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Topic #8498850
Oak1984 - Cam 1/2 Nat and Shelia in HOH looking at Nat pics 0 Replies #8498850 6:08PM 29/03/2008
Cam 3/4 KT Josh/Adam/James/Ry/Sharon talking about slop stuff and pranks
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Topic #8498873
allen - Nat looks at picture of her dog 0 Replies #8498873 6:09PM 29/03/2008
A jack russell terrier, about half calf high, like the one on frasier. nat points to picture talks about his spots and cute ears, pic sent by nats mom looking down on him as he stands on a red brick patio, awwe she misses her puppy.
Shelia continues with girl talk in HOH as nat changes, deciding against taking a bubble bath with the ajax dish soap cause BB wont give her the bubble bath soap shes been asking for. DR not responding today.
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Topic #8498886
Oak1984 - Sharon shrieking while cutting up stuff for GP's 0 Replies #8498886 6:10PM 29/03/2008
James and Sharon talk about eating MRE's (ed. I'm AF..they are not bad!!!)
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Topic #8498956
Oak1984 - Shelia telling Nat that Josh and Sharon are the only couple left in the game 0 Replies #8498956 6:15PM 29/03/2008
(hmmmmmmmmm weren't Shelia and Adam a couple?)
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Topic #8498984
Oak1984 - Nat/Sharon/Josh expecting pranks all night NT 0 Replies #8498984 6:17PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8498999
Oak1984 - BB-Houseguests...did you know there are 116 windows in the house? NT 0 Replies #8498999 6:19PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8499025
Oak1984 - Nat/Adam and Josh now in KT freaking out about what what will happen all night NT 0 Replies #8499025 6:20PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8499111
Oak1984 - Cam 1/2 Ry and Adam bible reading 0 Replies #8499111 6:25PM 29/03/2008
Cam 3/4 Josh, Shelia and Sharon checking oven and KT for prank stuff
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Topic #8499134
allen - bible boys retire to room for devotional readings after baller trys to rile josh 0 Replies #8499134 6:27PM 29/03/2008
there are 116 windows in the BB house, baller briefly goes to kitchen to bust josh's balls over the goings on predicts it will be a scary night in the BB house there is much more to come as this is all just a warm up

Josh its like being locked in a haunted house. Shebot down from listening to music, Adam returns to bedroom with ryan to read bible. James peeks in, something is up.
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Topic #8499138
Oak1984 - Cam 1/2 Ryan and Adam sleeping in beds/ Cam 3-James in bed thinking NT 0 Replies #8499138 6:28PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8499155
Oak1984 - Sharon/Nat/Shelia discussing on where to sleep tonight NT 0 Replies #8499155 6:29PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8499173
Oak1984 - Shelia talking about hearing voices...thinks this is an April Fools Day show thing NT 0 Replies #8499173 6:30PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8499187
Oak1984 - Sharon talking to Gp's...Shelia and Nat heading to HOH for the night NT 0 Replies #8499187 6:32PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8499192
allen - Shelia and Sharon havent seen faces in mirrors yet, but shelia has heard voices 0 Replies #8499192 6:32PM 29/03/2008
crickets have been heard, Nat guesses that this will all be shown on april fools day. Nat, shelia, and sharon all in kitchen. shelia vows not to touch or clean up anything in kitchen since she isnt eating. Shelia is afraid to be in HOH by herself is why she came down and quit listening to music, nat and shelia go back up to HOH together
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Topic #8499211
Oak1984 - Shelia telling Nat that she missed the rat in the did she miss it? NT 0 Replies #8499211 6:33PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8499309
WVpdles - In HoH, Sheila telling Nat she could hear James/Chel having sex in the other room NT 0 Replies #8499309 6:41PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8499349
Oak1984 - Shelia/Nat talking about it has to be killing James that Matt is in Sequester with Chelsia 0 Replies #8499349 6:43PM 29/03/2008
James on Feed 3 with eyes wide open..not able to sleep
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Topic #8499422
Oak1984 - Flamessssss NT 0 Replies #8499422 6:49PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8499424
allen - rest of house get quiet as N/S talk in HOH James naps as sharon reads bible 0 Replies #8499424 6:49PM 29/03/2008
with josh buried under the covers next to her sharon has towel on her head... goes to flames
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Topic #8499607
allen - Nat and shelia discuss POV comp HG guessed at weights of various items shelia won a point for lard ryan lost on popcorn 0 Replies #8499607 7:04PM 29/03/2008
game included an element of writing hold, fold, or hit me James got 2 points and shelia knew he was gonna win, Sharon telling Nat to guess 225 and the lard came up 225 and they looked at her like why didnt you guess 225. Nat watches the monitor in the HOH room as she does nail polish
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Topic #8499633
WVpdles - Sheila told Nat her son is James' size and he and George will beat James' ass at the wrap party for the way James has treated her NT 0 Replies #8499633 7:08PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8499672
WVpdles - Sheila - when I win HoH, I don't want James in my room, he can come up and see my pictures then he needs to leave immediately, I don't want him here 0 Replies #8499672 7:11PM 29/03/2008
when I read my letter from my son.
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Topic #8499691
WVpdles - She/Nat now going thru the previous HoH answers, who would you rather lead you into battle, James etc NT 0 Replies #8499691 7:13PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8499714
raindrop110475 - The guinea pigs are on the screen in living room NT 0 Replies #8499714 7:14PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8499825
Oak1984 - Nat getting ready to discuss Bible with Shelia 0 Replies #8499825 7:22PM 29/03/2008
Can't do this..Im out!
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