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Topic #8422611
beccaluvswll - Shar, Nat, talking about NO WAY james would get the money... sharon agreeing NT 0 Replies #8422611 5:31PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8422613
FrouFrou - Sheila saying we won't give him 1/2 a mill to piss away while his mom has a home. NT 0 Replies #8422613 5:31PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8422615
ghostman - She doesn't want to give any 21 yo the money NT 0 Replies #8422615 5:31PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8422624
Smartster - S/S/N in SR Shelia talking about who deserves money 0 Replies #8422624 5:32PM 25/03/2008
Someone told her to stop talking about book deal b/c other HG might not vote for her to win money. She is ranting About how she thinks she deserves money more than others b/c she is a "single mom"
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Topic #8422629
FrouFrou - Sharon saying God has it all mapped out (oh no. Not another). NT 0 Replies #8422629 5:32PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8422647
Shannon72 - Sheila/Nat/Sharon in SR 0 Replies #8422647 5:33PM 25/03/2008
Sheila to Sharon - you have to lay low tonight
Sharon nodding her head in agreement.
Sheila - This game is going to get ugly
Nat - It's already ugly
Sheila - If I am in sequester the money is going to someone who deserves it. (ed. not James!)

Sheila telling them that James told her that she had to stop telling people she has a book deal because if she is the F2, they won't vote for her to get the money. Sheila telling the girls that she wouldn't vote for James to get the money because he would piss it away -- even if he wins $50K.

Sharon going on about how she is going to walk out with honor, courage and commitment. Sheila told Sharon she loves her attitude.

Sharon and Sheila talking about God's will now.
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Topic #8422661
FrouFrou - Sharon God brought me back into this game for a reason. NT 0 Replies #8422661 5:33PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8422693
Shannon72 - Sharon telling Nat/She that she will throw the HOH comp if it is physical. She telling Shar that she is safe with them (her and Nat) NT 0 Replies #8422693 5:35PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8422783
ghostman - James laying with eyes closed. Chel and Josh laying on beds not saying anything NT 0 Replies #8422783 5:39PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8422800
mrmac - While Shelia/Nat continue to bombard Sharon, Josh/James/Chelsia not conversing much. NT 0 Replies #8422800 5:40PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8422860
Shannon72 - More and More of the Girls in SR 0 Replies #8422860 5:43PM 25/03/2008
Sheila - saying they are messing with the wrong women in this house. James is dumb to think that he is going to get Adam and Ryan on his side. Sheila saying that James is trying to manipulate everyone in this game and he's not being very smart.

Sheila talking about how smart Josh is. And Sharon saying she is not going to stand by Joshua.

Now they are talking about the votes surrounding keeping James or voting for the person in the box. Sheila telling the girls to give her kudos for knowing it was Alex in the box.

Sheila telling Nat that it is her job to get James out of the house. That doing that will give her closure (because of what James did to Matt).

Now Sheila is taking about how street smart James is. (ed. make up your mind Sheila!). But Sheila is saying that she is smarter than his 21 year old a$$.

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Topic #8422944
raindrop110475 - Lockdown is over Nat leaves Sauna room to get drink Sheila makes sharon promise not to say anything about votes to Josh 0 Replies #8422944 5:47PM 25/03/2008
Says she will never tell sharon anythign again
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Topic #8423040
Shannon72 - Sheila saying that when she gets fired up she starts cussing. 0 Replies #8423040 5:53PM 25/03/2008
Sheila telling Sharon that if she tells anyone what Sheila told her (that the house is flipping and Josh is voting for Chels to stay) that she is never going to tell her anything again. Sheila telling Sharon that if Sharon opens her mouth then Sheila is going to deny deny deny. Sheila going on about how she has never lied to the women in the house but has lied to the guys.

Sharon said that Josh told her he would never vote against her and Sheila is telling Sharon that he is lying. (Then she burps) Sheila telling Sharon that Josh will throw her under the bus because of James. Sheila telling Sharon how she defended Sharon to Josh about how Sharon always protects him. She told Sharon that Josh said because James would protect him more. Sheila said that Josh thinks that way becauase James is manipulating him too. Sheila told Sharon she told Josh last night that the only person he has in the game is Sharon. Sheila said that if her and Josh are F2 then they are going to vote for Sheila to win the money and not Josh because he overspends and is a clothes whore.

Sharon not saying much except, "Yes" and "that's true".

Sheila talking about how she lived in the streets of Las Vegas when she was a teenager and she is tired of James talking about how he lives in the streets.

Sheila believes that once Josh realizes what is going down in the house he will ultimately vote for Sharon to stay in the house.
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Topic #8423125
Jacsb - Nat calling James a con artist. Leave it to her, say's she'll get him out tomorrow when she wins HOH. 0 Replies #8423125 5:58PM 25/03/2008
N: Says Shar will throw HOH if it's phyical. Says she's due and can't wait. Says she'll win it. (Nat talking a mile a minute and brings up what Chel said about Matty's eyes again...)

She's heading back inside now.

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Topic #8423131
Shannon72 - Chels joined S/S in SR. Sharon saying she is looking for her black shorts. Sheila filing her nails - grating on my nerves. 0 Replies #8423131 5:59PM 25/03/2008
Sheila to Chels - Nat said you were trying to campaign for her vote
Chels - I'm trying to stay in the house.
She - I know
Chels - Yeah, I want to stay in the house
She - Do you still feel like you're going to go off again (laughing)
Chels - laughing. I can't believe I sqooshed the rabbit

She and Chels laughing about Chels bunny rampage. Sheila telling Chels she's afraid of what goes on in her head. Talking about how the bunny bashing is going to make The Soup on the E channel. Still laughing about Chels episode. Chels told Sheila she bashed eggs before on Easter and the only one that survived was the one with her name on it.
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Topic #8423153
Jacsb - Ry heading up to HOH to see Adam 0 Replies #8423153 6:00PM 25/03/2008
He's locked in (Adam).
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Topic #8423179
Jacsb - Nat looking at her butt. She burned it. Going to get some cream (lol). NT 0 Replies #8423179 6:02PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8423193
Shannon72 - Chels asking Sheila about the votes 0 Replies #8423193 6:04PM 25/03/2008
C - What are your thoughts on votes?
S - I have to tell you... I'm not going to flip flop. I'm going to vote for Sharon to stay. The reason why is because I know she went up on the block to save either me or Josh. People in this house don't want me to be here and I know Sharon asked to go on the block to save her.
C - I appreciate you being straight up with me.
S - I am being straight with you because I'm sick and tired of people not being straight with me.

Nat came in asking if they want something to eat.

S - I made a lot of mistakes in this game and I have learned from them.
S - I like you Chels. I think you are the coolest chick ever.
C - Thanks.
S - This game has brought out the worst in people and I am guilty of it too.
C - Yeah

Sheila telling Chels that she has something in her past and once she explains it at the wrap party Chels will understand why Sheila treated Adam the way she did. Sheila saying she never said anything negative about people in the house (in DR).

Feed cut away. Basically, it was left with Sheila telling Chels how smart and wonderful she is.
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Topic #8423329
DanaRose - Sharon crying to Josh saying im done im just done NT 0 Replies #8423329 6:12PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8423337
Shannon72 - Ut oh -- Sharon and Josh in BY (a Sharon breakdown!) 0 Replies #8423337 6:12PM 25/03/2008
J - Do you really think you're leaving?
S - I DON'T KNOW!! I'm done with people bringing up stupid $hit. It pisses me off.

Sharon really really pissed off!

J - Are they trying to make you think I'm not going to vote for you? (ed. YES!)
S - No, it's not that. I'm sick of trying to help people and then them turning on her.

Sharon now crying.

Josh is completely paranoid asking Sharon if she is upset with him and if she thinks he doesn't have her back. Sharon not really going into details except for saying that she is pissed off that people are turning on her for no reason. That she's sick not knowing who she can trust. Josh told her not to stress over how he feels. Sharon saying that no one appreciates $hit around there. Sharon saying that she hasn't shown one drop of emotion throughout this game -- until now. Josh asked if she feels James/Chels is conspiring against her and Sharon said yes.

Paranoid Josh trying to find out from Sharon what people have been telling Sharon. Sharon not giving Josh details. (ed. when Nat/Sheila telling Sharon that Josh is voting against her). Sharon saying she has been the most collected person in the house.

Josh told Sharon that Sharon is staying and Chels is leaving. Josh telling Sharon that Sheila is the worst. Josh telling Sharon that he hopes she trusts him. Sharon said that she does. Sharon keeps saying that she is done... that's she's over it.
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Topic #8423380
ShannonLK - Nat/Ry in KT- Saying they must be dumb if she think she will be the swing vote NT 0 Replies #8423380 6:14PM 25/03/2008
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Topic #8423533
Shannon72 - Sharon venting venting venting to Josh 0 Replies #8423533 6:22PM 25/03/2008
J - let's talk about the good news. Tomorrow will be a 5-0 or 4-1 vote for you to stay.
S - giggles
J - There are 4 weeks left in this game because one week will be a double eviction.
S - I'm tried of being a pawn in this game
J - What is Sheila saying?
S - Nothing. It's just..... (trails off)
S - I've done good in this whole f'ing game
J - You are doing good
S - I'm tired of people making me feel like I can trust them and then I turn around and ... I don't know. I don't know.
J - You are going to stay tomorrow. You can't trust Nat or Sheila.
S - I know! That's what I hate about this f'ing house! This whole place makes me f'ing laugh. (sarcastically)
S - I keep my mouth shut. I don't call anyone out on anything.
J - I know. (nodding and mmmhmmm'ing)
S - I want to unleash on every f'ing person in this house.
J - But you can't because they'll be gunning for you.
S - I know. That's why I don't say anything. It's building up.
J - You are a caretaker.
S - I know. All of my life I have been.
J - You will go farther than me in this game. You are playing this game excellently. You don't have a target on your back. You are everyone's friend right now.
S - When you are on the block people talk to you but not as much. Everyone just bombards you with all this different stuff. It's a lot to take. It's so hard to look at Sheila and wondering if she is lying or not because she is so motherly.
J - Sheila is an actress.
S - I'm tired of people telling me they want to take me to the end and I dont know who to trust.
J - Who is saying that? The girls?
S - Yeah. I'm stuck in the middle. I'm tired of hearing diff $hit.
J - They are all lies.
S - James' downfall is not being able to keep his mouth shut. I'm able to keep my mouth shut.

Sharon talking in circles saying she doesn't know who to trust and that she is done with it all. And sick of it all. And blah blah blah.
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Topic #8423539
DanaRose - Sharon still crying, saying to Josh shes so sick of everyone lying, Everyones pulling her in diff directions,,, 0 Replies #8423539 6:23PM 25/03/2008
im getting bombarded by everybody. i wanna just be done with this sh!t. Everyone who opens up their mouths in this game gets evicted.
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Topic #8423597
ShannonLK - Shar/Jos in BY talking 0 Replies #8423597 6:27PM 25/03/2008
SHAR: JAMES can not keep his mouth shut, shar saying she can keep her mouth shut. Shar is talking about all these ppl coming to her, being on the block is getting to her. She is saying they all say they got her back, but will talk about you at the same time. Says that's what she kept her mouth shut. Calling out the ppl who have been Evicted.
Josh: Saying what he thinks the HOH is going to be, like a quiz type/ says they haven't done that yet, and says its the easiest thing to do.
Josh: Their side wants James and himself on the block, and tells Shar her name is not mention. Shar is in the middle
Shar: I feel like I am in high school again, I have always been an adult, feeling like she is mommy Shar.
Josh: Your safe to Sharon. Its getting alot of one on one convo's.
Shar: They are not just 5 minute convo's - she has never dealt with this much stress

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Topic #8423667
ShannonLK - Ry/Nat still in KT talking game: 0 Replies #8423667 6:33PM 25/03/2008
Nat: SAYING she still taking care of the boys
Ry: WE are way stronger than them
Nat: We are the final 4 ( Sheila/Adam/Ry/Nat )
Chels and Sheila coming into kitchen now
Nat: Adam is still in HOH blogging, she assumes.
Chels saying they don't have that much time to blog, she says she thinks he came out already.
Sheila: About Chelskudos to you if you stay here, states she told her she was not voting for Chels
RY: What James is trying to feed them is all BS
Shar and Josh come into Kitchen
Shelia: I have been known for lying in this house- She told Chels straight yup how she was voting, but the vote would not come from her. She tells Chels in a previous convo she is a great person but no vote from Sheila.
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