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Topic #8504705
Brendabythebay - Josh says Sheila says she hates them but dont worry we hate you too. NT 0 Replies #8504705 1:58AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8504735
Brendabythebay - Josh complains about sharon sleeps in fetal position always 0 Replies #8504735 2:00AM 30/03/2008
so her ass is on him and he's like get your ass OFF of me.

James says he hates Sheila. Josh says he hates them all, they suck at life.
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Topic #8504787
Brendabythebay - Josh says he thinks he has a little wiggle room, if its a tie Nat might wimp out. 0 Replies #8504787 2:05AM 30/03/2008
James: Why would she hang Ryan like that?

Josh: Why not?

Josh thinks right now its 51/49, 51 he stays and 49 that he goes, but there's a one percent margin of error.
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Topic #8504824
Brendabythebay - Sheila now awake (in bed) and Adam asks her dont they get points for originality 0 Replies #8504824 2:08AM 30/03/2008
and she says no, cuz someone else already did it and the guy that did it is so much hotter.

Adam says his balls are laying low.

She: I hate posers. Whats next? Lemme think back to other seasons.

Adam: You sound all fired up Sheila?

She: lets see I already had water dumped on me that was Jen right?

Adam: You gonna retaliate Sheila?

Sheila: I'm gonna win hoh, just watch.

Adam: You sound fired up and ready for me.

Sheila: Oh yeah I'm fired out.

Adam: What if I came in there jerkin it

Ry laughs (Sheila does too)

Sheila: You know what Adam? Seriously?

Adam: Its an honest question. Hypothetically.

Ry laughing. You're all talk Balla.

Adam: I'm soft now. I was pumpin.

Sheila: Ohhhh I'm sorry. Maybe Kimberly will come out and play tomorrow.

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Topic #8504842
Brendabythebay - Ry asks Adam if he thinks Nat 0 Replies #8504842 2:10AM 30/03/2008
scked off Matt. Ryan thinks Matt lied about it now. Adam points out Ryan said he heard it. Ryan isnt sure now. Ryan asks why would Matt lie about that. Adam says cuz dudes lie. Ryan now says he thinks she did and she swallowed his babies.
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Topic #8504878
Brendabythebay - Adam goes outside talking to James/Josh, saying what Sheila said about the Tping. 0 Replies #8504878 2:15AM 30/03/2008
Adam says how she said real original. Adam says they shoulda waited 20 minutes half and hour. She was almost asleep. James asks if she's awake now?

James says he shoulda tossed the flour on her. Adam says to ease her into that one and goes back inside.
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Topic #8504922
Brendabythebay - Josh says if he goes, he wont cry its just a game. He does know for sure he is the most memorable in the house. 0 Replies #8504922 2:22AM 30/03/2008
Natalie will stand out. Adam is just a goofball. Ryan ... nothin really there.

Inside, Adam laughing asks Ry how he falls asleep so fast and wakes him up. Adam says he's ready to rock n roll. Ry says go hang out with your friends inthe hottub. Go fin flip flop on me. I'm gonna turn on you.
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Topic #8504926
Brendabythebay - Adam: What are they planning out there? Ry: world domination. NT 0 Replies #8504926 2:22AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8504936
Brendabythebay - Adam: You gotta finish what you started brother. Ry: I know. 0 Replies #8504936 2:23AM 30/03/2008
Adam: A month later... laughs.
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Topic #8504969
Brendabythebay - Josh/James talk about casting process, Robin Kass, Houston used subcontractor, this process started 6 months ago. NT 0 Replies #8504969 2:30AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8504975
Brendabythebay - Josh talking about he brought Sharon back and now he's going to go because of her. NT 0 Replies #8504975 2:30AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8504978
cannotsleep - Josh says I brought Sharon back, I brought her back, and she's going to knock me out. James says you could have brought Jacob back instead. NT 0 Replies #8504978 2:31AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8504986
Brendabythebay - Josh says the pots/pans, the shoes on counter, this is what people want to see because its funny, not sitting 0 Replies #8504986 2:33AM 30/03/2008
like zombies or playing pool every day. This is the stuff they do commercials about. This week on Big Brother...
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Topic #8504997
Brendabythebay - Josh says he knows his friends are all watching him right now, the bars closed, and they'll see what he is up to. NT 0 Replies #8504997 2:36AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8505014
Brendabythebay - James/Josh discuss myspace. Josh says his page is simple, nothing jumping off page, cant remember the address. 0 Replies #8505014 2:40AM 30/03/2008
James uses myspace a lot when he's on his trips, its how he communicates with everyone.

Now talking wrap party. Josh bringing Chase & his best friend, then go out and do gay bars. James says like Dick said, go to Disney. Josh says yeah, sign pictures, autographs.
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Topic #8505023
cannotsleep - Josh says our faces are out there, CBS is one of the most watched networks, and they run commericals several times a day, so your face is out there. 0 Replies #8505023 2:42AM 30/03/2008
Josh says he's really kinda hoping the siren will go off on Wednesday.

He says I know right now I'm being watched by all my friends, they're just getting in from some after hours party and checking their myspaces and seeing what Josh is doing. James asks about his myspace, Josh says his is very basic. They say Sheila is a myspace wh*re.

Josh says you know they wanted you to stay this week, because you're the villian. James says am I really the villan? I would never lay a hand on anybody.

Josh wants Chase (his boyfriend) or his best friend at the wrap party. He said his friend Paul was at the wrap party last year and took pictures with Nick. He was friends with one of the producers and had lots of fun at the wrap party.

Josh is going to stay in Dallas for now. He says he can see himself being with that boy, Chase, for a long time.
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Topic #8505028
Brendabythebay - Josh wants to get award, Best Chewing Out... Joshuah. NT 0 Replies #8505028 2:43AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8505078
Brendabythebay - James thinks if he wins hoh this week he gets a phone call instead of letter, but should he keep it or give it. 0 Replies #8505078 2:50AM 30/03/2008
Josh says don't give it to Sheila, she hates you and it wont help she wont keep you. You know what? Natalie. Big Family girl. That would solidify that.
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Topic #8505126
Brendabythebay - Josh tells James that Nat wanted to send James to Mattie as a bday present with pink bow in his hair. 0 Replies #8505126 2:56AM 30/03/2008
James: She said that? Seriously?

Josh: Totally. now she's changed her tune. Since pov.
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Topic #8505183
Brendabythebay - Josh talking about Sharon & the dress she wore for eviction, he thought she shoulda got evicted 1 Replies #8505183 3:05AM 30/03/2008
based upon looks right then.

James says she gives grandmother hugs. She hugged him and started and scratching his back and he was like ... what the... ok cool.
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DrC - Note: around 12:30 am James went to bed and climbed into #8505302 3:27AM 30/03/2008
with a sleeping Sharon toward the middle of the bed leaning against her face down. She hugs him while rubbing his back. He says he is enjoying it but better get up because that really relaxes him and puts him to sleep. He then leaves and crawls into his bed. Sharon goes back to sleep.
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Topic #8505196
Brendabythebay - James/Josh head inside & take showers. NT 0 Replies #8505196 3:07AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8505218
Brendabythebay - James gone to bed. Josh stirring something in the kitchen. 1 feed on his shoes on the counter. NT 0 Replies #8505218 3:11AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8505231
DrC - Josh/James talk about the Gay scene in LA 0 Replies #8505231 3:14AM 30/03/2008
(HT) Josh says he would be fit in perfectly, they would eat him up, the "perfect package". He is deep into the Gay scene in Dallas partying all night on weekends. James says it is brutal in LA but his is not deep into the scene.

More malicious talk about other HG including Sharon.

They are now both inside taking showers but hot water ran out so James is cutting it short.

Josh now in KT making ice tea, must have split water b/c he is using he foot to wipe floor with towel.

Camera shows all his shoes are spreadout on counter tops from that he placed earlier this evening, they know Shiela will be very annoyed and grossed out.
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Topic #8505234
Brendabythebay - Josh now gathering up his shoes & putting them back in his room. NT 0 Replies #8505234 3:14AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8505262
Brendabythebay - Josh now sitting alone in the kitchen. (Ed. I'm out.) NT 0 Replies #8505262 3:19AM 30/03/2008
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