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Topic #8626636
KWren11 - Adam and Sheila are alone discussing the final four... 0 Replies #8626636 1:32AM 06/04/2008
Then Adam says the next two weeks are crucial... Sheila says, she knows, but that is she isn't in the final two "boo hoo" she made it this far and that is OK.
More talk from Adam... then Sheila tells Adam that people will come to him and try to manipulate him...
just know they will...
Sheila says that Adam is "his boy" (?Ryan) but it will ultimately fall on him who will be in the final two.
Sheila says she doesn't care if she wins... She says she wants to win a big prize that would be good, but she doesn't care if she wins the game.
Sheila says she never expected she'd go this far in the game.
Adam says they both worked hard.
Sheila says you gotta look at all the scenarios but she's not thinking about the end of the game she is thinking about right now...
*whispering about the end of the game and James going home.
Sheila says it's going to be really really scary, Adam, everyone is going to turn against each other...
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Topic #8626650
KWren11 - LOUD snoring on feeds one and two... Ryan and either James or Sharon sleeping... NT 0 Replies #8626650 1:33AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8626786
Rubykins - Adam & Sheila laughing about her being a campaign machine. 0 Replies #8626786 1:49AM 06/04/2008
Adam says "A machine dude!"

They are both having a good time laughing and joking with each other.

They have both agreed to go to final 2 as last remaining couple.
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Topic #8626821
KingMac - Adam and Sheila both lauphing about how the swore to Parker & Jen to keep them Adam says yeah i cross my heart. NT 0 Replies #8626821 1:54AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8626837
Rubykins - Sheila heading to bed , Adam eating a candy bar and staring into space at nothing really. NT 1 Replies #8626837 1:56AM 06/04/2008
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Rubykins - Camera zooming on all of Adam's pictures as Adam burp's in background and says nasty M F'er about himself NT #8626843 1:57AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8626848
Rubykins - Adam looks at camera and says whats up fella's 0 Replies #8626848 1:58AM 06/04/2008
then says he is doing a lil reading right quick. Lays in bed with bible to read.
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Topic #8626868
Rubykins - Sheila jumps into bed on F1, Sharon & James asleep on F2 & 0 Replies #8626868 2:00AM 06/04/2008
Adam reading bible on F3 & 4. (Ed: G'night, I'm out now if someone wants to take over )
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Topic #8626982
Jolt10 - Adam fell asleep reading the bible....lights still on in laying across his chest. NT 0 Replies #8626982 2:17AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8626995
cannotsleep - James, Sharon and Ryan are all in their respective beds. Adam, Natalie and Sheila are still up talking in the HOH room. They are discussing (LONG) 0 Replies #8626995 2:21AM 06/04/2008
how surprised and shocked the jury house members are going to be when they see James walk in the door. Natalie says Chelsia is going to scream "Noooooooooooooo!" and Josh is going to do his shocked face with his fingers shaped into claws (ed. like a hissing cat), and that Matty is going to be like, "Yeah!!!"

Sheila says she is about to fall asleep. She turns on the "Crossroads" CD. Natalie and Adam talking about their HOH wins, that they just need to keep switching sheets (HOH room).


Adam says he's glad he asked Natalie about the numbers of things in the house before the last HOH. She's so glad she could help him with that since she was counting everything and couldn't play in that competition.

Then he won and it was like, boom, done. She said these HOH wins were at crucial times. She says Matty was a sacrificial lamb. She's mad about him lying to her. She says she caught him in lies and he wouldn't admit them. Ultimately, he paid the price, because he was demeaning her character. She's still here. Natalie asks for some of Adam's apple juice.

Natalie says goodnight Baller, I'm going to let you handle your business. Tells Sheila goodnight and heads downstairs to get ready for bed.

Adam crawls next to Sheila in bed, she says they went through their sh*t, since day one, but she truly believes out of any one in this house, that the two of them are going to be the final two, even if she doesn't win anything, maybe she'll set a record for that.

Meanwhile, Natalie is now downstairs staring at the memory wall.

Sheila says the bottom line is that we are the last couple standing, and everyone watching this game sees that the couple that everyone hated is there in the end. Opposites attract. This is the season of love. Why would every couple be split up. BB has never done a season like this before. Why couple us up, for what reason? We have been through the f*cking ringer. Adam says we've dodged a lot of bullets.

Adam says James told him, you gotta look out for Big Sheila. She says whatever. Sheila says she knows Natalie is going to say to him, that she wants to go to the end with you. Sheila says Natalie already feels like she's won this game. She's 17 years younger than me. I'm smart, I'm a woman. I'm not a betting person, but after Sharon's gone she will try to get with you or Ryan to try and get rid off me. Know that.

Sheila says I don't know if I told you this, but Ryan told me he was a stronger competitor in this game than you. Adam says really? But Adam says I think I can beat you at the end Sheila. Then he says if not, he'd be happy with the 50 thousand. Sheila says Natalie or Ryan is going to try and turn you against me. I guarantee you, she will want to go to the end with you, not with Ryan because he's a nice guy and people would vote for him.

Adam says James told Ryan he was going to BD Adam because he didn't vote for him to come back into the house, until James realized it was Matty that didn't vote for him.

Sheila says you gotta know, they are going to come to you, and you can't let them know what you are doing. It's f*cking perfect. James thinks you hate me and that I hate you. Sheila says Adam is Ry-bread's boy. She doesn't know if Adam could win over Natalie. Sheila said people might not want to give me the money because I haven't won anything, I DON'T CARE. (ed. LOL)

Sheila says his noms were ballsy, it was a gutsy move. Ryan just HAS to use the veto. Adam says we can trust Ryan. Adam says I can trust you, Sheila says till the end. We've had each other's back.

Sheila says don't buy into the hype. I'm naive, I'm gullible. But I'm the master of flipping this house. By the way Adam, stop calling out my game plan in front of people. Adam says they think it's a joke, but it really happened. Adam said people are going to come up to you and try to start stuff, but don't believe them. They think it might be a double eviction, but Adam says Sharon is delusional. They think the golf clubs might have something to do with a competition.

Adam says so you think Natalie will have my back before Ry-bread's? Sheila said yes, you need to trust me in this game. Just remember who you want to see at the end of this game with you, Adam says you. Sheila says me too.

I don't think I have a chance against Natalie at the end of this game, but who knows? Sheila says that's when I want to win HOH, at the end so I don't have to evict anybody.

You will be at the end of this game Adam, I guarantee you, you're strong. You go to the end and kick *ss. I'm definitely jumping ahead, but I'm looking at the end of this game. Till death do us part, Adam says, we were true to us till the end. That's the f*cking love story. I hate you Adam, and I know you didn't need to do this show, that you have an amazing life out of this house, that you would do amazing things with the money. Everybody else has thrown their partners under the bus. But everyone watching the show on the internet and on Showtime, they see that we're the only partners that are still together.

Sheila says, listen, some of it's real and some of it's fake, but I hope that Miss Hooters girl doesn't change what we're doing here. Don't let her manipulate you. I'm a machine. I'm better than Allison. Sheila says if I decide I don't want someone to be in this house, you're NOT going to be in this house anymore. With my last breath I'll just go to the floor saying they have to leave this house. Don't mess with me.

Sheila says I WANT people to think you and Natalie are hooked up, so it takes the focus of me. But don't let her manipulate you, she's smart and Sharon's smart too. Give me the end, I'm already gone through the hell of not seeing pictures of my son, and getting a letter. Don't make me put people up on the block, I can't do that.

Adam and Sheila still think there were other secret couples in the house, Sheila says she knows there were. Adam says who, but she won't tell him till they are out of the house. If someone tells me not to say something, I'm not going to say it.

Sheila: I know tomorrow's a big day for you, so goodnight. Adam says goodnight and Sheila leaves to wash her face downstairs.

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Topic #8627149
cannotsleep - All HGs sleeping, Adam snoring and James tossing and turning occasionally NT 0 Replies #8627149 3:33AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8627340
pooh5983 - Everyone is still sleeping NT 0 Replies #8627340 6:42AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8627407
KevSlider - Ryan is awake using the restroom and now sitting and thinking. NT 0 Replies #8627407 7:12AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8627691
lester04 - HGs all sleeping NT 0 Replies #8627691 8:29AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8627954
echo - flames NT 0 Replies #8627954 9:17AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8627984
echo - now trivia NT 0 Replies #8627984 9:21AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8628158
echo - james swimming in pool adam talkin to him sittin on couch, sharon in wc washing face 0 Replies #8628158 9:43AM 06/04/2008
ryan was in wc and wandered off, bb voice rudely says natalie i said its time to get up for the day
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Topic #8628239
allen - James is naked in pool asks BB for one more song guns and roses 0 Replies #8628239 9:54AM 06/04/2008
Then it goes to flames... but not before BB sternly tells Nat its time to get up for the day. was overcast but now see sun peeking thru as the feeds come back. James gets out of the pool and they both come inside. Ryan is at the bar eating,,,, a big loud good morning between nat and adam as they say goooooooddd morrrrninnggg to each other.

Sheila in shower... saying the hair on her back stood up,,, she quickly covers by saying although she doesn't have any hair on her back mind you, but it did stand up to the loud Nat and Adam.

Adam back to Ryan in Kitchen, its great isn't it sheila being upset at him.
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Topic #8628266
allen - Nat in a pynk sports style bra with thin straps and short shorts 0 Replies #8628266 10:00AM 06/04/2008
Ryan says they can't hook him up with doctors, has to wait, so he cant get any pills, he is complaining about his pain level. Must be just seeing medics so far. Adam has a bowl of cereal.

Sheila out of shower joins them in the Kitchen. Nat wants a cup of rude coffee, sheila says its strong. Adam wearing a dark blue sweatshirt liong sleeve, nats shorts are small print on white like sleep shorts. shes chipper. James joins them in KT wearing a towel, asks nat to pop a zit on his back she searches for a paper towel cause its so gross. ewww that ones gonna squirt me in the eye ball,, Adam and Ryan peer over her shoulder, cam zooms in yuck.

Adam says your breath stinks nat,, BB scolds James for mic.
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Topic #8628267
Vixter - Nat is grooming James back. Adam is watching. NT 0 Replies #8628267 10:00AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8628268
cindytexas - Natalie is popping a zit on James' back, Adam intently looking on. 0 Replies #8628268 10:01AM 06/04/2008
Adam leans in and says, "Natalie, your breath stinks like butthole." Nat says, "Sorry."
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Topic #8628284
cindytexas - Adam asked Ryan if his neck was better and he said no, and went on a little tirade about how he was up 0 Replies #8628284 10:03AM 06/04/2008
several times last night and he went in this morning and asked for some medication and they told him he would have to wait for the doctor to come in. He cusses a little about that, says his neck f'n hurts and he needs some meds.

Ryan apologizes to Nat about the snoring, says he can only sleep on his back. Nat says it was bad, she got up and stuck cotton balls in her ears.
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Topic #8628298
allen - Ryan wearing the same gray tshirt and blue loose long legged short with vertical stripe up the sides 0 Replies #8628298 10:05AM 06/04/2008
closeup of nat stirring her coffee cream and surgar, roams back to the bathroom. Adam slurps up the last milk in his bowl. cam switches back to bedroom following ryan.

Adam has on jeans as cam follows him through LR to storage room, he grabs two big bags walks back to kitchen with a roll of tp too. up stairs to his HOH room, must have been his laundry in the paper wrappers that looked like bags.

James goes to storage to change batteries, hes wearing hi pynk tshirt with vneck and black long pants. whole role of macadamia nut bags on the counter. he walks back to KT.
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Topic #8628306
cindytexas - James is alone, says, "Yo, veto lady, you ready to do some interviews today? I'm ready." NT 0 Replies #8628306 10:06AM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8628403
cindytexas - The HG's are on the topic of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Sheila said something about him dying. 0 Replies #8628403 10:18AM 06/04/2008
Nat and Ryan don't know how he died. James is amazed they don't know (so is Sheila). Nat saying sorry, she's not a history buff. James says it's not really history, it's common knowledge. Sheila and James get into a discussion about the book the killer had with him, "Catcher in the Rye." Nat says she's going to start calling James Mr. Know-it-all.
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Topic #8628431
allen - sharon up james whispering about nat to her in KT 0 Replies #8628431 10:21AM 06/04/2008
Sharons up wearing a dark brown top with sleeves that come straight across her biceps with a loose midsection like a baby doll. James saying to her that he dont need to find out how to act by reading the bible a reference to Nat. Shiela at sink rinceing items. Begins to talk in normal tall about movies, sheila still in her black silk robe sits at bar to eat toast or a beagle. Sharon is eating yogurt.
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