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They got the vacuum cleaner cuz the noise is making it hard to hear what James/Che are saying. NT - Brendabythebay
7:53PM 22/03/2008

james/chels in bathroom on couch he is singing & joking with her NT - sunflower721
7:55PM 22/03/2008

James told Chel, "THEY" didn't want him to evict matt, they said he was making a personal decision. NT - WVpdles
7:56PM 22/03/2008

nat sheila and adam are in spa rm and talking about vegas adam telling nat about how to count cards NT - sunflower721
7:57PM 22/03/2008

josh and sharon in SR talking about game and votes. NT - sunflower721
8:01PM 22/03/2008

sharon now tlking to ry in cottage room ry asked if she liked movie she did, she picked garbage off floor by Natalies bed and - sunflower721
8:08PM 22/03/2008

chels james on couch in bathrrom again snuggling he is playing with her face and putting her hands on his face - sunflower721
8:17PM 22/03/2008

james /shar/josh in BY playing pool james asking josh and sharon who they would want to stay Adam or Natalie?Sharon says Adam because Nat is stronger - sunflower721
8:26PM 22/03/2008

josh tells sharon to tell nat to get her cheap sh*t clothes out of the dryer - sunflower721
8:33PM 22/03/2008

J/C/She/Sha now sitting down to eat the steak and salad they all comment on how good it looks and tastes. NT - sunflower721
8:35PM 22/03/2008

chels says i hope they give us dye (for eggs) and that they should boil them tonight,they all hope they (BB) does something for them (easter). NT - sunflower721
8:40PM 22/03/2008

nat eating standing at counter sharon alone at table still eating,ry and adam are in BY playing pool.ry said there are a bunch of fng haters in this - sunflower721
8:43PM 22/03/2008

Adam saying josh is ALL word Ry asks if she (chels) is trying to offer him deals and sh*t.Nat walks out BY and adam says he (james) has to go home - sunflower721
8:47PM 22/03/2008

(LOL)nat just got called to DR ( all 4 feeds of Ry and Adam in BY Ry says she be cooking she be cooking our food (about her getting called to DR) NT - sunflower721
8:49PM 22/03/2008

Adam tells Ryan he doesn' want Nat to go "We can use her" Adam: "Big time!" (they're playing pool) ... - Taffy
8:52PM 22/03/2008

ry and adam come in to KT james and sharon at table he is blowing into a glass bottle making it whistle (ouch my ears) josh tells nat that they (dr) - sunflower721
8:55PM 22/03/2008

adam just yelled to chels you gonna do it she laughs and says yea,she said you clean jimmy your ears.adam and ry are in kitchen eating the food that - sunflower721
9:00PM 22/03/2008

sheila finishes the dishes sharon and nat thank her for doing them.(ok someone take over I need to do three easter baskets will be back later Happy - sunflower721
9:03PM 22/03/2008

sharon, josh playing pool adam watching NT - King_Kaysars_Queen
9:06PM 22/03/2008

josh saying chelsia winning the trip didnt really help her stay in the house NT - King_Kaysars_Queen
9:08PM 22/03/2008

adam says they make about $4.25 an hour staying in BB house plus food NT - King_Kaysars_Queen
9:09PM 22/03/2008

josh and adam saying chelsia has pretty much accepted her fate. adam ask why isnt she cutting deals to stay. Josh saying all he really has to worry - King_Kaysars_Queen
9:11PM 22/03/2008

adam saying its a pretty fair deal being HOH because you are ensure you are staying for 2 more weeks. but then you have to worry about being put up - King_Kaysars_Queen
9:15PM 22/03/2008

Adam just scratched-n-sniffed! NT - DanaRose
9:15PM 22/03/2008

sharon and nat talking about how they dont remember who won BB allstars. sharon wants to hear the stories of past HG. NT - King_Kaysars_Queen
9:16PM 22/03/2008
sheila and nat NT - KineGirl
9:18PM 22/03/2008

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