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Topic #8367373
BopthoR - Sheila and Chel in washroom talking about who wanted james out and how they all 0 Replies #8367373 5:55PM 21/03/2008
want both of them gone now, Sheila saying she is caught in middle, Chel says James is amazing, Sheila asks Chel to please forgive her.
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Topic #8367475
cindytexas - Sheila said to Chelsia that she knows she's been talking about her, saying she treats Adam like crap, but she doesn't understand, Adam is so mean to 0 Replies #8367475 6:00PM 21/03/2008
her. Chelsia, "I know."

Sheila tells her, "Please understand why I can't vote for you."
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Topic #8367552
BopthoR - Chelsia James and Sheila are joined by Sharon at HT NT 0 Replies #8367552 6:06PM 21/03/2008
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Topic #8367569
cindytexas - Sheila said to Sharon that she thought for sure Sharon would do good in today's comp since she is military. NT 0 Replies #8367569 6:07PM 21/03/2008
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Topic #8367586
Gorf - James during the Comp today puked on Chelsia's retainer DR just told her NT 0 Replies #8367586 6:09PM 21/03/2008
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Topic #8367594
Gorf - Josh tells S/S/J/C that Adam has all his wisdom teeth in still because his dad said "u are leaving this world the same way u came in" NT 0 Replies #8367594 6:10PM 21/03/2008
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Topic #8367739
cindytexas - Chelsia just told the group that Nat is fuming because she made fun of Matty earlier. Josh asked what she said. 0 Replies #8367739 6:22PM 21/03/2008
She said she told Nat she's going to go fu&k Matt and won't know which tit he's looking at when she does. Josh says, "Brutal." Someone asks what she said and Chelsia says not much. She said she would take a birthday card from Nat to Matt. James said she'll probably wipe her as* with it, and Chelsia said, no, she would give it to him.

Chelsia said she feels sorry for Nat because it's so pathetic, the thing with her and Matt..unless it was all an act. Sheila said, "It's not an act, trust me." Sheila said everybody has tried to tell her but she doesn't listen.
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Topic #8367792
cindytexas - Ryan and Adam talking. Ryan says they need to not act like they're close, but they know they have each other's backs. 0 Replies #8367792 6:27PM 21/03/2008
Adam says, "You've got to win HOH." Ryan says he's gunning for it.

Ryan says he won't be hanging out in the HOH room because he doesn't want people to think they're tight.

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Topic #8367798
SouthernBelladonna - Chel said that BB is really different than it looks on TV. 0 Replies #8367798 6:27PM 21/03/2008
"the comps look quick, but they take hours!"

Josh adds that the DR is also different...that they drag things out of you...Josh:"I told them to just give me a teleprompter so I can say what they want me to say."

James agreeing about the DR...Sheila says she gives them too much material in there...talks a lot.

BB was asleep at the wheel during this discussion - no flames or yelling at them to stop talking about DR.
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Topic #8367849
raindrop110475 - feeds switch to br nat sleeping ryan and adam talkign about how bad they need HOH next week 0 Replies #8367849 6:32PM 21/03/2008
Adam leaves says tell Nat I need to talk to her few min later nat wakes up loudly and Ryan tells her shes been asleep 5 hours ( she was asleep 1) she says your lying I am gullible and niave so dont lie to me they discuss dinner and nat lays back down before she goes to make dinner
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Topic #8367852
SouthernBelladonna - Ryan is reading the bible. Nat is napping on her bed. All others except Adam are in the BY chatting. NT 1 Replies #8367852 6:32PM 21/03/2008
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Elemetric - Ryan said BB made them cover up the Prescious Moments label on the bible. It now has a solid blue cover on it. NT #8367888 6:36PM 21/03/2008
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Topic #8367864
raindrop110475 - apparently ED hugged james and gave him High 5 NT 0 Replies #8367864 6:33PM 21/03/2008
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Topic #8367882
raindrop110475 - talk of how brutal ED is chel adam all think he was worse than Josh 0 Replies #8367882 6:35PM 21/03/2008
Sheila trying to make sure that peopel know ed didt go afetr peoples kids he only said they were bad moms
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Topic #8367911
cindytexas - Adam, Chelsia and Sheila talking about Evel Dick. Sheila thinks Dick really wasn't that bad, was he? Chelsia said he was bad, worse than Josh. 0 Replies #8367911 6:38PM 21/03/2008
Sheila acts like she doesn't know what they're talking about and says to Chelsia, "Really? Like what kinds of things? Because your mother likes him, right?"

Sheila says, "Well, he didn't go after their kids, did he?" She thinks as long as he didn't do that, he must be all right. Now she's saying she really only saw a couple shows where he was mostly spitting and farting.
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Topic #8367916
raindrop110475 - james and sharon in SR 0 Replies #8367916 6:39PM 21/03/2008
sharon tells josh how shes going on block cause Josh cant handle it no reason for him to burn any more bridges and tells james people want chel out so doesnt matter who goes up they just want u or chel done and james says yeah done
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Topic #8368023
cindytexas - Sheila said she wonders what people are saying out there, what they are blogging. Adam says she may not want to know. 0 Replies #8368023 6:49PM 21/03/2008
She said yes, she does. She said people said horrible things about Dick but hey, he won...him and his daughter.
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Topic #8368052
cindytexas - Ryan asked Sheila if she finds Dick attractive. She said, well there's something interesting about him. 0 Replies #8368052 6:51PM 21/03/2008
She says she's always dated musicians. Ryan says Dick doesn't play. Sheila said, "Oh, he's not a musician?" Ryan, "No." Sheila, "Well, I've dated guys that are all tatted up."

The convo started with Sheila saying that Dick must be watching because he mentioned her saying she had a dream about him.
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Topic #8368087
Gorf - Ryan informed Sheila the DR told him his grandfather died today NT 0 Replies #8368087 6:53PM 21/03/2008
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Topic #8368095
genx - Ryan lost his grandfather. 0 Replies #8368095 6:54PM 21/03/2008
DR told him (the pink letter maybe?)
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Topic #8368103
Shannon72 - Ryan just told Sheila that DR told him his grandfather passed away. 0 Replies #8368103 6:54PM 21/03/2008
He said he's telling sheila because she's really compassionate and he doesn't want to tell the whole house -- just her.

He was 90.

RIP Ryan's grandpa.
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Topic #8368118
cindytexas - Ryan just called Sheila over and said something bad happened to him today. He said he lost his grandfather, they called him into the DR to tell him. 0 Replies #8368118 6:55PM 21/03/2008
He tells Sheila he doesn't want everybody to know, he doesn't want it to seem like he's playing the sympathy card. He tells her not to get emotional.

Ryan said he got a letter and he will let her read it. He says he wanted to talk to her because he knows how compassionate she is, she's a mom.

Ryan says he was 90, lived a long life. Now he's talking about him to Sheila. (Ed: this is so sad!)
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Topic #8368137
raindrop110475 - Ryan says he was called to DR his granddad passed way 0 Replies #8368137 6:57PM 21/03/2008
he was 90 apparently Ryan got a letter and everything ryan says he wishes he was there but wasnt unexpected or was tragedy but is hard. Ryan said his grandad was old but in good health ryan says he doesnt want to play sympathy card so thats why he only told sheila cause shes like compassionate like the mom of house Sheila is consoling him Ryan says sthey were close he was at every baseball game ryan ever played and in letter he got it says grandad was proud of him he has watched every episode. Ryan says everyone knew he wasnt doign welll he says he had wierd feeling he knew would happen while he was in here ryan wishes he could be with mom and grandma but in letter it says grandma and mom want him to stay cause his grandad loved him on show
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Topic #8368174
cindytexas - Now Sheila is talking about her grandma dying, her mom being sick. She's getting choked up (over HER family). 0 Replies #8368174 6:59PM 21/03/2008
Talking some more about her family and what she went through.
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Topic #8368201
raindrop110475 - ryan and sheila go inside to read ryans letter NT 0 Replies #8368201 7:01PM 21/03/2008
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Topic #8368246
raindrop110475 - Letter is from mom says his sister is taking care of mom his brother in law is taking cgood care of them 0 Replies #8368246 7:04PM 21/03/2008
mom says we would like you to stay in game says jen sends her love and will help with girls and that jen has been a big help and mom said she sent her love Sheila asks you just got this today and Ryan says yeah and sheila says so scary Ryan says he thought about leaving but after reading family say they wanted him to stay in game. Ryan says he will stay and play for grandpa.
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