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Topic #8506198
VanWinkle - The outside sounds are coming from F1 cottage room & F2 Boat room. (ed - wondering if the HGs are hearing it) NT 0 Replies #8506198 8:24AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8506386
mks - HGs sleeping, all is quiet NT 0 Replies #8506386 9:01AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8506475
626morgan - Houseguests still sleeping. NT 0 Replies #8506475 9:13AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8506607
yumintum - HGs still asleep... looking like some are starting to wake up NT 0 Replies #8506607 9:29AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8506693
sunflower721 - Sheila is turning over alot in her bed ,josh is doing same in his bed. (BB should be getting them up shortly) NT 0 Replies #8506693 9:38AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8506886
echo - flames/trivia NT 0 Replies #8506886 10:08AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8506888
yumintum - FLAMES!! 0 Replies #8506888 10:08AM 30/03/2008
wake up time for the HGs!
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Topic #8507029
echo - ryan brushing teeth, nat and josh in kitchen waiting for more pranks 0 Replies #8507029 10:22AM 30/03/2008
nat asks how sheila liked the shoes on the counter
sheila said she was very confused about it
they ask if she sees the hand prints all over kitchen
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Topic #8507049
echo - sheila says ryan told her maybe josh was organizing his shoes 0 Replies #8507049 10:24AM 30/03/2008
sheila says its the rest of the house needs help not her
nat reminds sheila she said before shoes on counter pisses her off
sheila laughs at james and josh tryin the pots and pans late night, originalty zero
dick is better looking than james
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Topic #8507065
echo - josh alone outside bitching about wake up music wants better assortment 0 Replies #8507065 10:26AM 30/03/2008
says its cold outside, heads back in.
ryan in kitchen now, sheila asking if he knew why the shoes were on counter
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Topic #8507080
echo - nat says the shoe thing was her idea, sheila says they are better than bb with the pranks 0 Replies #8507080 10:27AM 30/03/2008
josh says chelsia used to change the direction of toilet paper in wc to annoy sheila
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Topic #8507101
BBaddicted - ryan back to bed 0 Replies #8507101 10:29AM 30/03/2008
adam still not out of bed
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Topic #8507104
echo - sheila is back to bitching about james throwing flour on her , josh says james doesnt care NT 0 Replies #8507104 10:29AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8507118
echo - sheila says she realizes you cant sue anyone , you sign your life away, humliation is part of it NT 0 Replies #8507118 10:30AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8507143
echo - flames NT 0 Replies #8507143 10:32AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8507166
echo - sheila says shes sure there myspace pages are being looked up, people from their past will see them on tv NT 0 Replies #8507166 10:34AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8507179
echo - sheila and nat discuss they keep dreamin about the game , lots of past hgs in their dreams too NT 0 Replies #8507179 10:35AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8507198
BBaddicted - ryan and adam still in bed 0 Replies #8507198 10:37AM 30/03/2008
talking about working out in shifts. ryan agrees with adam on 5hour shifts of working out. both laughing.
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Topic #8507206
lakeview - Sheila/Nat in kitchen 0 Replies #8507206 10:38AM 30/03/2008
Sheila had a dream about Nick and Eric.

Nat: 8 letters. Nick and Eric.

But then they remember Eric already hosted.


Sheila talking that people contacted her after the Scott Baio show appearance on her myspace account.

Thinks that Nat's ex might contact her.

Nat rattling on about the guy from years ago in Vegas who moved to SC.

Sheila: would you rather get dumped or be the dumpee?

Sheila usually ends up dumping people.

Sheila's been dreaming about the game. That's why she dreams of ED and Eric.

Nat: maybe Nick or Danielle will come to host next week?

Sheila: is that how they do it? People from the last year host? Y'know I haven't seen much of the show.


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Topic #8507221
echo - josh in shower, sheila gettin into the other side, adam and ryan giggling in bed 0 Replies #8507221 10:39AM 30/03/2008
ryan wants to know if someones single???
adam wants no names just passionate interlude
ryan laughin about it
gps looking excited in their cage
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Topic #8507222
allen - good morning HG time to get up for the day 0 Replies #8507222 10:39AM 30/03/2008
lights on in the house as BB gets them up for the day. Josh in shower, shelia in her black couger silk robe, Nat yawning, Ryan in bed eyes wide open staring at ceiling.

GP on cam 3 is more instore for today?
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Topic #8507234
lakeview - Talk while Josh in shower. Sheila near sinks. 0 Replies #8507234 10:41AM 30/03/2008
Sheila can take a joke but doesn't like things dumped on her.

Josh is scared of touching her after his restraining order.

Josh: is it really damaging to you? [flour incident]

Sheila: well, it's humiliating. I don't know if it's damaging.

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Topic #8507247
echo - josh out of shower in blue undies, ryan says to adam he thinks hes lost 5 lbs already on slop NT 0 Replies #8507247 10:42AM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8507253
allen - josh choses blue over tightie whiteies for today 0 Replies #8507253 10:43AM 30/03/2008
Shelia in shower as josh roams around bathroom in his tight blue briefs after taking his shower.
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Topic #8507266
echo - all four feeds on sheila in shower NT 0 Replies #8507266 10:44AM 30/03/2008
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