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Ryan and Adam playing checkers, Sheila and James eating variations of slop, Josh/Sharon sleeping, Nat in DR NT - cannotsleep
12:04AM 01/04/2008

Natalie comes out of DR and sees her clay figurine, says "You guys, I knew you were going to put a penis on her!" Ryan says shes a tranny, Nat - cannotsleep
12:24AM 01/04/2008

Ryan/Adam have gone to bed and are talking in the dark about Alex, they didn't like it when he used the chipmunk voice, but said he was hilarious NT - cannotsleep
12:30AM 01/04/2008

Natalie in KT painting a "pin-up" girl. (ED shes got skills and can paint fast!) NT - mcoop
12:35AM 01/04/2008

Natalie is painting a picture of a pinup girl, it's really pretty, and Sheila says she going to bed. James is making something with some clay, - cannotsleep
12:42AM 01/04/2008

James changes clothes in front of the bathroom mirror and is completely naked, BB quickly cuts to flames, James changes and joins Josh in the sauna NT - cannotsleep
12:44AM 01/04/2008

James tells Josh if he sees the HOH and it's just booths he will laugh his ass off, he wants it to be a physical HOH NT - cannotsleep
12:48AM 01/04/2008

Natalie painting an absolutely beautiful picture of a red haired mermaid in the kitchen by herself. NT - cannotsleep
12:51AM 01/04/2008

Josh and James from Sauna to Hot tub, same old same old strat talk NT - Gorf
1:02AM 01/04/2008

James and Josh talking strategy in the sauna but it's hard to make out what they're saying because of the echo, James talking about how Sheila would - cannotsleep
1:10AM 01/04/2008

James and Josh talk of DR sessions, than we get FLAMES! NT - mcoop
1:16AM 01/04/2008

James and Josh say Adam is running out of cigarettes, and that he is going to crack soon. NT - cannotsleep
1:19AM 01/04/2008

James says Sharon talks to him like he is in Kindergarden, like "what are you making over there?" It pisses him off. Josh says the good news is - cannotsleep
1:25AM 01/04/2008
no, he said he was originally rooting for Nick to win because he said he was cute and nice NT - mcoop
1:30AM 01/04/2008

James says he does not want to give 500 thousand dollars to someone who paints mermaids and sells protein shakes in a shop NT - cannotsleep
1:28AM 01/04/2008
he went on to say that the protein shop won't make it because there needed to be more substance and would guys really want to go into a place with - WVpdles
1:33AM 01/04/2008

Natalie looks sad after reading her letter in the HOH room, and James is taking a shower downstairs. Josh went to bed. NT - cannotsleep
1:38AM 01/04/2008

James is completely naked again when he comes out of the shower and checks out his front, and his butt in the bathroom mirror, puts on underwear NT - cannotsleep
1:45AM 01/04/2008

James sitting at the kitchen counter, molding some brightly colored clay NT - cannotsleep
1:55AM 01/04/2008

James appears to be the only one awake, and is playing a solo game of chess wearing his grey hoodie NT - cannotsleep
2:05AM 01/04/2008

James in Bed, everyone alseep NT - Gorf
2:31AM 01/04/2008

James up in the bathroom, back to bedroom got fully clothed now outside NT - Gorf
3:18AM 01/04/2008

James back inside, getting something to eat, looks like salsa NT - Gorf
3:20AM 01/04/2008

James eating, reading the checkers box and slop rules, now making slop NT - Gorf
3:28AM 01/04/2008

James still cooking slop NT - Gorf
3:37AM 01/04/2008

James gets something from cupboard(in a bag) and adds to the slop and continues to stir it up - CruiseCritic
3:44AM 01/04/2008

Looks like James is playing around with the tic tac toe board and then walks over to the stove - CruiseCritic
3:49AM 01/04/2008

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