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Topic #8384819
Brendabythebay - They got the vacuum cleaner cuz the noise is making it hard to hear what James/Che are saying. NT 0 Replies #8384819 7:53PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8384846
sunflower721 - james/chels in bathroom on couch he is singing & joking with her NT 0 Replies #8384846 7:55PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8384854
WVpdles - James told Chel, "THEY" didn't want him to evict matt, they said he was making a personal decision. NT 0 Replies #8384854 7:56PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8384877
sunflower721 - nat sheila and adam are in spa rm and talking about vegas adam telling nat about how to count cards NT 0 Replies #8384877 7:57PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8384925
sunflower721 - josh and sharon in SR talking about game and votes. NT 0 Replies #8384925 8:01PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8385014
sunflower721 - sharon now tlking to ry in cottage room ry asked if she liked movie she did, she picked garbage off floor by Natalies bed and 0 Replies #8385014 8:08PM 22/03/2008
was complaining of the all the sh*t that was under/ around bed.Ry said I know their slobs.
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Topic #8385123
sunflower721 - chels james on couch in bathrrom again snuggling he is playing with her face and putting her hands on his face 0 Replies #8385123 8:17PM 22/03/2008
rubbing his cheek up and down saying how soft(his skin is ed.)nat/sheil/adam still in spa nat just corrected baller for swearing.(swear I heard the f word out of her mouth more than a few times)she is now telling him not to say Sac,he says I cant say it sheila and nat at same time say no, nat says u can say sack of nuts probably..(LOL)
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Topic #8385209
sunflower721 - james /shar/josh in BY playing pool james asking josh and sharon who they would want to stay Adam or Natalie?Sharon says Adam because Nat is stronger 0 Replies #8385209 8:26PM 22/03/2008
in comps compared to adam being a overweight smoker.james goes in to get steaks.
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Topic #8385305
sunflower721 - josh tells sharon to tell nat to get her cheap sh*t clothes out of the dryer 0 Replies #8385305 8:33PM 22/03/2008
so other ppl can use it.They rip on the way she dresses (Nat),sharon telling josh about nat telling sharon about matty and how they had to kiss under the covers to hide it,sharon says how nat is pissed about chels picking on Matties eye problem,sharon says she feels bad because she is so cluless.josh says she is a piece of sh*t.Josh says how chels let her have it last night (nat) they wisper,josh says she is upset about that (nat),josh asks sharon her take on abortion, she starts saying if someone is raped or there is something wrong with the child she understands, BB josh please go to the Diary room,sharon said she figured (about the movie)they go inside.Josh asks chels did they (diary)ask about the movie chels says yes they asked if she liked it etc.
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Topic #8385337
sunflower721 - J/C/She/Sha now sitting down to eat the steak and salad they all comment on how good it looks and tastes. NT 0 Replies #8385337 8:35PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8385416
sunflower721 - chels says i hope they give us dye (for eggs) and that they should boil them tonight,they all hope they (BB) does something for them (easter). NT 0 Replies #8385416 8:40PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8385464
sunflower721 - nat eating standing at counter sharon alone at table still eating,ry and adam are in BY playing pool.ry said there are a bunch of fng haters in this 0 Replies #8385464 8:43PM 22/03/2008
house,Adam says I am putting her (chels) out.
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Topic #8385506
sunflower721 - Adam saying josh is ALL word Ry asks if she (chels) is trying to offer him deals and sh*t.Nat walks out BY and adam says he (james) has to go home 0 Replies #8385506 8:47PM 22/03/2008
and she says oh i Know he does.talking about a dream someone had (being physcic) RY said like Miss cleo, (lol) nat laughs says Sylvia brown.silence and then nat says I am DUN if I dont win,tells Ry and Adam he (james wants to go head to head with her. Nat goes into house tells boys 3 more minutes until their foods done.
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Topic #8385549
sunflower721 - (LOL)nat just got called to DR ( all 4 feeds of Ry and Adam in BY Ry says she be cooking she be cooking our food (about her getting called to DR) NT 0 Replies #8385549 8:49PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8385599
Taffy - Adam tells Ryan he doesn' want Nat to go "We can use her" Adam: "Big time!" (they're playing pool) ... 0 Replies #8385599 8:52PM 22/03/2008
they do Game talk...Adam singing...Nat gets called to Dr...Adam: "what? she be cooking!...she be cooking our food..."

Adam:"I hate Jimmy"
(Ryan laughs)
Adam:"why is he such a sh*t?
Ryan:" huh?
Adam You called it...
Ryan: I knew it
Adam: you knew he was no good huh?
Ryan: I knew he was no good...I get good vibes on people
more game talk...Ryan wins the game and they go in to eat
Ryan to Adam: You just got worked by the bridge...
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Topic #8385635
sunflower721 - ry and adam come in to KT james and sharon at table he is blowing into a glass bottle making it whistle (ouch my ears) josh tells nat that they (dr) 0 Replies #8385635 8:55PM 22/03/2008
will let her finish cooking she goes off to the (dr) to tell them she needs to reschedule,Chels said to james umm do you want to do your ears (not sure what that means )chels asks james is it safe?james says yes,josh eating at table asks what they are doing(chels and james)josh says they are not peircing his ears,josh yells to chels you are not peircing his (james) ears she yells from Bathroom No.
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Topic #8385727
sunflower721 - adam just yelled to chels you gonna do it she laughs and says yea,she said you clean jimmy your ears.adam and ry are in kitchen eating the food that 0 Replies #8385727 9:00PM 22/03/2008
nat made for ry and adam ry and adam talking about what they would be doing on a saturday night, adam says he would have two or three drinks in him by now,Ry asks adam again what he be doing now adam said go to miami beach,nat talking (mouth full of food hard to understand)..
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Topic #8385751
sunflower721 - sheila finishes the dishes sharon and nat thank her for doing them.(ok someone take over I need to do three easter baskets will be back later Happy 0 Replies #8385751 9:03PM 22/03/2008
Easter !!!)
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Topic #8385772
King_Kaysars_Queen - sharon, josh playing pool adam watching NT 0 Replies #8385772 9:06PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8385784
King_Kaysars_Queen - josh saying chelsia winning the trip didnt really help her stay in the house NT 0 Replies #8385784 9:08PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8385797
King_Kaysars_Queen - adam says they make about $4.25 an hour staying in BB house plus food NT 0 Replies #8385797 9:09PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8385818
King_Kaysars_Queen - josh and adam saying chelsia has pretty much accepted her fate. adam ask why isnt she cutting deals to stay. Josh saying all he really has to worry 0 Replies #8385818 9:11PM 22/03/2008
about is natalie getting hoh on wednesday. Adam says he worries about Jimmy getting hoh.
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Topic #8385835
King_Kaysars_Queen - adam saying its a pretty fair deal being HOH because you are ensure you are staying for 2 more weeks. but then you have to worry about being put up 0 Replies #8385835 9:15PM 22/03/2008
adam once again repeats chelsia has accepted her fate. then says well at least james and natalie can battle it out so he doesnt really have to worry
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Topic #8385837
DanaRose - Adam just scratched-n-sniffed! NT 0 Replies #8385837 9:15PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8385845
King_Kaysars_Queen - sharon and nat talking about how they dont remember who won BB allstars. sharon wants to hear the stories of past HG. NT 1 Replies #8385845 9:16PM 22/03/2008
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KineGirl - sheila and nat NT #8385863 9:18PM 22/03/2008
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