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Nat told Sheila that James told her they're now even, then FLAMES NT - WVpdles
7:05PM 22/03/2008

James asked Chel how bad she wanted to stay in this games, she said bad, he told her to barter with Adam her $21k vegas trip to put up Nat - WVpdles
7:16PM 22/03/2008

James telling J/S/C about his talk with Nat... - Taffy
7:17PM 22/03/2008

James just suggested Chels go offer Adam her $ 21K trip to Vegas in exchange for Adam putting up - Brendabythebay
7:17PM 22/03/2008

DR told her she could. Adam's coming out to BY NT - WVpdles
7:18PM 22/03/2008

Chels first asks adam if he wishes he'd had her movie pass and he says "they" told him he's a loser, no he couldnt take it. NT - Brendabythebay
7:20PM 22/03/2008

Chel: so adam what do you want? what do you want for me to stay in the game? NT - Brendabythebay
7:20PM 22/03/2008

Che & James go inside for something (tweezers?) and Adam says what ? she wants to stay? - Brendabythebay
7:23PM 22/03/2008

flames NT - alexarae71
7:23PM 22/03/2008

Josh says Sheila is not worth 21K that they should push for Nat... - Taffy
7:23PM 22/03/2008

Back from Flames and Josh says you can't blame her for tryin and Adam says I did what I thought best for me. NT - Brendabythebay
7:26PM 22/03/2008

Ryan, Sheila, Nat talking about the Vegas trip and Sheila saying a trip to Palm Springs would be better, but - Brendabythebay
7:27PM 22/03/2008

Ryan joins hottub crew outside, Sheila & Nat doing their nails. Hottub crew talking about going to movies - Brendabythebay
7:29PM 22/03/2008

Feeds come back and I guess Adam turned the offer down cuz they're telling him... - Taffy
7:32PM 22/03/2008

BB: Chel to DR NT - WVpdles
7:32PM 22/03/2008

Nat telling Sheila how the guys would tell Mattie to go ahead and - Brendabythebay
7:35PM 22/03/2008

Sharon chopping veggies for guinea pigs who are squealing for food and Sharon is yelling at them to HOLD ON! Just wait a minute. - Brendabythebay
7:37PM 22/03/2008

Josh complaining about popcorn all over living room and Chels yells back she just requested the vacuum - Brendabythebay
7:38PM 22/03/2008

James hugs Chels in bathroom and kisses her. NT - Brendabythebay
7:39PM 22/03/2008

James to Chels: Today's Sat. Chels yep. J: Tomorrows veto cermony. - Brendabythebay
7:40PM 22/03/2008

James says so no bueno? Did they laugh at you? Chels says no they were like if you won money you cant split it. - Brendabythebay
7:41PM 22/03/2008
She said they told her she couldn't use her prize as a bribe in the game. NT - cindytexas
7:43PM 22/03/2008

Chels says she will watch every single episode of their season, James says he wont. NT - Brendabythebay
7:42PM 22/03/2008

James: You want me to fly to Iowa (Ohio?) and watch it with you? They kiss. NT - Brendabythebay
7:42PM 22/03/2008
Iowa. Chelsia's from Iowa. NT - jenntegt
7:54PM 22/03/2008

James asks Chelsia in the BR if she's going to watch the entire season, she says hell yeah won't he? - Taffy
7:46PM 22/03/2008

Adam and Ryan playing with ball in BY/sheila and Nat in spa room still doing their nails and talking about tanning and that sheila likes to go tan - sunflower721
7:49PM 22/03/2008

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