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Topic #8365851
bluejays6 - Shar: James will do whatever it takes to win this game. 0 Replies #8365851 4:10PM 21/03/2008
he's good at everything! we have to just pray he doesn't win hoh.
A: anybody but him.
Shar: if someone wins, they'll probably put up james and sheila.
Shar: it just gets frustrating, cuz we gotta get him out, we know he's gotta go. that was the craziest move, voting him back in. I didn't know who it was going to be, so it's easier with someone you know.
Shar: I told Nat if it's you and me at the end, I will throw HOH, cuz james kicked out matty.
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Topic #8365860
CruiseCritic - Sharon just told Adam that she told Natalie if it is Sharon and Nat at the end for HOH that 0 Replies #8365860 4:11PM 21/03/2008
she would throw it to her so Natalie can put him (James) up -it would be sweet revenge. Adam and Sharon talking how James is the biggest threat in the game
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Topic #8365898
bluejays6 - Sharon going to make sandwiches 0 Replies #8365898 4:13PM 21/03/2008
Shar: if you want to yell to them and see if they want sandwiches (people outside). Adam goes outside.
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Topic #8365909
CruiseCritic - Sharon says there is no way she can eat spaghetti tonight and says she is going to make some 0 Replies #8365909 4:14PM 21/03/2008
sandwiches and asks Adam if he wants one and he says yes, whattya got. Sharon going thru the fridge to see what is in there and is going to SR to get some mayo. She tells Adam to ask the people outside if they want some sandwiches...

Adam asks Sharon to grab an avocado while she is in there - outside group asks what kinds of sandwiches and Adam says all kinds of sandwiches, avocado.

Adam looking in kitchen cabinet and pulls out a bag of chips
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Topic #8365928
CruiseCritic - Sharon comes back and asks if they want sandwiches and Adam says that they 0 Replies #8365928 4:15PM 21/03/2008
are all set - he yells out back to Sheila and Natalie again and they say they are good. He tells Sharon - its just you and me. He took a couple plates out of the cabinet and it getting bread out.

Sharon talking about "heald" and then we get FLAMES
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Topic #8365936
cindytexas - Sheila is once again talking about things that Dick said to her. She said she can't remember the exact words, but she got the impression that he has 0 Replies #8365936 4:16PM 21/03/2008
insight into the game, that he knows "they" are twisting things.

Nat just said that she and Sheila will be the last two women in the house.
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Topic #8365964
CruiseCritic - Sharon saying she tried to get on the show to get away from him (Jacob) and then he ends up 0 Replies #8365964 4:18PM 21/03/2008
on the show and the joke was on her. said at least she got some closure. Adam is working on the avocado (doing a good job) and Sharon is opening up some slices of individually wrapped cheese. She talks about her and Jacob being best friends for so many years
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Topic #8365989
cindytexas - Nat just said, "Let's just hope if she does win HOH that she will put up James and Joshua." (referring to Sharon) 0 Replies #8365989 4:19PM 21/03/2008
Sheila says, "She'll have to."
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Topic #8366008
CruiseCritic - Adam opens roast beef and smells it and then asks if March 14 is okay for the beef 0 Replies #8366008 4:20PM 21/03/2008
Sharon says it is getting close...they see the turkey says March 21st so they decide to go with turkey instead. Adam throws away the roastbeef and says there goes $20 in the trash. Sharon says noone needed to eat that stuff.

Sharon saying hold on babeees and she is going to cut them a carrot, Adam says how they know her voice and she says babeeeees in the voice she uses when she talks to them. Feed goes to closeup of one of them. She cuts up a carrot while adam makes sandwiches.

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Topic #8366036
CruiseCritic - Sharon tells the GPs to hold on as she cuts up more carrot with the butter knife 0 Replies #8366036 4:22PM 21/03/2008
Adam says he wants an avocado tree in his yard in FLA and then asks Sharon if they grow on trees. She says she isnt sure and Adam says if they do grow on trees then he is planting one in his yard.

Sharon says she was shocked that Chelsia had the least amount of points.
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Topic #8366068
CruiseCritic - Sharon says everyone did a good job at the competition and she is proud of 0 Replies #8366068 4:23PM 21/03/2008
everybody. saying she had 6 of them and 2 that were partially done but she wasnt going to make her way back to them. babeeeeees as she goes to the GP cage...are you hungry, are you hungry, what, what, just hold on as she starts dropping carrots in the cage.

thats it you are done, no more for the day.
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Topic #8366096
CruiseCritic - Adam asks Sharon if she wants soda and she says she is having apple juice because she 0 Replies #8366096 4:25PM 21/03/2008
wants something good in her stomach. Sharon washes the knife used to cut carrots and moves her plate over to the counter. Adam forgot cheese for his sandwich and says he wishes they had lunchmeat cheese.

Feed switches to Ryan and Chelsia outside talking by the pool table. Chelsia is sitting on washing machine (hard to hear them)
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Topic #8366104
CruiseCritic - Chelsia just spread her legs and says she hopes to get so much farther than her (Sheila) instead of having to 0 Replies #8366104 4:26PM 21/03/2008
spread her legs
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Topic #8366132
CruiseCritic - Ryan telling Chels that her stories are the same f'n thing over and over again. 0 Replies #8366132 4:28PM 21/03/2008
Chelsia talks more about her and says she thinks the world owes her something. Ryan talks about telling her that he told Sheila that it is Adams HOH and what he does is his decision.

(Ryan agreed earlier with Adam, Natalie and SHeila that he has been and will continue to act like he doesnt like her)
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Topic #8366159
kandio - N/Sheila. Nat saying we will be the last 2 women. Sheila saying we dont know how they are twisting this 0 Replies #8366159 4:30PM 21/03/2008
Sheila saying i will top Amber for crying...Flames
Nat saying God is love. Saying they will vote for Sharon. Saying thats what C gets for being so rude.
Nat says she knows for a Fact that Adam is putting up Sharon.
Saying Sharon wants to stick w/them and Nat says if Sharon win hoh she will put up James & Josh?
Saying they have to get rid of the strong.
Saying C is strong thats why she has to go.
Sheila saying she is not letting personal feelings involved.
Nat saying she told Adam that Sheila was sorry.
Saying cant let people who are discusting should go..Whispering low about C saying you should say things to peeps faces..As they trash talk
Nat saying if C goes off on here she will tell her something?
Nat woundering what C is talking to Ryan about?
Sheila: who knows she is the biggest manipulater in here
Sheila saying if he puts me up i will go off
Men cannot win this game without women. Sheila saying thats why its 7 women 7 men.
Saying its dumb if C is talking smack as they talk
S: saying there is a reason why they put women in her?
Saying C is jealous of her & Matt because she will never have what her and Matt have..She cant wait to tell mattie..Mattie, Mattie
Sheila saying her and Matts mom will be BFF
Calling C a punk, trash..saying how much Mattie cares for her..
She will gloat
Sheila wants to tear her hair out for talking about Matts eye.. Mattie, Mattie
C is a two-faced dirty pig
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Topic #8366173
cindytexas - Sheila and Nat are bad mouthing Chelsia while at the same time Chelsia and Ryan are on the other side of the yard bad mouthing Sheila. 0 Replies #8366173 4:31PM 21/03/2008
Chelsia says she hates Sheila.

Meanwhile, Sheila says she wants to tear Chelsia's hair out for talking about Matt's "disability" (his crooked eye).

Nat says Chelsia is just jealous because Matt cares about her (Nat).

Sheila is saying she can't believe Chelsia was making fun of her "body part."
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Topic #8366185
CruiseCritic - Natalie was telling Sheila the things that Chelsia said about Matt and heard her mention 0 Replies #8366185 4:32PM 21/03/2008
her sons name. Now Sheila is pi$$ed that she made fun of Matty and his eye and Natalie is also mad and cant wait to see her walk out the door, Sheila says she will not tolerate her putting down someones disability. Sheila is pi$$ed that Chelsia made fun of Sheila's private parts.

Sheila says she cant beleive she tried to protect her. Sheila is so mad right now and says she is hearing stuff she doesnt like any more. Ryan comes over and Natalie telling her what Chels said about Matts crooked eye -
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Topic #8366209
cindytexas - Nat just said that Chelsia said, "I voted Matt out because I couldn't stand to look at his crooked eyes." 0 Replies #8366209 4:33PM 21/03/2008
(Ed: This is not really what she said.)
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Topic #8366212
CruiseCritic - Ryan said it is time for her to go (Chelsia) and they ask if she was talking sh!t about them and Ryan lies and 0 Replies #8366212 4:33PM 21/03/2008
says no, she was saying how she wanted to play the game differently and talking about her exBF.

Natalie tells Ryan that Chelsia said that she was going to go to sequester and F Matty
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Topic #8366254
CruiseCritic - Ryan says a lazy eye isnt a disability and Sheila says that his Mom probably had to go 0 Replies #8366254 4:35PM 21/03/2008
through alot with Matt as a child and Ryan says yeah, kids can be cruel. Sheila cant wait to talk to Matts mom at the wrap party.

Natalie calls Adam over and Sheila says dont get him started....and then Nat asks if they are still sending home the C h e l s i a - Adam cant come over there because he is smoking.
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Topic #8366260
cindytexas - Sheila and Nat are talking to Ryan and saying how dare Chelsia make fun of Matt's 0 Replies #8366260 4:36PM 21/03/2008
"disability." Ryan says it's not a "disability." Sheila is going off about how Matt's mother probably had to put up with cruel comments about Matt all his life and she knows what it's like. She can't wait to talk to Matt's mom.

Ryan walks off.

Nat says she can't wait to tell Matt everything Chelsia said about him.
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Topic #8366280
CruiseCritic - Sheila and Nat both want to win HOH so bad and Sheila says I know what you are going to do 0 Replies #8366280 4:37PM 21/03/2008
sweetie. Nat saying James is next, Sheila says that is smart. Sheila says her and Adam stood by their word with Matty.

Sheila says she is blown away with what you told me, she is just jelous.

Now talk about waking up to Evel Dick
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Topic #8366285
kandio - Sheila is going after C..She wanted to protect her? Does C know what Sheila has had to put up with 0 Replies #8366285 4:38PM 21/03/2008
Nat telling Ryan because she told C she was not playing for herself. She was playing for James
She/Nat asking Ryan was she talking about us...What did she say..Not really
Nat Sheila talking sh*t about C...On and on about Matts lazy eye. Sheila going on about talking to Matts eye.
Saying how low C stoops..
Calling Adam over. Yelling out we are still sending home the...?
The feeds have Adam/Ryan in background hard to hear. Sheila telling Nat you have to go after James even if it gets you kicked out of here?
More C sh*t talkin saying ED he did not like her.

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Topic #8366306
CruiseCritic - Sharon and Chelsia at counter talking and James comes walking over and they 0 Replies #8366306 4:40PM 21/03/2008
stop talking. James comes over and burps. Talk about someome taking a sh!t and Chelsia says let me look at it before you flush. (ick)

Adam asks Jimmy are you going back to bed and he said he doesnt know. Chelsia asks if she gets evicted she wonders if they will take it off (her toenail) and she shows it to Adam. She says it would be nice if they could take if off so when she comes back to vote she would have a pretty nub
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Topic #8366311
cindytexas - Sheila is saying that Dick "revealed" a couple of things to her. 0 Replies #8366311 4:41PM 21/03/2008
Nat asks what. She said the way he said things to her made her think people were out there rooting for her and supporting her.
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