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Topic #8508742
allen - adam comes in asks mom if there is any tunafish left 0 Replies #8508742 1:05PM 30/03/2008
1:00 in BB house lunch time, Adam asking shelia if there is any tunafish left, shelia offers to fix him sandwich, adam declines grabs tuna out of fridge and proceeds to sit down at bar to eat chips and munch on tunafish, shelia drinking her protien shake idol chit chat with james about coffee.

James the freespirit biker says he usually gets a starbucks in the mornings.
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Topic #8508749
echo - sheila says she drinks starbucks or coffee bean everyday, gets free coffee for cleaning up tables when people leave 0 Replies #8508749 1:06PM 30/03/2008
james called to dr
adam burping at himself face up in window
james discusses here comes the sun by the beatles played this am
james making coffee
they discuss the movie almost famous, sheila says she loves led zeplin
dr calls james again he finishes the coffee set up first
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Topic #8508750
allen - BB played here comes the sun by beatles as wakeup call this morning earlier NT 0 Replies #8508750 1:06PM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8508768
echo - ryan goes to hoh him and nat are alone, they are worried about adam 0 Replies #8508768 1:08PM 30/03/2008
they think adams been offered deals they dont know about
nat says we make sure its a tie and we keep josh so josh and james will go after adma and sheila and nat and ryan would be ok (ed they seem very serious)
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Topic #8508786
echo - ryan says he drilled adam outside , they think james might be tryin to stir them up 0 Replies #8508786 1:10PM 30/03/2008
nat and ryan seem upset about the speeches in pov cerm
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Topic #8508794
echo - they change their minds again and say no back to the original plan in case adam is secretly workin with james NT 0 Replies #8508794 1:11PM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8508812
allen - ryan and nat head up to HOH room as james goes to DR 0 Replies #8508812 1:12PM 30/03/2008
Nat wants to get a tie going then her break the tie to make josh stay. Nat thinks Adam might throw HOH so Nat and Ryan might go up. Ryan says I dunno I think we should stay with the plan. Nat sees James and Adam talking a lot, ryan says if thats the case lets put him up. James will put ryan and Nat up if Adam throws HOH. LOL now nat sees that keeping sharon would be better than josh being a part of james and adam plan,,, no no stick to the plan.
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Topic #8508841
echo - ryan said adam ryan was gettin mad at him for no reason, they are saying keep sharon again 1 Replies #8508841 1:13PM 30/03/2008
ryan says sheila was kissing james ass right after cerm to cover her ass
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Snarf123 - Not sure this makes sense. NT #8509846 2:23PM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8508879
Brendabythebay - Sharon was def put up. Nat just said she shoulda put his ass up instead of Sharon (ref to Adam) NT 0 Replies #8508879 1:15PM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8508899
echo - nat and ryan agree adam is a flip flopper, they are team christ and they arent supposed to turn on each other 0 Replies #8508899 1:16PM 30/03/2008
nat says they have to vote josh out, they are worried adam is jumping ship
nats goin to play dumb, ryan says james said that in the speach, re adam throwing comps and sheila not winning anything
nat said she told adam not to throw any more comps or she will kick his ass
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Topic #8508909
allen - Alliance of 4 shows weakness 0 Replies #8508909 1:17PM 30/03/2008
Nat and Ryan doubt Adam and Sheilia accuse them of having no spine, agree with eachother that they are the only ones with a backbone. Nat would put up adam and shelia or shelia and sharon or adam and shelia to teach them a lesson. Chink in the alliance armor is showing as they come out of the POV ceramony
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Topic #8508964
allen - Nat has shed short white skirt sports red string bikini bottoms with the black tank top NT 0 Replies #8508964 1:19PM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8508969
echo - ryan says he was eating too much protien with the shakes and slop, needs to cut back 0 Replies #8508969 1:19PM 30/03/2008
they say james wouldnt have brought it all up if they were working secretly
they say josh is looking scared, nats goin back to joshs actions against her are the reasons hes leaving
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Topic #8508998
echo - nat hopes sheila wins hoh this week, ryan thinks sheila still controls adams vote 0 Replies #8508998 1:21PM 30/03/2008
nat says james would put up adam and sheila ryan says nope me and adam
ryan and nat gettin in trouble by bb re mics
ty bb for calling us out we r trying to have a private convo here syas nat
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Topic #8509014
Brendabythebay - During the Nat/Ryan convo, BB first yelled at Ryan for talking about DR sessions and then 2 minutes later 0 Replies #8509014 1:22PM 30/03/2008
yells at Natalie to put her microphone on.

Nat yells up to BB, Thanks Big Brother for calling us out, we're trying to have a private conversation!

(Ed. LOL)
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Topic #8509024
lakeview - Nat/Ryan upstairs 0 Replies #8509024 1:23PM 30/03/2008
Nat: we got to break that. Ryan, you vote for Josh to stay and then I keep Josh. Then he'll go against Adam/Sheila. If Adam throws it, then they'll go after us.

Ryan: he's just trying to protect his ass.

Nat: if Josh ... Josh promised me he would not put us up. I don't know if it means anything. I don't know what to do.

Ryan: still stick to the plan.

Nat: if he does that...

Ryan: I drilled him outside. He was talking about before. He threw HOH before.

Nat and Ryan are pissed that Adam might throw HOH.

Nat: to protect your and my asses, we keep Josh and then they won't go against us.

Nat doesn't think Adam wants James there but is trying to protect himself.

Ryan: James will put you and me up.

Ryan: but then James would have 2 other people: Adam and Joshua.

Nat: Yeah, let's stick with the original plan.

Ryan: he's just trying to protect himself bc of James.

Nat wonders if Adam is throwing them under the bus. Ryan would throw Adam against James if Adam throws HOH. He's so spinelss. Talking about throwing HOH.

Ryan is going to talk to him.

Ryan: Adam said this is all from before. Trust me, I want to win this. I want him out.

Ryan: we have to stick with the plan.

Nat: ok. This would just reward James.

Ryan: you and me can trust each other. Not Adam or Sheila.

Ryan saying someone told James "Great Speech" - Kissing his ass.

Nat says Ryan's the only person who she can trust. Ryan: me too.

Ryan: we're the only ones with spines.

Nat: these people are scandalous. They're protecting their own asses. We're supposed to be Team Christ.

Nat says break up any conversations between Adam and James.

Nat says Matty always warned her to not trust Adam. Opens his mouth a lot.

Nat and Ryan say they're not flip floppers.

Nat: I should've put his ass up on the block instead of Sharon. That would've insured Josh leaving.

Ryan: Josh is leaving.

Nat: even if it's a tie, Josh goes.

Ryan: what if they're trying to make it seem like a 3 person thing.

Ryan: let me know if he tries to talk to you. (Adam)

Nat: if he comes up to me, I'll play dumb. And then talk to Ryan.

Ryan: James' speech - makes you wonder.

Nat: I know.

Ryan: he could've been talking about the 4. "Sheila, time for you to win competitions. Adam, don't throw HOHs." If they had a secret deal, why would James say that?

Nat saying she told Adam that if throws HOHs anymore, she's coming after him. Ryan saying he told him too. We need him for this week.

Nat/Ryan saying they're mad because it's not in their favor.

Nat: Josh said in the past to me, why do you think your side is stronger? I don't remember what it was about.

Ryan: you're going home kid. See you later dude.

Nat: he'll be so messed up. (James)

Ryan: James had said "how is Ryan doing on the slop"

Ryan: he's hurting.

Nat: keep working out, big time. Ryan: James will think "god, the slop isn't affecting him."

Nat's going to ask if she can give the protein shakes to them. Ryan says slop is all protein. Ryan's had enough frickin' protein.

Ryan asking Nat to rub his neck later.

Ryan: why would James brought it up (Adam throwing HOHs) if they had a secret plan.

Nat: he's smarter than that.

Nat: I can tell he's scared. He screwed up. He never should've treated me that way. They said "you called final 4". Like they hadn't?

BB yells about not talking about DR sessions.

Nat hopes Sheila wins HOH.

Ryan says James will put up Adam and Ryan.

BB yells at Nat for putting on microphone. Nat: thanks BB, thanks for calling us out.

Nat: it's going to be 4 against 1. I truly believe Sharon would put up James.

Ryan: me too.

Nat: then all we have to do is win POV.

Nat: that's what I told Sheila. 9th week, April 9. He's done. He cannot win. I hope you guys can knock him out, bigtime.

Ryan goes downstairs.
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Topic #8509027
echo - nats goin to tan she says rayn leaves hoh, says hey jimmy great speech today feeds change to nat all 4 NT 0 Replies #8509027 1:23PM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8509035
lakeview - Ryan tells James "great speech" (after just telling Nat that Adam had said that to James as a suck-up) NT 0 Replies #8509035 1:23PM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8509054
echo - james ryan alone in kitchen , ryan tells james he really wants to keep josh but the others dont 0 Replies #8509054 1:24PM 30/03/2008
says its 50/50
james says numbers dont matter anymore if your playing it as a divided house
james says everyone has been very vocal they all want him out, very awkward
adam joins them
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Topic #8509082
echo - james says he doesnt mind his island, says he was tryin to pump sheila up to win something 0 Replies #8509082 1:27PM 30/03/2008
ryan doesnt beleive in the due factor theory
they are talkin about double evicition ryan doesnt think there will be one adam says leaving on a double eviction would suck
they are discussin when finale is
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Topic #8509119
echo - ryan and james eating pickles, james says i know someones leavig this week and its not me 0 Replies #8509119 1:29PM 30/03/2008
he confirms hes still voting for josh to stay, wishes he had given chels a vote since he was ***** anyways
adam complains hes tired, ryan blames all the burgers hes eating
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Topic #8509121
allen - james keeps bringing in the possibility of a double eviction 0 Replies #8509121 1:29PM 30/03/2008
James trying to get ryan and adam to think there might be a double evviction week coming which would make one of them not work so hard to get HOH. the HOH winner would be in a weak position in a double eviction situation. James eating pickles out of the jar
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Topic #8509155
echo - james says sheila was not ahppy at all last night, ryan might go get some sun, nat joins them 0 Replies #8509155 1:32PM 30/03/2008
shes gettin a towel to lay outside
james says wow we started this whole bb process 6 months ago, wow its gone fast
ryan says then we will be bb bitches for 1 yr after the show, re appearances
james says it doesnt sound bad, tell people they worked for cbs
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Topic #8509165
echo - nat in by w sharon and sheila, sharon pushing for girl f3 shes called to dr NT 0 Replies #8509165 1:33PM 30/03/2008
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Topic #8509170
allen - James points out its been 6 months the process 0 Replies #8509170 1:34PM 30/03/2008
Started November 29th, the whole selection process. Nat desends the staircase in her multicolored striped bikini top says hi boys,, my boys of the BB house, starts to walk past them to the kitchen forgetting where shes going, stops turns to go back to bathrrom to get towel and heads outside to tan.. sharon called to DR
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