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In red BR J/S in one bed, James in other bed. Josh says if BB doesn't give Chelsea dye to color eggs she is going to use fingernail polish. - JanJan
11:16PM 22/03/2008

In KT A/She/N/R/C talking about "Kimberly" (Sheila's alter ego). Adam says "She's a sultry vixen." NT - JanJan
11:18PM 22/03/2008

Adam telling the group that this year has not had as much nudity as passed years - kandio
11:24PM 22/03/2008

In red room, Josh & Adam talking about what Josh would do when he eventually snaps. Josh wonders if he will be like Hannible Lector?(about himself) - JanJan
11:27PM 22/03/2008

chels and sheila talking in KT about chels parents chels said she thinks her dad is down in FL this week for the bike week in Daytona - sunflower721
11:35PM 22/03/2008

Chel/She in KT talking about "kids these days" being so different. At Sheilas school she says it's crazy - JanJan
11:37PM 22/03/2008

ry adam and nat in cottage room adam talking about his friend what he looks like if he (adam) thinks he would like nat - sunflower721
11:39PM 22/03/2008

Adam/Josh/Sharon ...Adam telling Josh he is running out of people to go after - kandio
11:39PM 22/03/2008

N/M/A talk about rating girls. Adam says Nat is a solid 8 1/2, she replys "thanks Baller". - JanJan
11:40PM 22/03/2008

Nat going over the significance of her theory of the number 8 in the BB house (ed. LOL). NT - mrmac
11:42PM 22/03/2008

josh in Red room sheila talking about the people in the valley,to ask james about them james said all porn actors producers there. - sunflower721
11:46PM 22/03/2008
"JT" was in reference to the soap Young & the Restless, not Justin Timberlake. The "town" they were referring to was the Valley..(porn capitol) NT - Starr
11:51PM 22/03/2008

Nat/Ryan in bed. doing the number thing...J/CJ/Sheila Josh said he will do gay porn after BB - kandio
11:54PM 22/03/2008

In HOH, Chel is making an offer to Adam to take him w/her on the trip she won to stay in the house. - JanJan
11:56PM 22/03/2008

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