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Topic #8462343
sunflower721 - sheila is now in sauna talking to james about him being up on the block. NT 0 Replies #8462343 6:18PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8462386
Shannon72 - Sheila in sauna room with James 0 Replies #8462386 6:21PM 27/03/2008
S - All I ever did was help you when you were on the block.
J - Are you pissed because of what I did to Natalie?
S - I'm pissed because when Chels was on the block she got really nasty and I have no idea where it came from. I got stuff thrown at me. I never said no negative things about you and Chels. I'm mad because you told Ryan I was going to put him on the block if I became HOH. I never said that to you. I felt like you betrayed me by doing that. I was trying to help you by telling you you were going to be backdoored.

THEN THERE'S FLAMES -- (ed. darn it!!)
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Topic #8462387
sunflower721 - sheilas telling james that she is trying to protect him (shyeah right) ,james aid you told me the house was trying to BD me.she denies it,then tells 0 Replies #8462387 6:21PM 27/03/2008
james she is not in cahoots with nat (will the lies ever stop LOL ed.)then flames......
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Topic #8462427
sunflower721 - sheila telling james that she knows he will win POV.sheila tells james she feels that he turned on her.talking about POV if who wins/ what scenarios 0 Replies #8462427 6:23PM 27/03/2008
will and could play out.sheila is building james up telling him he is a better player than ryan adam and her.
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Topic #8462458
sunflower721 - ooooo josh is in KT listening to sheila and james whole convo..... NT 0 Replies #8462458 6:25PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8462546
sunflower721 - josh listened for a few minutes then went off to the WC.sheila talking to james about chels comments last night.james tell her to let it go the more 0 Replies #8462546 6:31PM 27/03/2008
she talks about it the more they will show her (sheila) reactting to it.
Sheila asks james if he will flip out if he goes,he reminds her that he already has been evicted and did not act up.sheila does her OK OK. talk. Now nat and josh talking about the convo josh heard between sheila and james.
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Topic #8462555
Shannon72 - Sheila telling James that she has a gut feeling he (James) is going to win this game. 0 Replies #8462555 6:31PM 27/03/2008
Sheila and James hashing it out. Sheila saying James will win POV and will take himself down and Josh will go home. Sheila telling James that he is a strong player and the biggest threat in the house.

James saying that Adam throws HOH's. Sheila saying she knows he does. Sheila says, "I know you think I play both sides but I'm caught in the middle". Sheila telling James she doesn't know where all Chels anger comes from. James telling Sheila that it's not fair that he's being taken down because of what Chels does and he couldn't control what she did or said. Sheila agrees that it's not fair he's being penalized because of Chels.

James telling Sheila that her group is going to f her over. Sheila says she knows. James is telling Sheila that soon enough the house is going to split again -- guys vs. girls.

Sheila now back onto Chels saying what she said on eviction night as she was walking out the door. James saying that Chels could have been worse. Sheila complaining to James that she doesn't understand what she did to deserve Chels wrath. James saying that she had no idea Chels was going to do that. Sheila telling James that she believed he and Chels planned what Chels was going to say. James said that is not true and he told Chels to be nice. Sheila saying that is what she wanted to hear from him.

James saying that if he gets evicted again he is not going to say anything to anyone even though he's in a house full of people who want him out. Sheila asked James what Chels whispered in his ear before she left and he told her Chels said to him to stay strong and everything happens for a reason. Sheila thought Chels whispered to him who to get out for her.

Feeds cut away to Nat and Josh in BR.
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Topic #8462578
sunflower721 - nats telling josh that sheila will not go against what she (nat) wants.josh is worried because james is going to work sheila the hardest. NT 0 Replies #8462578 6:33PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8462641
Shannon72 - Nat saying to Josh that James is a threat and she can't have him in the house anymore. 0 Replies #8462641 6:37PM 27/03/2008
Nat telling Josh that she and Sharon will pray tonight. Ryan comes in and Nat says that Ryan is going to do whatever it takes to win POV.

Ryan leaves. Nat leaves. Josh sitting on bed in blue t-shirt and tighty whities and deep in thought. Now putting on shorts. (ed. THANK YOU JOSH!)

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Topic #8462669
sunflower721 - all 4 feeds of nat and jos his red br she is telling josh she will pray and telling him to pray,josh tells her sharon will pray.nat then goes up to .. 0 Replies #8462669 6:38PM 27/03/2008
HOH to listen to her yellowcard CD.Josh is getting dressed and goes out of BR.

NOw feeds back on sheila and james in Spa Room.

Josh is in the WC kind of listening to their convo while sitting on Bathroom couch.
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Topic #8462692
sunflower721 - LOL nat is now cooking food for her and Adam,sheila is now going up to listen to music.Sharon is in the DR,then josh has to go to the DR. NT 0 Replies #8462692 6:40PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8462694
Shannon72 - All feeds back on Sheila and James in SR 0 Replies #8462694 6:40PM 27/03/2008
Josh listening in from bathroom.

Sheila saying that others are saying she is riding it out in the game and Sheila saying that she is not. Sheila back on what Chels says and how she thought James was in on it. James said he wasn't and not to worry about it. Sheila says "cool" and James leaves.

Sheila goes into kitchen where Nat is. Nat saying she is going to marinade the steaks and then going to go back up to HOH to read bible. Sheila thinking about changing into bathing suit and getting into HT.
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Topic #8462758
Shannon72 - Nat and Josh in kitchen 0 Replies #8462758 6:44PM 27/03/2008
N - Don't worry Josh. Stay focused.
J - There's nothing I can do but just win it (POV)
N - I'm sure it'll be a good one. I have a feeling this one will be tailored for me. It seems like some POV comps have been tailored for some people. Don't you think?
J - Yeah. (pout pout)

Sheila and Sharon come in kitchen. Josh leaves.

Sheila now telling Nat/Sharon about her convo with James a few minutes ago.

(ed. BB must have been bored with Sheila going on and on about Chels so all feeds cut away to Sharon and James in HT).
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Topic #8462783
sunflower721 - nat sharon josh and sheila in KT ,nat asked sheila what she and james were talking about.sheila says it was about chels.(That is not all she said to 0 Replies #8462783 6:46PM 27/03/2008

now sharon out BY with james ,james to sharon adam and ryan really want me out of the MFer, sharon:they are really scared of you thats why.sharon then asked why what did they say.
james talking about the POV scenarios,about him (james) getting backdoored,james asys I have to win every POV,because I will always be on the block.Sharon tells james they (josh,ryan,adam,nat) are very threatened by him.

Sheila no in HT apoligizng to james.talking about ches AGAIN!!!
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Topic #8462850
Shannon72 - James and Sharon sitting in and around hottub 0 Replies #8462850 6:51PM 27/03/2008
James now telling Sharon about convo he had with Sheila. James telling Sharon that if he doesn't win HOH he's going to be on the block each and every week. Sheila comes out and Sharon/James stop talking.

Sheila - I'm sorry James, I was just angry because of Chels.
James - It's done.
She - I know.
James - If I win POV I'm off the block and if I don't win HOH I'm on the block again, etc etc.
Sheila - I've told you... you are a survivor.
James - There are some people in this game that think they have already won.
Sheila - Really? Is it one of us sitting out here? *laughs*
James - No
Sheila - I don't think I'll ever win HOH. If I do, I'll never act like that (i.e.; being cocky)

Talking about how many weeks they have left. Saying that time is going to fly when April comes in a few days. Wondering if anything is going to happen on April Fool's Day. James thinking BB is going to play an eviction joke on them. Sharon thinking they might bring someone back. James said they wouldn't.
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Topic #8462950
Shannon72 - Sheila said that Evel Dick told her it was only going to get harder as they get closer to the end. 2 Replies #8462950 7:00PM 27/03/2008
Sheila wanting to go to sequester so she can get some food.

Sheila asking James if he wants to win HOH. He says YES. She said you want to win it? James said that he has to. Sheila said that James is not going to go out quietly or easily. James said that if he win's POV he is going to do a POV dance he made up. James said he came back in to do one thing and that was to get Matt out. He said I came in with no money and I'll leave with no money. Sheila asking James if he is intimitated by anyone and James said that Nat is equal to him competatively. James saying that Adam is way smarter than him and Sheila said that not everyone knows that. Talking now about Ryan and how he's smart because he's with Jen who's watched BB since Season 1 and she knows all the tricks of the trade.
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alienangel - he mentioned he wanted matty out, because matty intimidated him NT #8462998 7:05PM 27/03/2008
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Shannon72 - I went back to feed clip -- Sheila asked James if anyone else left in the house intimidated him and he said #8463109 7:18PM 27/03/2008
that endurance wise, Natalie matches him.
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Topic #8463037
Shannon72 - Sheila now talking about Chels attitude AGAIN and how she was nothing but nice to her. 0 Replies #8463037 7:11PM 27/03/2008
(ed. yadda yadda yadda)

Sheila saying that Chels is very pretty and very smart and the only bad thing Sheila said about her was that she had a potty mouth. Sheila said all she was trying to do for Chels is be a mother figure. Sheila upset that Chels talked about her private area and other things in her life.

James and Sheila talking about all the rumors going around in the house. Sheila going on about Chels again and James said, "She's not in the game anymore. It doesn't matter". James confessing that when Chels was going around saying the two of them (J/C) had a falling out that it was a set up. Sheila told James she appreciates his honesty.

Now talking about how it feels to be on the block. Sheila saying that James and Sharon had it worse because both of them were evicted before. Now talking about the money. James saying it doesn't matter to him. Sheila saying it will change her life drastically but if she leaves without it it's fine. She's just happy to still be in the game.
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Topic #8463041
lakeview - Sheila/Sharon/James in hottub 0 Replies #8463041 7:11PM 27/03/2008
Sheila talking about how Adam could've put her up last week instead of Sharon even if Adam wanted Chelsia to go.

Sheila won't act "like that" if she wins HOH, but she's not sure she'll get it. She just wants her photos, etc.

relative silence for a while...

Discussion about whether something odd will happen on Tuesday since it's April Fools. Like a double eviction. Sharon - or Matty or Chelsia could come back.

James - you guys brought me back. America wanted Alex. Sheila - I went with America. No offense.

Sheila - they would pull something like that on that day (April Fools) "Expected the unexpected" - that's the motto.

Sheila says her friend Warwick (or something like that)'s birthday is Tuesday and gives a shout out.

Sharon: ... Joshua ... that kid ...

Sheila: tomorrow's going to be extreme and over the top.

James: or it could be something simple.

Sheila: no, they wouldn't make it that easy. Dick said it's going to be harder. [I think she said "Dick"]

Sheila wants some food.

Sharon mumbles while playing with the palm of her hand.

James discussing potential questions.

Sheila: that's what I said, do you really want to win HOH. James: yeah. Sheila: you really want to win it. James: I have to.

Sheila: on an island by yourself. All yours. At least you know it. You're not kidding yourself. You should be a little more cocky. It's a compliment.

Sharon: ... Dr. Will ... confidence Sheila: He had a lot of freaking confidence

Sheila thinks James won't leave quietly or easily. "You came back in a big ass box with a bow on it. Powder blue. I looked at you and said ... oh no, not good. But we're good now. You punished me and I felt the pain."

James says coming back and doing what he did was worth it even if he doesn't win 500K. He's happy about trying to get 3 people up on the block. James: Matty intimidated me.

Sheila wonders if Matt would've gone far if James hadn't come back. James doesn't know.

Sharon posing as a statue again with her feet in the pool.

James: endurance wise, Natalie could possibly match me. Maybe. Sheila: she's good. the girl's good.

James is willing to do whatever it takes. James had gone to the DR and said he'd break his fingers and DR said no, we can't have you break your fingers on national television.

James: Adam is way smarter than me.

Sheila: he hasn't shown anything yet.

James says that Adam had studied the previous seasons and owns them all on DVD. "And then you have Ryan who only watched a little."

Now discussing Jen and Ryan coming in together. Sheila bringing up that Jen had said she wanted to take out the weakest people first in the game and stay with the strong.

Sheila now laughing about that Jen got kicked out by a bunch of floaters.

James discussing that he had told Matt/Natalie in past not to use the POV when Jen & Parker were up. Sheila displaying her lack of memory by wondering if it was Matt & Natalie up against Jen & Parker. Sharon/James correct her.

Sheila wondering why Chelsia slammed her while leaving again.

Sheila: Chelsia... potty mouth ... I like her. I hope she does go to Germany, get her degree and stays in school. Yeah, it may not make you happy, but it does give you choices. And options. When you do things like I did in my life, there are very few options afterwards.... I told Cheslia, do the right thing. If you want to preach to Natalie, preach to yourself.

James: I liked Chelsia a lot but ...

Sheila: It angered me that you guys were still talking about doing stuff to people in the last days.

Sheila bringing up that Chelsia told Josh on way out to go after Nat and Adam.

Sheila: the reason she [Chelsia] isn't in this game is because of how nasty she was.

Sheila: she even said to me that when James came back in the house, he was different.

James: she was lieing. I wanted you guys to think that we weren't working together.

Sheila: James, I have never gone after you. Just know that.

James: I just have to go after POV.

Sheila: and then you win HOH and put up some more people. That's how it works.

Sharon: or you get backdoored.

James: this is just a game. It's not do or die.

Sheila: ... if I get voted off, I'll walk out classy. And life will go on with me and I'll be happy that I finished this. Simple as that. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I am 45 years old. I'm just happy I'm still in the game.

Sheila: I think a lot of people play this game with personal feelings.

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Topic #8463069
BBInsider1 - Adam and Josh in kitchen. Josh says he won't campaign right now, just remain calm and collective. 0 Replies #8463069 7:15PM 27/03/2008
Adam said this POV is huge. Josh said it's huge for Natalie, himself, Sharon, & James this week.
They leave the kitchen to join the BY crew...Sheila/Sharon/James.
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Topic #8463122
lakeview - Sharon just told Josh that James had told Sheila that when Chelsia was unhappy with James it was all just an act NT 0 Replies #8463122 7:19PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8463163
lakeview - Sheila: "I just walked in on Adam while he was wiping his ass" NT 0 Replies #8463163 7:23PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8463211
lakeview - Adam/Sheila in bathroom 0 Replies #8463211 7:27PM 27/03/2008
Natalie, Sheila and Adam discussing Sheila's walking in to the bathroom with Adam in mid-wipe.

Natalie gets called to DR. Adam: "Natalie, go to the diary room"

Sheila saying Jen's coming from Season 8 to see you Adam. "She wants a piece of you".

Adam: mid-wipe. Sheila: yeah, mid-wipe.

Sheila: I guess who ever got fired for bringing you on the show, just got rehired.

Adam yells let's get ready for the veto competition while spraying deodarent.

All feeds switch
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Topic #8463232
lakeview - Natalie calls others in to pick the veto players. Feeds still on for a little bit, then flames NT 0 Replies #8463232 7:29PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8463370
raindrop110475 - sharon and ryan are playing veto so far NT 1 Replies #8463370 7:39PM 27/03/2008
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WVpdles - Adam only HGs not playing NT #8463388 7:39PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8463386
raindrop110475 - Josh says James is trying to sike himout wont work whole house is against james NT 0 Replies #8463386 7:39PM 27/03/2008
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