 1/4 mil when she gets out of here.
Josh is piszed! Says that she has an 8th grade education. Do you even know what calculus is? she doesn't even know what 1+1 is.

James: same f'ng sh!t just a dif day
Josh: do you think I can knock this off?
James: I think you can knock it out of the park tomorrow
(can't keep up)but josh seemed rather mad he isn't riling her up

Josh: I can't belive that she thinks she is riling up the house/flipping the house this whole time- she works us.
Are you saving all your pented up frustrations for her? No holding back..
James says he will chime in, def. The house is about to go split tomorrow.
Josh: You think it will?
James: Yes!
Josh: Why?
James: shel vote to keep matt, addam vote to keep matt, chels going to stay whatever... everyone going to go HUGH??????(makes face)
Josh: Do you really think it's going to go that way.
James: I'll make sure it goes that way.
He just did it..walking out here, nat is going to be all rattled.
Josh: I'll take care of nat.
Josh: She is really going to be scared, b/c she thinks she needs matt here to protect her. I'm sure. PSSSSF (makes gun blowing off gesture w/hand) and says, that's my fav thing to do.

James: It comes down to it, if we don't win, we are going up
Josh: I don't care...I Know I'm going up if I don't win

James: Ican't even play in Fing game! I'm pizzed
Josh: That comp was made for her, that way they can't do another comp for her.
Ok...sorry this is best I can do...they are going off on their plan to rattle She/Nat tomorrow b/4 HOH.

James is going to bed. Adam walks out. He (james) wants a drag off his cig..posting (they are saying HUGEEEE.... (tomorrows plan).
Adam tells them shelia doesn't want to sleep in her room.
Ok..really posting now.....Josh is just babbling...He is going up, if shelia wants to make it 5-2, I don't care. I think Ryan is going home. I think the votes are there....(saying that in front of ADAM) So they can't talk about the plan to evict matt...fool them.
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Topic #8317284
realitydoll - Shelia is heard somewhere, telling matt: I don't think you know how I feel? Matt: I know how you feel. You've been...Shelia: I feel like I'm walking 0 Replies #8317284 9:00PM 18/03/2008
on eggshells
Matt: I'm telling you right now , you are worried about something happening that hasn't even happened.
But it issssss happening Matty! I have feelings!!!!!
She is going off on matt. She wants to wake up and feel normal. She wants to wake up and play the game. She didn't sign up for THIS!

I woud of hooked up with ED. He never would of let something like this happen to his daughter! He would not have come after me! TRust me! He would not have come after me! he would have related to me being a signle dad!

Guys are all in KT now, she stops......thank god
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Topic #8317329
streetsense - Josh saying Matt believes hes staying cuz hes not moping around--Sharon said Ryan noticed that too NT 0 Replies #8317329 9:03PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8317367
streetsense - Josh saying ED won using the break em down before HOH method and they will be final 2 doing same thing NT 0 Replies #8317367 9:05PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8317428
realitydoll - Sheila: It's Ok Matty! Matt: I just don't want you to feel threatened in this house. She: It's b/c I won't tell him how I'm voting. He wants to lash 0 Replies #8317428 9:08PM 18/03/2008
out at me. It's his strategy.
Chels and Nat enter.
Nat: Please, be strong,courageous and don't be afraid

she: bottom line is stop attacking the women in this house. Go after the guys! (telling chels this)
Now Matt is giving her advice how she has survived this for 45 years, been a single parent, man the F up! Get your head out of your azz, You've been on 5 covers (trying to encourage and motivate her...she is getting all emotional and she is STILL Not getting it).
Matt is trying to chill her out. Yelling how successful she is. You can't let other people bring you down like that. I'm trying to make your mood/spirits higher.

She thanks him.
Now Ryan telling her that he is trying to break her down. They are trying to get her out of her tizzy.
I'm done......
Sheila You can only be so nice to someone so long. I know deep down inside that he hates me, he has a hatred for women. And that is what he needs to get therapy for (telling this to Chels)
(chels, still working the plan...acting all concerned)
Shelia, back to basket case, crying....matt left to go outside
Ryan is now trying to talk to her. Telling her she has to be strong.
Shelia saying her son is probably saying why are you putting up with this...You know what I'm saying? I just want to play this game and be happy...
same, ol, story. posting.......Ryan is now trying to help and she is saying the same thing. Read up the top...:)
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