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Topic #8427435
ariel1981 - J/J/C are in KT talking about what they are going to do after the show 0 Replies #8427435 10:30PM 25/03/2008
james was asking chels where she sees their relationship going after the show
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Topic #8427452
ariel1981 - kt crew laughing about what would happen if chels refused to leave the house NT 0 Replies #8427452 10:32PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8427458
catgurl - James and Chel in KT 0 Replies #8427458 10:32PM 25/03/2008
(I came in late on this so I can only tell part of it). James is asking Chel if she wants to 'continue with this'. Chel is being non commital. He says she'll have a line up of bones for her vag, she says she doubts it and isn't interested anyway. Josh comes in. They talk about plans, Chel says she doesn't really have any - is open to all options. James says he will have to work at his friend's bar as they don't get their stipend until later. Chel says something about going to the valley so he can make his porn movies!!
She says she wants to go out with you f**ks. Says she has a credit card. They all agree they'd like to say in Ca for a few days before leaving.
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Topic #8427468
ariel1981 - james is making up a song about c being evicted 0 Replies #8427468 10:33PM 25/03/2008
josh says "that's just hateful" (ed. it's really funny!)

now we have flames because josh is talking about people and saying their names
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Topic #8427558
jkumfer - James/Chelsia/Josh 0 Replies #8427558 10:41PM 25/03/2008
Laughing about chelsia and hows shes going to leave the house..chelsia says shes gonna be sad tomorrow
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Topic #8427631
jkumfer - james/chelsia talking about them having sex 0 Replies #8427631 10:47PM 25/03/2008
josh asks her if she got off yet and she said yes..josh says with or without james..she said both
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Topic #8427669
jkumfer - cheslia getting mad 0 Replies #8427669 10:50PM 25/03/2008
because james is talking about her va jay jay...james telling her hes going to miss her.
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Topic #8427689
jkumfer - chelsia ask ryan how she can get his vote 0 Replies #8427689 10:52PM 25/03/2008
he asks her how many votes she has now..they say 2 (james josh)
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Topic #8427722
jkumfer - ry tells her he doesnt want her gone 0 Replies #8427722 10:55PM 25/03/2008
he says i didnt put u up..he says if i was hoh things would have been different.
Chelsia asks why he is voting for sharon and not her..james says hes not voting her back in. chelsia says sharon is very under estimated. ry says that neither of them have done him wrong.
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Topic #8427772
jkumfer - chelsia tells james that sharon made a deal 0 Replies #8427772 10:59PM 25/03/2008
with the other side of the house that she would go after james if they didnt vote her out
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Topic #8427828
jkumfer - james/chelsia/ryan 0 Replies #8427828 11:05PM 25/03/2008
talking about natalie wanting james out and how she is denying the bj deal. ryan doggin nat out.
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Topic #8427891
jkumfer - chelisa/josh/james on couch in bathroom 0 Replies #8427891 11:11PM 25/03/2008
chelsia crying. james trying to talk to her
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Topic #8427901
jkumfer - chelsia saying she dont want to go hang out w/matt 0 Replies #8427901 11:13PM 25/03/2008
says its her worse nightmare
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Topic #8427970
helena - James asks Chelsia if she has any idea how much he cares for her. NT 0 Replies #8427970 11:18PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8428021
erin33520 - James says the reason he acts like a jerk to Che is to hide how upset he is that she's leaving NT 0 Replies #8428021 11:21PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8428405
kandio - N/Sheila Nat saying i have God but C actions are corrupted. Reads a bible passage 0 Replies #8428405 11:48PM 25/03/2008
Talking about Josh they dont believe he goes to church. Saying Josh is not going off because there is jury. Saying it would be dumb

Sheila saying she called a truce w/Josh before hoh
Sheila said Josh took her power by putting her down. Saying she took her power back by telling him he was not going to treat her like the others
Nat talking God
Sheila saying she rattled Josh for last hoh
S:Laughing saying Adam would not put her up
S: saying she is not stupid. She can tell you anything about this game. She knew about the mystery box..Shes 45
N: my grandma is? you can learn from older people
S:saying older people know how to play this game thts why they dont have older people

N: God?
S: these 21 yr old kids think they know more than me
N: talking about going to bed angry bad things will happen. We have to pray tom because god listens when 2 or more people pray..{HOH}
N: saying if S is up & Nat wins pov she will take her down

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