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Adam to DR NT - BigBrotherLuvR
3:41PM 07/04/2008

Adam out of DR. Goes to Ryan's room NT - BigBrotherLuvR
3:44PM 07/04/2008

Apparently BB told Adam to either smoke and not wear a patch or wear a patch and don't smoke. Ryan says he got the same speech. NT - BigBrotherLuvR
3:46PM 07/04/2008

Balla leaves. Ryan says he'll be up in an hour, or two, or three... NT - BigBrotherLuvR
3:47PM 07/04/2008

Adam back to HOH, reads bible in bed. NT - BigBrotherLuvR
3:47PM 07/04/2008

Cam 1 & 2 on HOH. Cam 3 on Sharon/Nat sunning in BY, Cam 4 back yard wide angle, James still sleeping in boat. NT - BigBrotherLuvR
3:49PM 07/04/2008

ALL are quiet! NT - BigBrotherLuvR
3:53PM 07/04/2008

Sharon heading inside to get water. Nat asks her to check the time, Sheila guesses it's 4. NT - BigBrotherLuvR
3:54PM 07/04/2008

Sheila and Nat discussing the presidential election. - BigBrotherLuvR
3:59PM 07/04/2008

James is in the kitchen eating cereal NT - baumer
4:11PM 07/04/2008
chicken noodle soup NT - emy
4:12PM 07/04/2008

all 3 girls talking about adam and ryan being teamed up, they tell sheila - echo
4:19PM 07/04/2008

nats saying they better watch out my family will freak out at the rap party - echo
4:22PM 07/04/2008

sahron in hot tub alone , james playin chess alone still - echo
4:27PM 07/04/2008

Nat eating a tuna sandwich in the kitchen. Sheila gets in the hot tub with Sharon. NT - BigBrotherLuvR
4:29PM 07/04/2008

sheila joins sharon in ht, sharon asks if sheila trusts nat 100% she says no - echo
4:29PM 07/04/2008

sheila tells sharon dont put me up, i know what you can do in this game to sharon - echo
4:31PM 07/04/2008

james in swim suit heading outside, nat still eating - echo
4:33PM 07/04/2008

james in ht tells s/s by the way i sit down when i pee so thats why i didnt wash - echo
4:41PM 07/04/2008

james plans to poke at nat all day tomorrow , sheila says go ahead - echo
4:43PM 07/04/2008

Natalie on her knees, ironing outside the SR room? - looks like she couldn't get the ironing board open all the way NT - CruiseCritic
4:45PM 07/04/2008

James had kind of hinted a couple of minutes ago that Natalie may get "floured" before he leaves NT - CruiseCritic
4:46PM 07/04/2008

Nat brings iron back into Sr and is now bringing the ironing board back in - it looks like it might be - CruiseCritic
4:47PM 07/04/2008

Sheila gets out of HT as they discuss when they will get paid and they have to pay everyone - CruiseCritic
4:51PM 07/04/2008

James says there is always alot of questions before the veto. Nat is in the toilet now - CruiseCritic
4:53PM 07/04/2008

James asks if Eric had to vote who America wanted and Sharon says yes and they talk about the banners that were flown - CruiseCritic
4:56PM 07/04/2008

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