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Topic #8386887
JanJan - In red BR J/S in one bed, James in other bed. Josh says if BB doesn't give Chelsea dye to color eggs she is going to use fingernail polish. 0 Replies #8386887 11:16PM 22/03/2008
James thinks they will wake up and get Easter baskets. Sharon says she has been saying that too. Sharon gets up and leaves. James called to DR.
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Topic #8386897
JanJan - In KT A/She/N/R/C talking about "Kimberly" (Sheila's alter ego). Adam says "She's a sultry vixen." NT 0 Replies #8386897 11:18PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8386920
kandio - Adam telling the group that this year has not had as much nudity as passed years 0 Replies #8386920 11:24PM 22/03/2008
Someone said ED had said this season has had the most.
Adam told them no.
Nat asking about this stuff being on youtube. Nat wants to know what camera is for youtube. C said she is not sure.. That everthing they do is youtube. Nat ask how you find it

Sheila saying Wesley Snipes is broke.

Sheila hates paparazzi.
Sheila wanted to set Adam up. Talking about Adams di*k and masturbating he will get lots of girls.
Sheila asking if you can see through the hoh shower.
Sheila going to let her bush grow out.. Someone said go for it. I like it {Adam think} Calling Sheila Kimberly again.
Sheila saying Adam needs action...he aint getting any..
Sheila ask C if she will do baller to stay...She said ? yes.
Sheila said that will give me nightmares, i will have to think about that.

Sheila said last season people broke a lot of writting rules & they are paying for it? {Nats Notes} saying Jen broke the rules last year..
Ryan saying she is a stupid Bit*ch {Jen seas 8}
C says she knows her and she is in RL just like she was on the show.
Nat asks you know her from mmmm {did not say}
Talking about how Jen had T-shirts at a site before she went on the show.
Talking about Zach wearing Dolphine Crash T-Shirts.

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Topic #8386932
JanJan - In red room, Josh & Adam talking about what Josh would do when he eventually snaps. Josh wonders if he will be like Hannible Lector?(about himself) 0 Replies #8386932 11:27PM 22/03/2008
Sharon straightens covers and gets into bed. She's putting on chapstick and says she's "taking a hit for you, so you better be nice" to Josh about going up as a pawn this week (but Adam is still weighing options).
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Topic #8386956
sunflower721 - chels and sheila talking in KT about chels parents chels said she thinks her dad is down in FL this week for the bike week in Daytona 0 Replies #8386956 11:35PM 22/03/2008
chels telling sheila that she hates the town she lives in alot of Meth users.sheila asks how old her parents are chels my mom is 51 and my dad is 49 says her mom and her moms best friend love the beatles,her mom has tattoo of Let it Bee and actually has a little be instead of the word because she loves bees (chels Mom) she says her mom works in high school.sheila says she could not imagine working in a high school.
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Topic #8386967
JanJan - Chel/She in KT talking about "kids these days" being so different. At Sheilas school she says it's crazy 0 Replies #8386967 11:37PM 22/03/2008
with kids all over having cell phones, blackberries, etc. In frilly BR Nat/Adam/Ry chit-chatting. Ry reading bible. They are all agreeing Mattie was dumb to not do more with Nat (ed: sexy time). Nat speculates that Jimmy/Chel are doing a lot of sexual stuff. Says she saw a box of condoms and K-Y jelly by their bed.
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Topic #8386980
sunflower721 - ry adam and nat in cottage room adam talking about his friend what he looks like if he (adam) thinks he would like nat 0 Replies #8386980 11:39PM 22/03/2008
adam said he (adams friend) likes bad B*itches,bad azz B*tches,adam said he was tall nat said He probably wouldn't like me I would be too short for him.Ry reading the bible.
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Topic #8386981
kandio - Adam/Josh/Sharon ...Adam telling Josh he is running out of people to go after 0 Replies #8386981 11:39PM 22/03/2008
Adam said...theres Sheila.
Josh has no gay peeps in there to get with.

Back to Sheila/C..Sheila how far do you live from your parents. Couple hours. C saying she does not go back much. Everybody is into meth. She does not like meth a lot of her old friends got into it so she does not go back much.
C saying her mom is a school sect her dad is a lineman. Live in their family farm. Her parents have Harleys. Dad has no tats her mom has Let It Bee {beatles} w/a pic of a bee.

They are going to find everyone.

Nat/Adan/Ryan..Nat saying there is no action in here for anyone.
Nat saying you have some real wood Baller Nat got undressed got in bed Adam laying there. Nat telling them her and Matt had good make-out sessions but he had to cover her head. Nat saying i know thats why it was a lie what C said. Nat saying she is jealous cause we had the most action. Adam or Ryan said James & C..She said oh ya i seen them w/ky jelly
She likes his big di*k.
Adam tells Nat she is a solid 8 1/2...Adams out. Nat saying her prayer
for hoh.

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Topic #8386993
JanJan - N/M/A talk about rating girls. Adam says Nat is a solid 8 1/2, she replys "thanks Baller". 0 Replies #8386993 11:40PM 22/03/2008
Adam leaves. Ry reading in one bed, Nat in the other. She says something about needing to win HOH.
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Topic #8387009
mrmac - Nat going over the significance of her theory of the number 8 in the BB house (ed. LOL). NT 0 Replies #8387009 11:42PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8387025
sunflower721 - josh in Red room sheila talking about the people in the valley,to ask james about them james said all porn actors producers there. 1 Replies #8387025 11:46PM 22/03/2008
sheila says what I did was tame compared to some of these people,josh said I would do gay porn when I get out of here,said he has a perfect butt (hmmm he should ask James for some pointers hee hee ed.)josh and sheila say JT is hot, from Y&R, Josh asks sheila if "kimberly" is going out tonight she says no,she says is Josh going out,he says he is like a Bruce,sheila says no u are like a sebastion (LOL) he is saying call me shaqeka or shequanda. (LOL ed.)
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Starr - "JT" was in reference to the soap Young & the Restless, not Justin Timberlake. The "town" they were referring to was the Valley..(porn capitol) NT #8387057 11:51PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8387077
kandio - Nat/Ryan in bed. doing the number thing...J/CJ/Sheila Josh said he will do gay porn after BB 0 Replies #8387077 11:54PM 22/03/2008
Josh saying he has a perfect a**. Sheila saying how will Chace feel.Sheila said you wont do that..Josh saying your right.
Josh asking Sheila why didnt you do porn. She wanted to be a real actress.
Saying Tracy Lords was under age when she did porn. Sheila saying she was on a soap opera and the Doctors.
Saying Josh name could be Bruce.
Josh saying he wants to make out get BF

Nat on 8's again..Talking about if 8 people from season 8 comming.?
Sheila saying Nick and Jen could come they are tog
Ryan saying hope Dani comes. Shes cute
Saying wish Ryans Jen got seq.
Nat asking if the rest are at home.
Nat..8th week
Sheila talking about her cat Kimberly it was like her kid. Before she had her kid.
When she had her kid she had her brother take it to vet to find a home for it.9 years to old to declaw

J/J/C talking about being in people. Not as 1 but a group shot from CBS i guess.. Telling C to go talk to Adam he is alon. Josh said May The Force Be With You.

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Topic #8387088
JanJan - In HOH, Chel is making an offer to Adam to take him w/her on the trip she won to stay in the house. 0 Replies #8387088 11:56PM 22/03/2008
Adam's asking how this offer to him could keep her in the house....he doesn't have a vote. Discussion continues.
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