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Nat pulling out pizza for her and Adam. - veedsboo
7:29PM 01/04/2008

sharon has so many cards in her hand she cant fan them out completely - allen
7:30PM 01/04/2008

Josh said to Nat "Can I make out with you after.. - veedsboo
7:33PM 01/04/2008

Sheila holds the fist full of cards this round, still gets caught fibbing - allen
7:35PM 01/04/2008

Adam smacks as he chows down on some pizzia - allen
7:40PM 01/04/2008

Sheila says people on slop can have milk, soy, and rice, - veedsboo
7:41PM 01/04/2008

Milk, soy, and rice is on the slop menu but not cream - allen
7:42PM 01/04/2008

James is eating Ketchup - veedsboo
7:43PM 01/04/2008

Sharon making protein shake - veedsboo
7:44PM 01/04/2008

James says something is "Bill Forrell?'s Champion Choice". - veedsboo
7:46PM 01/04/2008
the slop NT - GreenBean
7:47PM 01/04/2008
BB Slop is really called "Bill Pearl's Champion Choice." NT - socheapandjuicy
7:47PM 01/04/2008
Bill Pearl's Champion Choice - alusia
7:53PM 01/04/2008

James eating ketchup with relish which is also on the slop menu - allen
7:48PM 01/04/2008

Sheila wants two tylenol pm so she doesn't have to hide in the hoh room. NT - FrouFrou
7:55PM 01/04/2008

Sheila asking for 2 Tylenol PMs - veedsboo
7:56PM 01/04/2008

Josh returns to the bedroom to eye his goodies - allen
7:56PM 01/04/2008

looks like josh is playing with a set of dominos but cant tell from the far away shot NT - allen
8:02PM 01/04/2008

ryan sitting at the bar next to Nat watching her paint NT - allen
8:04PM 01/04/2008

Another game of cards - BigBrotherLuvR
8:17PM 01/04/2008
Adam wins. They talk about other games to play. Speed, Spades, 21. - BigBrotherLuvR
8:25PM 01/04/2008

Nat and Sheila ribbing each other about messing losing in the veto comp - BigBrotherLuvR
8:31PM 01/04/2008

Josh is sitting on the bed alone, seems to be thinking. NT - dustytissue
8:34PM 01/04/2008

Josh in his "bed"room, head in hands - BigBrotherLuvR
8:35PM 01/04/2008

Josh picking out clothes for tomorrow. Puts on a dark shirt and jeans. Goes from one mirror to another, posing, looking at himself. NT - cindytexas
8:43PM 01/04/2008

Now Josh has put boots on, goes to mirror in sauna room to look at himself some more. Turns, looks at his butt. NT - cindytexas
8:44PM 01/04/2008

Sharon is going to pack after she picks out PJ's and takes a shower - BigBrotherLuvR
8:46PM 01/04/2008

Sheila comes to Josh's room - BigBrotherLuvR
8:53PM 01/04/2008

James comes to Josh, they go to storage room - BigBrotherLuvR
8:56PM 01/04/2008

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