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Adam saying he is gonna flip. Ryan saying is he going to go graceful. Adam spitting. Ryan saying we have to keep Sharon. Adam says she is putting - FrouFrou
8:57PM 01/04/2008

Nat is painting and said to Adam as he passes by, "Look at my beaver". NT - VanWinkle
8:58PM 01/04/2008

Ryan an Adam wonderin when Josh leaves will he go in peace or with a bang NT - KingMac
8:58PM 01/04/2008

Josh trying on a white tennis skirt - BigBrotherLuvR
8:58PM 01/04/2008

Adam says hoh is going to be everyone vs James NT - KingMac
8:59PM 01/04/2008

Nat saying she is ready to dye James' hair. Sheila talking that she has stressed mirrors in her bathroom. NT - FrouFrou
9:00PM 01/04/2008

James saying he has no worries. No hurries. NT - FrouFrou
9:00PM 01/04/2008

Nat talking about doing a full length of herself for Matt's card. Adam says full nude. Nat says Adam licking the beave. Adam blaming Matt. NT - FrouFrou
9:02PM 01/04/2008

Nat says Mattie just wishes that is why he was so frustrated with me. Because I wouldn't. NT - FrouFrou
9:02PM 01/04/2008

James saying he is going blond then pink with his mohawk. Ryan suggesting keeping just blonde. Ryan says BB wouldn't let you. James says yes, as - FrouFrou
9:04PM 01/04/2008

Sharon starting to pack - BigBrotherLuvR
9:06PM 01/04/2008

Josh: tomorrow's going to be painful. Sharon: I'm going to be f*cked up. don't tell anybody. NT - dustytissue
9:10PM 01/04/2008

James has gone upstairs to have Nat dye his hair. NT - cindytexas
9:12PM 01/04/2008

Sharon: I think everyone is scared of Natalie because they know that she.. (doesn't finish sentence because James enters). NT - dustytissue
9:14PM 01/04/2008

Sharon to Josh: She'll be the last to go home (Sheila). NT - dustytissue
9:21PM 01/04/2008

Josh comments that she hasn't seen Sharon wear her blankie. She says she's been stressed. NT - dustytissue
9:23PM 01/04/2008

James is talking to Nat about making a deal if she keeps Josh. He and Josh will vote together, but he can't promise that Sharon would vote with him. - cindytexas
9:23PM 01/04/2008

Josh: I wish you tried harder in the last HOH. Sharon: I don't know what America's seen. NT - dustytissue
9:24PM 01/04/2008

Nat says she has wanted to work with James, but Chelsia hated her. She doesn't understand why. - cindytexas
9:25PM 01/04/2008

Sharon: Trust me, if I stay, I will get to the end of the game. If you stay, you'll get to the end of the game. NT - dustytissue
9:26PM 01/04/2008

Sharon stroking Josh's hair. NT - dustytissue
9:27PM 01/04/2008

Nat agreeing that if it goes 2-2, her and Ryan will work with James and Josh. - cindytexas
9:27PM 01/04/2008

Sharon: I was thinking I was never close with somebody this quick, but we were forced to. NT - dustytissue
9:30PM 01/04/2008

Now Nat is saying she always wanted to work with Josh but she couldn't because J/C, J/S were together. - cindytexas
9:34PM 01/04/2008

Nat saying that Josh swore on the Bible that he wants to work with her. - cindytexas
9:36PM 01/04/2008

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