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Topic #8463400
raindrop110475 - sheila is also playign so adam only one not playing NT 0 Replies #8463400 7:40PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8463420
raindrop110475 - They say they had to givev their sizes so all think ther eis uniform in pOV comp NT 0 Replies #8463420 7:41PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8463430
raindrop110475 - sheila says shes PMSINg and on slop so her rage face is coming NT 0 Replies #8463430 7:42PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8463618
lakeview - Nat/Sheila/Ryan in kitchen 0 Replies #8463618 7:53PM 27/03/2008
Sheila has a strange feeling that Sheila's gonna win. Natalie thinks so too.

Sheila: you never know who's listening. These walls have ears.

Natalie: yeah, this place is haunted.

Sheila: there was something said - can't tell you who - I'll give you the gist....

Ryan interrupts saying he loves the smell of garlic. Natalie - me too. Ryan saying Adam made a good pizza today.

Ryan complaining about the slop.

Sheila's in the mood to cook. She's going to look for some vanilla.

Sheila saying to Ryan in Storage Room now that James had said that Natalie was the biggest threat left.

Sheila wondering if Ryan's scared of James if he gets off block.

Ryan's not scared of him.

Ryan: we'll get him tomorrow.

Sheila: we will see.

Ryan: do you put sugar in your slop? Sheila says no, confectioners sugar sure. Can have salsa, bbq sauce, pickles...

Ryan walks out of storage room. James walks in and then walks out. Sheila's still playing with supplies.
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Topic #8464168
ILuvMySoldier - Adam on BY couch, Josh in HT, Ryan with his feet in HT NT 0 Replies #8464168 8:27PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464185
artqueen5 - Josh in HT, Ryan and Adam BY discussing POV Comp 0 Replies #8464185 8:28PM 27/03/2008
Josh- Nat really wants this. To be the one to send James home.
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Topic #8464190
ILuvMySoldier - Adam thinks James would prefer Adam play over Ryan; Adam says at least Sharon is playing 0 Replies #8464190 8:29PM 27/03/2008
As Sharon joins them at the HT. Sharon says her legs hurt from short workout last night. She is going to soak her legs and then go to bed.
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Topic #8464197
ILuvMySoldier - James drew Sharon's ball NT 0 Replies #8464197 8:29PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464216
ILuvMySoldier - Sharon says maybe this is Sheila's turn to win POV; Adam says 24 hours, Josh says less... 0 Replies #8464216 8:30PM 27/03/2008
Sharon thinks they will wear swimsuits and Adam will be the host. Sharon doing "laps" in HT
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Topic #8464225
ILuvMySoldier - Adam, Josh and Sharon = just general chit chat NT 0 Replies #8464225 8:31PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464335
ILuvMySoldier - Ryan in his room; Sheila in KY cleaning; Adam changing for HT NT 0 Replies #8464335 8:38PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464350
ILuvMySoldier - Adam messing with Sheila in the KT at the sink; Ryan going outside NT 0 Replies #8464350 8:39PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464359
ILuvMySoldier - Adam in HT now NT 0 Replies #8464359 8:40PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464414
ILuvMySoldier - Josh saying how he isn't gonna freak out because either way-he has to spend time with them in the house or seq NT 0 Replies #8464414 8:43PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464426
ILuvMySoldier - Ryan saying Sharon is due to win- boys tell her not to tank it like chels did NT 0 Replies #8464426 8:44PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464444
artqueen5 - FurFriends eating on feed1 and NT 0 Replies #8464444 8:44PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464447
ILuvMySoldier - Sharon thinking it will be a timed POV-who ever finds certain things the fastest NT 0 Replies #8464447 8:44PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464481
ILuvMySoldier - Josh talking about how eating slop will get to you around Day 3; Sharon wants to save a bug from getting wet NT 0 Replies #8464481 8:46PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464503
ILuvMySoldier - Sharon trying to revive a MOTH-talking to it like it understands (can you say crazy??) NT 0 Replies #8464503 8:47PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464522
ILuvMySoldier - Adam tells Sharon the moth is dead; Ryan says give it CPR; Sharon asks it if it is really dead (will it answer??) NT 0 Replies #8464522 8:49PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464559
ILuvMySoldier - Nat comes out to HT; Sharon asks Nat if a moth gets wet wil it die 0 Replies #8464559 8:50PM 27/03/2008
Sharon is blowing on it-trying to dry it. Nat touches it and it moves. Adam says Nat has the touch.
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Topic #8464587
ILuvMySoldier - Nat thinks it might have to do with balance; Josh says maybe hide n seek 0 Replies #8464587 8:51PM 27/03/2008
Adam says that is Nat's think to find hidden things. Ryan just smushed the moth. Sharon says the moth just wants to be fur-ends...
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Topic #8464620
ILuvMySoldier - Nat says she feels 100% better-that she will have a clean sweep this week 0 Replies #8464620 8:53PM 27/03/2008
7th week going into the 8th week. Adam says how her numbers are 7 and 8. Now Nat thinks the POV could be about the 8's she keeps finding. Josh saying something about clues, King and Queen, baby food-now all missing (?) James tried to say blocks missing from GP cage, but Nat says they are all there (28 blocks) Everyone says get evil-do'er out.
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Topic #8464636
ILuvMySoldier - Guessing a figure 8 puzzle? 0 Replies #8464636 8:54PM 27/03/2008
Talking about how many letters in Matt's last name (Julie asked last episode) and how Matthew is 7 and his last name is 8. Kimberly has joined HT and says she will win.
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Topic #8464643
ILuvMySoldier - Everyone at HT except James NT 0 Replies #8464643 8:55PM 27/03/2008
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