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Sharon to James "I need to go to the DR" - littlemissaly
10:27PM 07/04/2008

Sharon walks in the DR and James follows her and says "Let me listen!" She quickly comes out and he says lets hang out - littlemissaly
10:30PM 07/04/2008

James wants to hide Natalie's makeup. Sharon says she wants to go off on her right now, but she can't. James keeps egging her on. NT - cannotsleep
10:34PM 07/04/2008

James telling Sharon, to be careful of Sheila, that she goes back and tells everything they say, Sharon says that's why I have to lay low NT - cannotsleep
10:37PM 07/04/2008

R showering. J brushing teeth. A cleaning ears. SHeila /N talking in another room about DR sessions. NT - Vixter
10:45PM 07/04/2008

R/S/N in one room talking about votes given this season. Sharon just flipped James the bird in another room. NT - Vixter
10:52PM 07/04/2008

Sheila tellling Nat and Ryan that James hasn't really been talking smack and that he knows he is leaving and just doesn't want to. NT - Vixter
10:56PM 07/04/2008

James is trying to convince Ryan to keep him. His main argument is that he would be able to take out Nat. Also, he mentioned that he did keep both - jen70404
11:27PM 07/04/2008

James and Ryan are still playing chess NT - jen70404
11:31PM 07/04/2008

James and Ryan have been playing chess. James asks if Ryan is going to vote to get rid of him. He basically says probably, but if I kept you - cannotsleep
11:45PM 07/04/2008

Ryan and Adam in HOH, Ryan tells Adam there is nothing that would make him want to keep James in the house. NT - PunkyPower
11:49PM 07/04/2008

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