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Topic #8384209
WVpdles - Nat told Sheila that James told her they're now even, then FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8384209 7:05PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8384349
WVpdles - James asked Chel how bad she wanted to stay in this games, she said bad, he told her to barter with Adam her $21k vegas trip to put up Nat 0 Replies #8384349 7:16PM 22/03/2008
Chel's gone to ask.
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Topic #8384352
Taffy - James telling J/S/C about his talk with Nat... 0 Replies #8384352 7:17PM 22/03/2008
saying that now that Matt and Chelsia are gone it's a different game. Sharon says Sheila will be mad, James says Sehila won't be mad, that she's playing all sides too, James says Nat told him that. Chelsia says to please send her all the bad people...that when she leaves she'll be pumped. Chelsia says she doesn't want any hugs...James says this next HOh is going to be monumental because the house is divided.

Chelsia says please send me Nat or Adam...James tells Chelsia to go barter with Adam to put up Sheila in exchange for the 21K...they all agree that Adam would go for it...Chelsia heads inside to make her offer...Sharon is excited, they all think Adam would totally take it, then they'll serve him in a silver platter next week to sequester...

Chelsia comes back and it seems she had gone to DR and is waiting for an answer...Adam comes out and Chelsia asks him if now he's really sad she didn't give him her ticket...
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Topic #8384357
Brendabythebay - James just suggested Chels go offer Adam her $ 21K trip to Vegas in exchange for Adam putting up 0 Replies #8384357 7:17PM 22/03/2008
Nat and they will vote Nat out. Chels gets up and runs inside to do that. James/Josh/Sharon freaking out in the hottub. Do you think he would do that? (Sha) YES (James)
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Topic #8384376
WVpdles - DR told her she could. Adam's coming out to BY NT 0 Replies #8384376 7:18PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8384395
Brendabythebay - Chels first asks adam if he wishes he'd had her movie pass and he says "they" told him he's a loser, no he couldnt take it. NT 0 Replies #8384395 7:20PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8384403
Brendabythebay - Chel: so adam what do you want? what do you want for me to stay in the game? NT 0 Replies #8384403 7:20PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8384427
Brendabythebay - Che & James go inside for something (tweezers?) and Adam says what ? she wants to stay? 0 Replies #8384427 7:23PM 22/03/2008
Josh confirms she wants to stay.

And we get FLAMES
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Topic #8384428
alexarae71 - flames NT 0 Replies #8384428 7:23PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8384429
Taffy - Josh says Sheila is not worth 21K that they should push for Nat... 0 Replies #8384429 7:23PM 22/03/2008
Adam talking to Chelsia, she asks him if he thinks this would be best for him, he says he doesn't know...that in their position how can any of them know what's best for them...Josh and Sharon there staring at Adam...Adam walking around smoking...

Adam: "what?"... Joshua: "She wants to stay...baad..." Adam pacing...flames
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Topic #8384474
Brendabythebay - Back from Flames and Josh says you can't blame her for tryin and Adam says I did what I thought best for me. NT 0 Replies #8384474 7:26PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8384491
Brendabythebay - Ryan, Sheila, Nat talking about the Vegas trip and Sheila saying a trip to Palm Springs would be better, but 0 Replies #8384491 7:27PM 22/03/2008
she's happy for Chels winning Vegas
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Topic #8384530
Brendabythebay - Ryan joins hottub crew outside, Sheila & Nat doing their nails. Hottub crew talking about going to movies 0 Replies #8384530 7:29PM 22/03/2008
Sharon saying she goes for free all the time and talks through them but goes with poeple who pay for it and they don't like that.

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Topic #8384565
Taffy - Feeds come back and I guess Adam turned the offer down cuz they're telling him... 0 Replies #8384565 7:32PM 22/03/2008
"Well, you can't blame her for trying"...Adam says someone is always going to be mad at him...if he takes the deal N/R/S will be mad at him, this way only James is mad at him...Sharon says "you're good, leave it alone"

Josh thanks Adam for putting up Sharon instead of him, says Sharon is not mad, she's fine with it...Sharon says this is going to be his best HOH deal, that it's a game, Adam's got to do what's best for him and...she loves him...

Sharon now talking about talking during movies when going with her brother and his friends' stories to Josh and Adam.

Josh asks Adam if there was any strategy talk going on downstairs while they were up...Adam answers "Master plans, I'm going to the finals"...Josh: so, nothing's changed. Everything is the same...Ryan says he's not telling of any plans until Wednesday.

Sharon says she thinks she will look cute tomorrow or maybe not(laughs) says she's ready to sit next to Chelsia and sing Kumbaya...Ryan tells Sharon that he thinks she's going to have the least stressfull time on the block.
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Topic #8384569
WVpdles - BB: Chel to DR NT 0 Replies #8384569 7:32PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8384585
Brendabythebay - Nat telling Sheila how the guys would tell Mattie to go ahead and 0 Replies #8384585 7:35PM 22/03/2008
let her do BJ and he said no he didn't want too cuz he would have to make out with her first and so they had the joke he'd have to make out with her 2-5 minutes first and then he would get it. Sheila sucking on lollipop says thats funny.

Adam now telling Ryan outside how Chels said what do I gotta do to stay and he was like she has to go, better her than me.

R: She was asking you in front of them? (Josh/Sharon)

A: Yeah.

Adam was thinking who would he piss off if he put up Sheila/Natalie, if he put Ryan up...

Ryan: Put me up?

A: no. I'd put sharon up. guarantee you safe til next week.

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Topic #8384613
Brendabythebay - Sharon chopping veggies for guinea pigs who are squealing for food and Sharon is yelling at them to HOLD ON! Just wait a minute. 0 Replies #8384613 7:37PM 22/03/2008
They love me. James is laughing at her.
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Topic #8384624
Brendabythebay - Josh complaining about popcorn all over living room and Chels yells back she just requested the vacuum 0 Replies #8384624 7:38PM 22/03/2008
And Josh says if they want this shthole cleaned up they better give him the proper tools.
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Topic #8384642
Brendabythebay - James hugs Chels in bathroom and kisses her. NT 0 Replies #8384642 7:39PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8384652
Brendabythebay - James to Chels: Today's Sat. Chels yep. J: Tomorrows veto cermony. 0 Replies #8384652 7:40PM 22/03/2008
Chels says yep. James squeals and says it will be a great day "Taking myself off the block"

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Topic #8384669
Brendabythebay - James says so no bueno? Did they laugh at you? Chels says no they were like if you won money you cant split it. 1 Replies #8384669 7:41PM 22/03/2008
James: that sucks.

(Chels can't offer the trip)
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cindytexas - She said they told her she couldn't use her prize as a bribe in the game. NT #8384696 7:43PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8384676
Brendabythebay - Chels says she will watch every single episode of their season, James says he wont. NT 0 Replies #8384676 7:42PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8384683
Brendabythebay - James: You want me to fly to Iowa (Ohio?) and watch it with you? They kiss. NT 1 Replies #8384683 7:42PM 22/03/2008
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jenntegt - Iowa. Chelsia's from Iowa. NT #8384827 7:54PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8384730
Taffy - James asks Chelsia in the BR if she's going to watch the entire season, she says hell yeah won't he? 0 Replies #8384730 7:46PM 22/03/2008
He says "No", she asks him "not anything?" he says "No, I'm just going to take the money and (motions) go"...She doesn't believe him...James asks her (while kissing on her) if she wants him to go to Iowa and watch it with her, she says yeah...he says 'okay'
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Topic #8384780
sunflower721 - Adam and Ryan playing with ball in BY/sheila and Nat in spa room still doing their nails and talking about tanning and that sheila likes to go tan 0 Replies #8384780 7:49PM 22/03/2008
and goes to a tanning place for 27 bucks a month all you want.Nat saying thats really good,nat says she only tans like once a month and gets the Mystic tan.
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