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Topic #8625533
cannotsleep - Sheila asks Adam, why would you put me up instead of Natalie? Adam says because you would be safer on the block than Natalie, Sheila says because 0 Replies #8625533 12:05AM 06/04/2008
she's a strong player? Adam says yeah. Sheila thinks about it. Then she says maybe I'll win this thing without winning any competitions, have you ever thought about that? Or maybe I'll just win the very last HOH, that's the only one I really need to win.

Adam says, you start telling me you're going to put on the block. Adam says I put you on the block during a week where there was no way you were going home. Sheila says I don't wanna win right now. I don't want to evict anybody, I want to win HOH at the very end of the game. That way I won't have to put anyone on the block or evict them.

Sheila says there's no way that we'll be up on the block together. I just don't know what's going to happen, there are so many stronger players in the game than me.
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Topic #8625675
cannotsleep - James comes out of the DR and gets into bed next to Sharon. They're whispering so it's hard to hear. Sharon says everyone is scared of Natalie 0 Replies #8625675 12:14AM 06/04/2008
and intimidated by her. Ryan's going to keep someone he can beat. Something about shaking up this sh*t real quick. Sharon whispers very softly. James says Adam said I have to do it (put up James). James says I don't think Ryan would vote for you over Natalie. Sharon says you're not going to take someone to the end that can beat you. James says Adam is scared. Really hard to make out what they're saying, but it sounds like Sharon and James are going to try and get Natalie put up instead of James.
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Topic #8625701
BBfan87 - Sounds like Sharon and James are discussing the possiblity of trying to get 0 Replies #8625701 12:17AM 06/04/2008
Adam to put up Natalie instead of himself. Saying it would be safter for Adam if he were to stay, and for him to get out a big fish like Natalie. Saying James has nothing to lose, he might as well try even tho Adam and him already discussed James going up.
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Topic #8625734
cannotsleep - Adam says it's been me, you (Sheila), Natalie and Matty from the very beginning of the game. Sheila says 3 of us are still here. NT 0 Replies #8625734 12:19AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8625736
BBfan87 - James gets up and goes to the bathroom. Sharon runs in and tells Ryan what was just said. NT 0 Replies #8625736 12:19AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8625789
cannotsleep - James to Ryan: Are you dead set on using the veto? Ryan says yeah, pretty much, and it's going to be Adam's decision on who to put up NT 0 Replies #8625789 12:24AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8625833
BBfan87 - James gets out of the bathroom, washes hands walks back to the room. 0 Replies #8625833 12:27AM 06/04/2008
Ryan comes out of his room, and sees James. They talk. James askes if hes dead set on using the veto, and he says pretty much. He asks if Adam is set on who he is putting up, because it sounds like he and Natalie are the choices.

James says he told Adam that he should just put him up because he doesnt want anybody to be mad at Adam. Saying that Ryan was mad when he wasnt put up for nominations in the first place. Ryan says he was only mad cus hes scared of him.

Ryan says he wouldnt care if Natalie got put up. James states he doesnt have the balls to go up and talk to Adam about it right now. And Ryan says it would be a tough bargin. James says he would make some good deals, but hes pissed alot of people off and people are not big fans of his. R says he doesnt wanna use the Chelsia card against J because he gets the Jen card used against him alot.
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Topic #8625929
BBfan87 - James and Ryan discuss different things that could happen at veto ceremony. 0 Replies #8625929 12:34AM 06/04/2008
James brings up not using the veto. Or Natalie getting put up. Saying not many people would be disappointed with Nat. going up.

Saying they dont think Adam would do it. Saying he would freak out, he freaks easy. Ryan saying he things A and N are together and he wouldnt do that. Most people would be happier with James going up, and Adam wants people not to be upset with him. James says that then again, not many people would mind, J and S wouldnt mind if Nat goes up, and that R wouldnt really care. Only one who would care is Sheila.
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Topic #8625990
BBfan87 - Ryan asked James if hes ever gone to Natalie asking for deals. 0 Replies #8625990 12:40AM 06/04/2008
James says he approached her way before he got backdoored. And she said sure since he is athiest and nobody would think she would be aligned with him. Ryan saying Nats been saying James has been asking for deals all the time.

James saying that Nat. is saying bad things about Ry behind his back and vise versa. Ryan said something Nat telling Adam things about Ryan also. Ryan saying its funny because Nats playing both he and James just in case J does win something.

J doesnt care, but really wishes Nat would go up. But knows its a long shop. Stating his numbers would be ok for next week, and next week would be "dog eat dog".

Both sitting in the kitchen alone. Nat, Sheila, Adam up in HOH room. Sharon in bed sleeping.
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Topic #8626000
cannotsleep - Natalie just told Adam and Sheila, they're going to try and get you (Adam) to put me up instead of him (James). Adam said I already told him I was 0 Replies #8626000 12:40AM 06/04/2008
putting him up. They can see Ryan and James talking in the kitchen on the HOH spy screen. Natalie says James is probably trying to get him to not use the veto. Sheila is not happy about that. James told Nat that if James leaves the house, it's going to be worse for Nat because everyone will be after her then, since she's such a strong competitor. Sheila says oh yeah right, no one is coming after you Natalie! (ed. LOL)

Natalie relaying her conversation with Sharon earlier while they were tanning about trying to get Adam out, and the girls vs. guys scenario.

Sheila says James said earlier to her that he can't wait to see who turns on who first in Sheila's group. Sheila says give me a break, we know what's going to happen, it's a game.

Natalie is imagining what James is telling Ryan right now, Dude, now that you're hurt you need me on your side, because I'm a strong player, bro.

They say they can tell that Ryan is talking game with James because of his body language.

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Topic #8626103
BBfan87 - James realizes its his time to go. Ryan gives him props on what hes done in the house saying he does deserve more time. 0 Replies #8626103 12:47AM 06/04/2008
But he just has won too many things and that doesnt make him look too good. James goes to bed saying Ryan can go up and talk to them. Ryan says hes just goin to bed. They both walk bad to bed, say goodnight.
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Topic #8626279
KWren11 - Ryan is just laying there in bed... on his back, alone staring at the the dark--feed 1 NT 0 Replies #8626279 1:01AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8626288
cannotsleep - Adam says final three is when you've got to win. Sheila says I say the final three is right here, we deserve it more. Sheila says you've just got 0 Replies #8626288 1:01AM 06/04/2008
to be careful of what you say to other people. Adam says, whatever you hear, don't take to heart. That they're going to try and get them to turn on each other. Natalie says if she (Sharon) thinks for one second that I'm voting Adam out, she's smoking.

Natalie says I know I'm going to win HOH again. I can just feel it. Then we'll just be swapping beds. Sheila looks at the spy screen and says James is laughing and smiling right now. Natalie says Ryan will do the right thing. Adam says don't worry about it Sheil. She says it's just hard until it actually happens (when she's taken off the block).

They say he's going to start campaigning hard as soon as he's on the block. Sheila says she now understands why Adam put her up, you know why because I'm 45, they're fricken 20. I know what's going on.

They see Ry-bread on the spy screen, Sheila says yeah he's coming up, and he rings the doorbell. Ryan says what's everyone doing.

Ryan says James just made a pitch at me. It really wasn't much of a pitch. Ryan said I already promised Sheila, and James said, well what is she going to do for you? They laugh. Ryan told him the only other option is Natalie and that's a hail mary. Adam says he told me flat out, if you don't put me up you're stupid, you're dumb.

Adam says Sharon would put you (Ryan) and me up. Natalie says, yeah, that's what she told me. They say just a few more days and it's finally done, that he's gone.

Sheila says you just need to know that he (James) was making fun of you hurting your neck. James told Sheila Ryan could be faking it. And they were right, James did say you're going to need a strong player by your side since you're hurt now.

Adam says he's going to try and stir up the whole house before he leaves. Ryan says he already is.
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Topic #8626301
KWren11 - Nat, Adam, and Sheila chatting in another bedroom on feeds 3 & 4 NT 0 Replies #8626301 1:02AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8626311
KWren11 - Flames on all four feeds NT 1 Replies #8626311 1:03AM 06/04/2008
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Rubykins - Before flames... #8626422 1:11AM 06/04/2008
Natalie was talking about Adam and Sheila's cable breaking and Sheila said they arent allowed to talk about that and Nat says "they" told me that it was only in "there" (DR) and Sheila said they yelled at her for talking about it in the house and then flames.... (ed. Guess BB didnt want us to know a cable broke)
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Topic #8626335
KWren11 - Adam says "I know she's the one who doesn't like me", referring to DR person, he speaks into his microphone 0 Replies #8626335 1:05AM 06/04/2008
and says he is a different person outside of here...
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Topic #8626340
Vixter - Sheila, Nat, and Adam discussing what might be happening in sequester NT 0 Replies #8626340 1:05AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8626362
KWren11 - Natalie is now talking about how she won a 'mental' when she had to... 0 Replies #8626362 1:07AM 06/04/2008
Adam saysm "you smoked em"
Nat says I can only imagine what it must have been like for you watching....
Nat says she got them all right except the last question...
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Topic #8626385
KWren11 - More flames. NT 0 Replies #8626385 1:09AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8626432
KWren11 - Nat and Adam in bedroom; Sheila almost asleep. Nat is discussing the final four... Sheila, Ryan, Adam, and herself... NT 0 Replies #8626432 1:12AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8626451
Vixter - Nat and Adam discussing Matt and the lies. NT 0 Replies #8626451 1:13AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8626462
KWren11 - Sheila 'wakes up' a bit, laying on her side --Adam laying next to her.. 0 Replies #8626462 1:15AM 06/04/2008
She is telling Adam that she and he are like oil and water but she is still with him...
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Topic #8626469
Vixter - Nat left HOH. Sheila still there letting Adam know that the two of them need to have each others back. NT 0 Replies #8626469 1:15AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8626476
Vixter - Ryan seems to be having a really hard time getting to sleep. NT 0 Replies #8626476 1:16AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8626498
Vixter - James & Sharon sleeping. One is snoring. Nat looking at everyones pics. NT 0 Replies #8626498 1:18AM 06/04/2008
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