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Topic #8408822
ILuvMySoldier - F1 & F2- James/Chels outside F3 & F4-Nat, Josh, sharon and Sheila in KT NT 0 Replies #8408822 5:23PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8408846
ariel1981 - feed on c/j changes to adam/ryan in hoh bathroom 0 Replies #8408846 5:26PM 24/03/2008
ryan is shaving adam's head
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Topic #8408849
ILuvMySoldier - Ryan cutting Adams hair in HOH WC NT 0 Replies #8408849 5:26PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8408961
DanaRose - Wow, Ryan buzzed Adam's hair REAL short,(IMO: it looks much better!) NT 0 Replies #8408961 5:36PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8409003
DanaRose - Now Ryan buzzing James' hair, shaving sides of mohawk NT 0 Replies #8409003 5:38PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8409082
WieKacie - Adam was shaving his chest now Ryan is. NT 0 Replies #8409082 5:45PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8409095
DanaRose - Adam buzzing his own belly and chest! James sweeping up hair., now goes to show Chelsia.. 0 Replies #8409095 5:46PM 24/03/2008
Chels, Sheila and Josh in KT, say they like James' hair, Chelsia says it looks good. james playing with it (his hair!) in the mirror. Ryan and Adam still in HOH, Ryan says he's gonna shave his arms for the first time. ASkes Adam should he do it? I didnt hear Adam answer, Ryan said F it and starts buzzing his chest, tells Adam he's doing his arms next
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Topic #8409177
DanaRose - Josh asks Chelsia what she wants to eat tomorrow for her roast, she says roast chicken. (Sounds like 0 Replies #8409177 5:54PM 24/03/2008
they're gonna have a Chelsia 'roast' tomorrow. (ED that is when everyine teases her and roasts her, usually jokingly)
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Topic #8409263
DanaRose - Josh Adam Sheila Sharon and Chelsia sitting at table eating on all 4 feeds. Adam says 0 Replies #8409263 6:04PM 24/03/2008
thankyou Joshuah, Josh says youre welcome, the girls did alot too, and Adam says TY girls and they say welcome. Sheila saying alot of HGs dont really like fish, Chelsia says I like fish I just dont like the way its been prepared! Adam looks at Chelsia with a knowing look and they all laugh. (The look was like I know what (who) youre talking about)
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Topic #8409269
sunflower721 - Ryan upstairs in HOH Bathroom doing his arm hair with the clippers.chels/she/a/jo/shar/ eating in KT NT 0 Replies #8409269 6:05PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8409283
sunflower721 - nat in ebdroom reading bible and praying out loud to God,to help her or sheila win the HOH! NT 0 Replies #8409283 6:07PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8409297
DanaRose - More table talk... 0 Replies #8409297 6:08PM 24/03/2008
Hard to hear, Ryan buzzing arms F1&2 LOUD...Sheila talking about Kimberly. Chels asks was it Kimberly or Sheila telling Scott off, she says Sheila, now she's talking about cats...Nat on F1 now, praying to God by herself, asking God to help her win hoh comp, now reading from bible out loud.
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Topic #8409358
DanaRose - James comes in KT and gives Chelsia a big hug, Sharon doing dishes, Sheila clearing table/counter Josh gets in bed and Chelsia says what are you... 0 Replies #8409358 6:14PM 24/03/2008
doing get up and come play with me, Josh says i have to lay down Im too full, well to do what? feeds change
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Topic #8409368
DanaRose - James on elliptical, Adam smoking in BY Nat/Sheila in boat room NT 0 Replies #8409368 6:15PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8409608
Jacsb - Nat and She in BR. Nat reading the bible and making comparisons about good and evil and the "good HG's and Bad Hg's". 0 Replies #8409608 6:28PM 24/03/2008
Nat: She could never stoop to "their" level (ha ed.).
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Topic #8409656
Jacsb - James and Ry playing Chess in LR. 0 Replies #8409656 6:31PM 24/03/2008
J: Hard to belive we're getting down to it in here (the game). Never thought I'd make it this far.
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Topic #8409709
Jacsb - Nat and She in BR still gabbing. 0 Replies #8409709 6:33PM 24/03/2008

Nat: Everyday since Matty had been gone I think, why didn't I vote James back in. It kills me evry single day. Alex would be here and James would be gone. I toss and turn at night and can't sleep for making such a dumb decision.
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Topic #8409848
Jacsb - N/S still gossiping like crazy! (omg) 0 Replies #8409848 6:41PM 24/03/2008
N:I'm going to send Matty his birthday present (sighs). Maybe there is a reason I'm here this week and Chels is going home.
S:It scares me there will be 3 woman and 4 guys.
N: I think it's awesome. We beat some of the toughest girls in this game. Chels, Ali, Amanda and now they're all gone. I had a feeling you and I wold be the last two in the game.

More talking... Nat: Chelsea is just so jealous of mine and Matty's relationship. You make fun of his eyes and then you say you're going to do him? He's going to be disgusted by her for not keeping him. Blah blah blah... (i can't listen anymore)
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Topic #8410126
VanWinkle - All 4 feeds of James and Ryan playing chess NT 0 Replies #8410126 6:55PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410135
crazybiotch42069 - James and Ryan stil playing chess. Josh and chels joins laughing and chating about the squished eggs, and egg salad NT 0 Replies #8410135 6:56PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410150
crazybiotch42069 - Nat shelia still chatting in whispers in br, talking about Matty not voting for james if he is in f2 NT 0 Replies #8410150 6:57PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410164
crazybiotch42069 - James ryan not really talking much, just studying game and moves in the chess game NT 0 Replies #8410164 6:58PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410203
crazybiotch42069 - Nat telling Shelia about James and her chat and him being sorry for the comments said about her......more 0 Replies #8410203 7:00PM 24/03/2008
and that he agreed chels was out of line, and hinting that they are working together to shelia
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Topic #8410212
crazybiotch42069 - Adam in by,Josh in ht. laughing joking about not being happy ...that this isn't survivior! NT 0 Replies #8410212 7:01PM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8410214
helena - Natalie and Sheila in boat room yapping. Natalie thinks she and Matt turn people on. 0 Replies #8410214 7:01PM 24/03/2008
Sheila can't believe Chelsia killed the chocolate bunny on Easter.
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