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Topic #8710309
Rubykins - Feeds switch to adam and ryan in bathroom 0 Replies #8710309 10:00PM 10/04/2008
Adam is brushing his teeth and ryan walks to boat bedroom and digs through drawers and now is trying to fix the zipper on his shorts. Says to Adam F**k it, its on dude.
Adam changing in pink bedroom. Puts on grey sweatpants.
Ryan got his zipper fixed on his camo shorts and is now doing some leg stretches.
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Topic #8710510
Rubykins - Ryan goes in pink bedroom with adam 0 Replies #8710510 10:09PM 10/04/2008
Adam says this is no joke now dude, this is the real deal
Ryan says no joke
Ryan is making his bed and adam is still getting ready to play POV.
Adam leaves pink bedroom and ryan doing some more stretches.

Feeds 1 & 2 switch to Sharon, sheila and Nat still telling stories.
Ryan on 3 & 4 stretching still, done stretching and is pacing and straightneing stuff up in the room as he stretches.

1 & 2 switch to Adam since sharon is talking about family stories and he is walking back to bedroom area.

Ryan says there are 5 radios.
adam says thats what it is bro, i want us both safe.
ryan says I know
adam knock that B!tch out first sharon 2 and sheila 3rd.
ryan says yep & continues counting stuff.
Ryan complaining clothes he wants to wear are stuck out in the washer
Adam says probably be before midnight when they start this sh!t
Adam says girls are probably saying 3 on 2 we got this
Ryan still walking around counting stuff
Adam sitting in chair in red room , looks relaxed @ the moment
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Topic #8710660
Rubykins - Adam saying he hopes POV will be 0 Replies #8710660 10:16PM 10/04/2008
the golf thing, maybe a pedastaal they have to tee off on
BB says stop that to one of the girls
Ryan says he is so sore he cant beleive
Adam says to sore to play golf
Ryan continues to say he is so sore today
Adam says Natty isnt sore at all
Ryan says she is scared bro
adam says scared she is going down
Adam says I get off the block today boom done 5 hours on the block and thats it
Ryan walks out of room
Girls are still telling stories in HOH
Adam walks out to tkitchen
Adam says drink a lot of water so you are hydrated out there
Ryan agrees and is still counting stuff
Adam says they are building something bro
Ryan says still?
Adam says it will be after midnight
Ryan says yeah after showtime
Ryan wondering if they will do something crazy
Adam saying something about friday morning special(didnt catch it all, Nat is talking loud in HOH)
Adam says dude I will bet you it is that golf sh!t
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Topic #8710807
Rubykins - Nat says she used to accidentily 0 Replies #8710807 10:23PM 10/04/2008
start fires all the time by bulding forts in her house when it was to cold to play outside and it was dark so she took her lamp for light and the sheet would gt so hot and she left it for a minute and she came back and the whole sheet was on fire.

Adam and Ryan still talking in bathroom now though, Ryan is pacing still.
Adam says they like to recycle around here (meaning BB) that the comp will be something seen before.
Adam says he thinks the clubs are from season 3
Adam keeps talking about golf and every other word is f**k.
Sounds like the guys are pumping up for the POV competition.
Ryan in sauna room leaning over the table, (maybe stretching his back)
Ryan in livingroom counting stuff now. Sitting on couch.

Nat talking about her mom & funny stories. She takes her moms sandwich off the table and caught her taking her moms sandwich. Her mom was laughing to see which of her daughters would take her food. Said her mom was laughing hysterically. Sheila asks them if they ever ate potted meat or spam.

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Topic #8710873
Rubykins - Nat saying she would take out all her clothes 0 Replies #8710873 10:27PM 10/04/2008
out of the drawer and sit in the drawer and her mom always said she new Nat would be animated. She would bounce all night long at her crib rail.

Adam and Ryan talking in Redroom, cant really hear them because Nat is talking 100 miles an hour telling really interesting childhood stories.

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Topic #8710930
Rubykins - Ryan still counting thing's 0 Replies #8710930 10:30PM 10/04/2008
Adam sitting in the chair in redroom.
Ryan whistling but no BB telling him to stop that
Adam goes into pink BR gets a sweatshirt to put on and goes out to the kitchen where ryan is.

Adam says he is serious right now
Ryan says he is so sore and adam asks if he wants some bengay on his sh!t and RYan says nah im good

Natalie still talking about childhood stories and carrying around a bat. She used to hang out in the woods all the time and catch animals. She got bit by mice and a lot of things.

Ryan playing with RC car in kitchen, adam not on feeds.

Sheila called to DR
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Topic #8711007
Rubykins - Nat yelling uh-oh 0 Replies #8711007 10:34PM 10/04/2008
Ryan says are you ready sheila, she says I dont know I gotta find out what is going on. Sheila says I think it is gonna be cold. Ryan says oh yeah and sheila says I am sure it will be chilly.

Sheila says it seems later, adam yells come on sheila big energy baby!!

Nat yells boom, DONE!

Sharon looking at memory wall and walks to GP's.

Ryan goes up stairs to look at things up in the HOH hall.

Adam and Nat seem pumped up with a lot of energy.
Nat talking really animated about previous games on BB.
Ryan saying he dont know what they should wear.
All houseguests are looking a lil nervous pacing around.
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Topic #8711088
Rubykins - Adam says she (nat) was telling him to stick to the plan and says she is 0 Replies #8711088 10:38PM 10/04/2008
f***ing out of here dude.
Sharon comes in talk switches to adam saying I am on the block for 5 hours and boom done!
adam says this is do or die for me man. Pacing around livingroom.
Ryan doing some more stratches in LR over foot stool.
Sharon whispering to Ryan and adam, cant really hear what she is saying...something about Natalie. Adam motions no.
Ryan sharon in LR adam pacing around.
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Topic #8711195
Rubykins - Adam says he doesnt know 0 Replies #8711195 10:42PM 10/04/2008
whats going on right now but he is in this house and its P O V! P. O.V.!
Sharon whispering to ryan in livingroom really low, cant hear her. Now she is practically mouthing her words.
Nat walks out sharon starts talking about clothes and what to wear. Sharon goes in RR to get pants.
Ryan says its about to be on dude you adam.
Adam says showtime?
Adam tells Nat her boobs look big in her setup(clothes)
Nat says good!
She is trying to decide whether to roll her pants down or up.

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Topic #8711303
Rubykins - Adam says he thinks it will be golf 0 Replies #8711303 10:47PM 10/04/2008
Nat says she doesnt think it will be golf.
Adam says neon lights out there and nat says that would be cool.
Nat says that would be good for you and ryan (golf pov)
Ryan joins nat and adam in livingroom.
Talk about what pov could be Nat thinks some giant obstacle course, over the wall through the tires, etc.
Nat says the flower on the pillow looks like one of those cotton flowers that you pick up and blow on
adam says a dandilion and nat says no.
Sharon says she knows what nat is talking about but cant think of it.
Nat notices pillows follow 4 colors of house, red with blue makes purple and so on. (pillow has purple, cream on it)
Sheila comes out and says NOT YET!!
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Topic #8711356
Rubykins - Sheila says this is getting crazy 0 Replies #8711356 10:50PM 10/04/2008
Adam says waiting for an hour and a half.
Nat mentions eiction maybe tonight and sheila says you dont think so do you.
Sheila says we are about to hae something crazy up in here and mentions the virus.
Adam says they probably crashed that idea, it wont happen.
Sheila says they have had the most surprises out of BB shows.
BB:Ryan please reattach your microphone.
adam asked sheila if she is ready she says she loves this kinda stuff.
Sheila says the anticipation is crazy.
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Topic #8711462
Rubykins - All Houseguests are hanging out in the LR 0 Replies #8711462 10:57PM 10/04/2008
Talk about competition when Dick showed up.
Nat saying she didnt beleive dick was there at all, she had to go check for herself and sure enough there was evel dick, 8 letters!! Evel Dick!
Sheila in kitchen. Cleaning up again. Nat yells dont dump it sheila dont dump it. She thought sheila was dumping her cup.
Nat says this next hour is going to be Sooooo slooooooooww.
Nat says she hopes the crack of her butt dont show again.
Sharon to GP's Babies!! Come see mama!
Nat saying if you fall asleep in your whatever you are out of the competition, talking about staying up all night when she was younger with energy pills. When she was 14, 15, 16.
She is imitating her friends sisters laugh (annoying laugh)
Nat keeps repeating the laugh (ed: hilarious!)
(ED: I'm out , if soemone could please take over, thanks)
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Topic #8712060
JLPrinzess - Sheila in HOH listening to music.. feeds just switched from 0 Replies #8712060 11:32PM 10/04/2008
Ryan and Adam laying in their beds to Nat and Sharon chatting about being final 5.

Adam was somewheres and is now back in the Bedroom. Nat chatting about it being 64 days they have been there.
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Topic #8712140
JLPrinzess - Sharon and Nat still chatting about boyfriends,dating and dreams NT 0 Replies #8712140 11:38PM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8712231
JLPrinzess - Ryan reading to Adam how to make the meds BB gave him and what they may cause 0 Replies #8712231 11:46PM 10/04/2008
Adam in one bed staring into space, ryan in the other bed reading the paper.

Now they are dicussing what the POV might be.. maybe having a comp where they go one at a time.

Talking about the comp where they drank pig lips and it made adam want to puke.

Adam saying he will sleep so good tonight if he wins. Now hes reading the bible.

Sharon and Nat still talking about guys and such.
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Topic #8712269
JLPrinzess - Nat in HOH getting her makeup as Sharon goes in to talk to Ryan and Adam NT 0 Replies #8712269 11:49PM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8712382
JLPrinzess - Adam and Ryan looking through Adam's belts.. talking about one in 0 Replies #8712382 11:58PM 10/04/2008
particular that was an old mans that died and Adam looted from his house.

Sharon and Nat talking to the GP's. Now they go back in the BR with the boys.

Adam telling a story of his aunt going to his great grandmothers funeral and stealing her glasses off the body and switching them with her own because she liked them.

And now we get flames.. and now back from flames.
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