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S/S talking game inside. A/N talking game outside. NT - Vixter
8:57PM 07/04/2008

Balla tells Nat he's sick of Sharon, he'd like to "choke her ass out and spit in her f'n face." NT - IWantAJanieDoll2
8:59PM 07/04/2008

Adam saying that James doesn't want anyone to win but Sharon. NT - Vixter
9:03PM 07/04/2008

Adam: If Sharon wins, I am going up. NT - Vixter
9:05PM 07/04/2008

Sheila/Sharon on bathroom couch. - lakeview
9:13PM 07/04/2008

S/S/R/J talking in kitchen. Sheila telling Ryan she hasn't forgotten that he saved her. NT - Vixter
9:20PM 07/04/2008

Ryan: Sharon is letting her anger come out. Sharon: No, I am not going to let it come out. NT - Vixter
9:23PM 07/04/2008

James wants to play paper, rock, scissors to see who stays in house. NT - Vixter
9:25PM 07/04/2008

Sharon won. NT - Vixter
9:25PM 07/04/2008

Sharon says someone is blowing smoke up her tail. - Vixter
9:34PM 07/04/2008

Nat/Adam hot tub and Ryan joins - lakeview
9:42PM 07/04/2008

ryan telling nat and adam in hottub that james is trying to stir sh.t up. pitting everyone against each other. NT - bigjaniefan
9:43PM 07/04/2008

A bit ago Sheila said Nat was outside turning Adam against them. Telling Adam S/S want him out. - Vixter
9:46PM 07/04/2008

More Ryan/Adam/Nat by hot tub - lakeview
9:52PM 07/04/2008

J/S/S criticizing Nat reading the Bible but not understanding. Joking about asking her to explain things to them - BB8On
9:54PM 07/04/2008

Adam says he will be handing Nat or Ryan the key (next HOH) Says James is just mad cause he can't play. Nat says they will get rid of Sheila. NT - Vixter
9:56PM 07/04/2008

Adam/Ryan/Natalie in the BY, Ryan says Sharon is like Sheila, they both haven't won sh*t, Natalie says Sharon is the mole, and that they should get - cannotsleep
9:56PM 07/04/2008

Nat: I want to be the last girl in the house. Forget the other two. Nat talking about the number 9. - Vixter
9:58PM 07/04/2008

Nat: We are sitting pretty. That Adam has her and RyBread. - Vixter
10:01PM 07/04/2008

Adam: Yeah Pinky you figured it out to late. You are going the F home. NT - Vixter
10:04PM 07/04/2008

Lots of laughing outside with N/R/A. - Vixter
10:09PM 07/04/2008

Nat: Happy Birthday Matty with the gay and the whore. Must be Mattys birthday today. NT - Vixter
10:11PM 07/04/2008

3 outside are going inside with other 3. NT - Vixter
10:14PM 07/04/2008

Sharon to Sheila and James: "I'm going to be fine. Everything happens for a reason." James says if he stayed on Wed that Adam would sh*t his - cannotsleep
10:16PM 07/04/2008

All in kitchen together. Seems kind of awkward and quiet. NT - Vixter
10:17PM 07/04/2008

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