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Topic #8418170
sunflower721 - james /jo/chels talking about sheila,josh saying sheila has know idea of how backdooring works because most will play in POV,chels says she hates lady 0 Replies #8418170 11:44AM 25/03/2008
bugs,james wants beer.
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Topic #8418203
sunflower721 - james telling chels josh how he was up at 4am cooking blakc beans and rice (ewww at 4am) BB in backround called nat to DR.,josh saying you know some 0 Replies #8418203 11:47AM 25/03/2008
tweaker up at that time watching you (james cook and eat).now talking about music played in AM,josh says u know that was for sheila,james says chels like it talking about liking GNR,the cure.
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Topic #8418244
sunflower721 - james asks chels josh how many ppl in house in military josh says jacob,parker,chels says how many families in military,josh says sharons,talking abt 0 Replies #8418244 11:50AM 25/03/2008
what college matt went to .

NOW sheila,sharon,adam and ry in KT, sharon talking about the military (how ironic ed. lol).all feeds on KT now.
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Topic #8418247
EvelDickthebest - James said Matt said he had sex with (QB )Matt Ryan Girlfriend at Boston College Josh says how does he get girls NT 0 Replies #8418247 11:51AM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8418338
sunflower721 - all four feeds on ryan and adam up in the HOH room talking.talking about sheila having to play both sides. NT 0 Replies #8418338 12:00PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8418351
sunflower721 - ryan says to adam that sheila told Him (ryan) that he is playing both sides,ryan said that he is not playing both sides like her. NT 0 Replies #8418351 12:02PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8418393
sunflower721 - james and sheila out BY playing pool.nat heard in backround talking about a lady bug. NT 0 Replies #8418393 12:06PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8418405
sunflower721 - sheila telling james that there is alot of things that people don't know about her. NT 0 Replies #8418405 12:07PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8418430
sunflower721 - ryan and josh in KT talking about HOH and sheila,ryan says playing pool with james come on ( regarding sheila).josh says that sheila is trying to play 0 Replies #8418430 12:09PM 25/03/2008
everyone against each other.
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Topic #8418460
sunflower721 - james and sheila done with pool game,sheila went inside ,james out BY sitting with chels NT 0 Replies #8418460 12:12PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8418483
ghostman - Ryan actually drooling over Sharon. Lots of compliments lately. 0 Replies #8418483 12:14PM 25/03/2008
Josh, Ry and SHar in KT. Ry can't take his eyes off of her, LOL
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Topic #8418502
ghostman - James came inside, Ry says to him, "How did Sheila beat you at pool?" 0 Replies #8418502 12:16PM 25/03/2008
James dodged the question. (Fishy)LOL
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Topic #8418503
sunflower721 - james in KT with jo/ry ,talking about sharon,joking around about how she is out of house. NT 0 Replies #8418503 12:16PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8418529
sunflower721 - sharon/chels /nat in BY getting sun. NT 0 Replies #8418529 12:18PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8418545
sunflower721 - sheila in WC getting blue bikini on, ryan tells her that she came in and talked sh*t about how she worked james in the pool game. NT 0 Replies #8418545 12:20PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8418565
sunflower721 - sheila kissing up to james, (she has been very chummy chummy with him all of the sudden.LOL ed) NT 0 Replies #8418565 12:22PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8418577
sunflower721 - james/josh/ry talking about sheila outside with the girls that she has to be right by them (girls) to talk sh*t and be right in middle of things. NT 0 Replies #8418577 12:24PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8418590
ghostman - I think Ry said to James that he would give some of his alcohol to 0 Replies #8418590 12:25PM 25/03/2008
chel. James said NO THANKS, He would rather not see her on alcohol again. He said she has a tendency to have these blackout moments when when doesn't remember anything and doesn't remember to brush her teeth, then when she wants to have fun, she smells like sh*t! (OMG, Say how you really feel James)LOL
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Topic #8418727
ShannonLK - Josh/Ry/James in Kitchen 0 Replies #8418727 12:35PM 25/03/2008
Josh saying his favorite card is how Shelia says I can swing this entire house to save you. RY saying that you voted against me sweetheart. Ry was sure he didn't have Adams vote:
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Topic #8418733
ghostman - Ry, Jos, Jam in KT. Chatting about how they know every move Sheila makes. 0 Replies #8418733 12:35PM 25/03/2008
Kind of mocking her. How she talks, what her most famous moves are. James told Ry that Sheila told him that she is after Ry. The three of them are talking about how much they hate her. (Well not so much James) I personally think James will use her later on.
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Topic #8418760
sunflower721 - ryan now out BY getting some sun,james/josh in red bedroom talking now. NT 0 Replies #8418760 12:38PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8418782
sunflower721 - james talking about chels bag (suitcase) smelling weird,james wonders if her house smells like that too,he said it smells like a used car (LOL ed.) NT 0 Replies #8418782 12:40PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8418812
ShannonLK - Josh/Ry/James in Kitchen talking strategies 0 Replies #8418812 12:42PM 25/03/2008
Josh: You can only have so much to do with time and restriction, you can only have so much show on TV-( Referring back to what they will show Tuesday and Wed night )
Ry asking what will they show tonight. Josh answers, POV - POV Cerm., Chels having a fit, crushing the eggs. Wednesdays show, how they MIGHT show her last ditch efforts to stay in house.

Josh to James: At least we have those 2 pinned against each other, not sure which 2 he is talking about. James says, they probably are working together. Both laugh. Josh saying you know where everyone is going at this point. James asking if the house smells like used cars after moving a suit case. James says he will be sad to see Chels go, Josh says if its meant to be, it will be outside the house.
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Topic #8418820
sunflower721 - james now in BY with everyone. NT 0 Replies #8418820 12:42PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8418826
ShannonLK - S/S/C/N/J/R outside taning No talking at all.. NT 0 Replies #8418826 12:43PM 25/03/2008
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