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Ryan, Adam, Sharon planning Pool Party 2008 for tommorow NT - sakya23
12:08AM 07/04/2008

Sharon: I feel crippled. Adam says he usually walks alot outside... - sakya23
12:09AM 07/04/2008

Sharon just went to bed. James singing and grinning in the shower. Flames. NT - Vixter
12:38AM 07/04/2008

Adam reading in HOH. NT - Vixter
12:40AM 07/04/2008

Sharon to Ryan....about 10 minutes ago... - N2BB
12:41AM 07/04/2008
I believe Nat told Adam that Sharon just said that she would put - DrC
12:49AM 07/04/2008

James just got in beb with Sharon. Wanting her to tell him a story. NT - Vixter
12:44AM 07/04/2008

James jumps in bed with Sharon.... - N2BB
12:45AM 07/04/2008

Sharon starts tell tell about a friend named Roy and we get flames. NT - Vixter
12:47AM 07/04/2008

Sharons most intense story..... - N2BB
12:49AM 07/04/2008

James and Sharon in bed trading stories NT - N2BB
12:52AM 07/04/2008
Big part that was omitted out of this was James saying his biggest regret was not going through with getting married - WhatdoIKnow
1:16AM 07/04/2008
I think he also said she was supposed to be on the show NT - icant
1:46AM 07/04/2008

Adam wandering around HOH, changing for bed, - N2BB
12:59AM 07/04/2008

Sharon talking about exboyfriends (other than Jacob) - N2BB
1:09AM 07/04/2008

Everyone is now either asleep or in bed going to sleep. NT - Vixter
2:12AM 07/04/2008

James and Sharon were talking in bed - DrC
2:14AM 07/04/2008

james jumped out of bed with sharon. says " good night kiddo" and hops inot his own bed. NT - RockinThePink
2:16AM 07/04/2008

Sleeping HGS - F1-Closeup of Sheila/F2-Adams head/F3-Ryan sleeping on his side/F4-James sleeping on his back - Sheila just rolled over..... NT - CruiseCritic
6:18AM 07/04/2008

Ryan gets up, looks outside into the BY through the sliding glass door, goes to WC, washes hands, goes outside for a moment & heads to bed NT - cannotsleep
6:37AM 07/04/2008

all 4 cams on sleeping HG NT - King_Kaysars_Queen
7:22AM 07/04/2008

everyone still sleeping NT - towie
8:45AM 07/04/2008

everyone still sleeping..Ryan snoring laying on his back NT - towie
9:53AM 07/04/2008

partition lights are on, wake up time should be soon.... NT - WhatdoIKnow
10:07AM 07/04/2008

flames NT - bluflax
10:21AM 07/04/2008

flames NT - towie
10:23AM 07/04/2008

nat: wants some more music BB that was only 3 songs!! NT - towie
10:34AM 07/04/2008

Sharon saying good morning to babies NT - towie
10:37AM 07/04/2008

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