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Sharon: They can tell you whatever they want until they're blue in the face but you won't know until you see the votes. - dustytissue
9:36PM 01/04/2008

Nat saying Sharon is the silent but deadly type, she's a mole. She says Sheila always says she trusts her. - cindytexas
9:37PM 01/04/2008

Sharon and Josh quiet in bedroom. By bathroom, James and Natalie agree Sheila doesn't deserve to win. NT - dustytissue
9:39PM 01/04/2008

Nat says this next week is crucial, that her and Ryan have to keep it on the down low. - cindytexas
9:40PM 01/04/2008

James goes downstairs to wait for his color to finish. He's going blonde and then pink. As soon as James leaves the room, Nat whispers something to - cindytexas
9:51PM 01/04/2008

Sharon asks James "What started the pink mohawk? " - dustytissue
9:55PM 01/04/2008

Josh is telling James that Sheila went into the DR and asked for a Tylenol PM because of the fight with Josh, that she's frightened of him. - cindytexas
9:55PM 01/04/2008

James is telling Josh that he owes him, that he talked to Nat and says, "It's a go." James tells him everything is good to go. - cindytexas
9:58PM 01/04/2008

Sheila and Sharon have gone up to the HOH room with Nat now. NT - cindytexas
10:00PM 01/04/2008

James says he thinks Josh is stronger mentally. James: I think everything will work out. NT - dustytissue
10:00PM 01/04/2008

Josh gives James a hug to say thank you. NT - dustytissue
10:01PM 01/04/2008

Ryan is pissed at Adam about the game they were playing, he thinks Adam cheated. Adam is ribbing him about winning. - cindytexas
10:01PM 01/04/2008

James and Josh now talking about being on slop and the last time they were on it. NT - dustytissue
10:03PM 01/04/2008

Ryan says, "God, I just want to eat dude." NT - cindytexas
10:03PM 01/04/2008

Ryan and Adam outside. Ryan says he heard Sharon talking to Josh, ratting them out on everything they've said. - cindytexas
10:06PM 01/04/2008

Ryan says Nat is obsessed with mermaids, that's all her paintings are. He says they all look like her. - cindytexas
10:07PM 01/04/2008

Nat, Sheila, Sharon in HOH bathroom. Sheila asking what James was going on about. She heard something about Tylenol PM. They say they don't know. NT - dustytissue
10:09PM 01/04/2008

Sharon thinks Adam would defend Sheila and Sheila saying Adam would never defend her. Mattie was the only one who stepped up to the plate and - dustytissue
10:11PM 01/04/2008

Nat doing Sharon's hair in bathroom with Sheila watching. Sheila questioning Sharon about what James is talking about. - cindytexas
10:12PM 01/04/2008

Sheila telling Sharon she can ask Nat, that she will confirm that Adam would not protect her. Nat agrees. - cindytexas
10:13PM 01/04/2008

Sheila: I don't mean to be screaming about it but I don't think he would (Adam defending her). Do you think so Nat? Nat doesn't think so either. - dustytissue
10:13PM 01/04/2008

Sheila says she swore on her kid's life that she wouldn't talk about it anymore, so it's squashed. (fight with Josh). Sharon says he is very bitter NT - cindytexas
10:16PM 01/04/2008

Sheila says she doesn't hate Josh and hopes he knows that when he walks out the door. Sharon says Josh is just bitter and mad at himself. - dustytissue
10:18PM 01/04/2008

Sharon is reminding Sheila that Josh jumped on her last week too. - cindytexas
10:20PM 01/04/2008

Adam, Ryan, and James downstairs in the kitchen. Ryan and Adam still playing their game. James looking for vitamins. NT - dustytissue
10:23PM 01/04/2008

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