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Topic #8708036
milkmoney - shelia & adam think its gonna be a golf comp...adam says he & ryan would win 0 Replies #8708036 8:04PM 10/04/2008
sharon said it would be nice to get it over with tonight....shelia says you never know how its gonna go down

adam & shelia talking about how the lux comp (21 game) was late at night too

Ryan is in HOH listening to Shelia's coldplay cd & Nat is still in DR
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Topic #8708148
milkmoney - nat comes out of DR & they told her not to drink tonight....they tell Nat not to talk about her DR sessions NT 0 Replies #8708148 8:08PM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8708258
milkmoney - Shelia is called to the DR....nat is saying she is getting "ready"..adam tells nat not to get ready til after showtime 0 Replies #8708258 8:13PM 10/04/2008
adam seems to think its a lux comp & it will be held after after dark

they are picking out what beers they want..adam wants miller..nat says she wants bud...she tells adam shes gonna but her beer in the "back"

adam tells ryan the DR told him not to drink tonight...

ryan & adam say they are gonna play chess...adam says its not gaonna be til after midnight...nat think its gonna be an endurace POV all night and they will need tomorrow to take it down

adam still thinks its gonnna be a golf course & nat thinks its gonna be "crazy physical"

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Topic #8708373
milkmoney - adam & ryan talking about POV...adam telling ryan they need to win this! 0 Replies #8708373 8:18PM 10/04/2008
adam says its a big night tonight!! adam says to ryan You NEED to win with this...they jokingly run to the SR to get coffee cause ryan says hes is really tired...

adam tells ryan if they dont win this they are ***** they think the girls are bull **** them

adam says they are being played for fools bro!!
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Topic #8708418
milkmoney - ryan says he gonna take a shower while hes brewing his coffee & then him & adam will play chess 0 Replies #8708418 8:20PM 10/04/2008
ed (im out...gonna go to sleep sry if my updates sucked its my first time lol)
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Topic #8708671
RockinThePink - Adam and Natalie in the KT racing RC cars around. Non ine esle on feeds right now. NT 0 Replies #8708671 8:31PM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8708788
RockinThePink - Adam yells back to Ryan in the showere " Hey Joey" 0 Replies #8708788 8:40PM 10/04/2008
They say they are gonna get joed up for the compatiotion just incase.

Adam sitting in WC while Ryan cleans his ears and Natalie runs her RC on Ryans foot. " Oh sorry" she exclaims. She leaves the room.

Ryan says she is acting weird. Do you think she is after us.
Adam says she is acting weird to.
Ryan: We are *****, we are targeted. We win POV it's over they can kiss my ass. Me and you DONE.

Ryan: I am going to go get dressed and then drink some Joe.
Adam: and then what quick.
Ryan: then we play some chess.

Ryan goes to RR where Sharon is laying down reading the bible. They have some bible chat real quick and he goes to his room.

Feeds back to Adam and Natalie in the WC.

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Topic #8708935
RockinThePink - Sheila and Ryan now in SR whispering. Ryan says he is looking out for her. Sheila says she wont put him up but Natalie was 0 Replies #8708935 8:52PM 10/04/2008
telling her she would rather have Ryan go up and go home if Sharon comes down.

Ryan says Sharon seems like she wants to get Natalie out and he worries if they are all on the same page.

Sheila says Sharon does want Natalie out. She can't stand her. Natalie knows that she has no chance to win the money in the end.Sheila says her and Ryan and Adam can do this. Trust me over anyone is this house.

Natalie comes in and they start talking about the beers in the fridge. Sheila tells her something is going on cuz they don't want them to take and advil or drink or anything.

They leave the SR and Natalie says its gonna be an all nighter so get ready. She says its time to get amped and she is ready.

She says I'm athletic and I'm ready to go "bring it, bring it"

They are all drinking coffee thinking its gonna be something big tonight going down.

Ryan and Sheila talking about her coldplay CD. Sheila goes upstairs to change.

Sharon laying down in her room reading the bible.

Ryan sits down with Adam to play chess with his coffee.

They whisper some back and forth.

Adam says " Jacked on Joe"
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Topic #8708962
Vixter - On the feeds: 0 Replies #8708962 8:55PM 10/04/2008
Sharon reading Bible. R/A playing chess. Ryan getting Joed up. Adam picking his nose. Sheila listening to music. I'm not sure where Nat is but everyone seems to be doing the things they normally do just before comps. Nat just come on and said she was going to have coffee too.
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Topic #8709094
RockinThePink - Natalie going up to HOH. Natalie says we got to stick together, the boys want to take us out. 0 Replies #8709094 9:07PM 10/04/2008
Sheila asks if she is worried about Sharon.
Natalie say " oh her first then the boys."

Sheila says she is scared and so is Adam.

Natalie says if Sharon wins POV and pulls herself down she needs to put up Ryan. She says if anyone wins but Sharon its ok to put her up cuz she knows Sharon will go.

Sheila says she doesn't want to think about that right now.

Nat says worst scenario is if Sharon comes down and Sheila puts up her up against Adam.

Sheila says Ryan took her off the block. Sheila says she understand why James was saying Ryan owed him for taking him down because she feels like she owes Ryan now.

Sheila wants to know why Nat doesn't trust Ryan. Natalie says something about Sharon. Says Sharon thinks Adam should go up.

Natalie says don't let the worst case scenario happen her against Adam. She doens't think she has the votes against Adam cuz Sharon finds her a huge threat. She is ok with going up as long as she is not againtst Adam, only against Sharon.

Natalile thinks POV is tonight and it will go late night. Sheila thinks it might be a luxury.

Natalie says anybody else can win BUT Sharon just like last week with James. Next week it would be good to have her here cuz she can beat the boys for HOH. She will protect Sheila and fight for HOH and POV.

Sheila thinks Natalie will end up winning anyway. She wants to make sure next week she is safe.

Natale repeating she does NOT want to go up against Adam, she only wants to go up if it is against Sharon

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Topic #8709258
milkmoney - Nat & shelia up in HOH..talking about if the comp is lux or pov 0 Replies #8709258 9:17PM 10/04/2008
sheila thinks the over large toys are for comps...nat thinks they are just toys

sharon joins them up in HOH
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Topic #8709277
WVpdles - TV screen in LR says POV tonight NT 0 Replies #8709277 9:18PM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8709284
milkmoney - the girls hear the boys downstairs yelling...they think somthing is on the screen 0 Replies #8709284 9:18PM 10/04/2008
the screen says POV is tonight!! they are all yelling excited its a night comp!!
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Topic #8709341
milkmoney - shelia saying "so should have known" when they didnt let them have beer the pov was tonight NT 0 Replies #8709341 9:21PM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8709380
milkmoney - shelia is telling sharon that nat is "beggging" me to put ryan up if she wins POV NT 0 Replies #8709380 9:22PM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8709490
milkmoney - shelia tells sharon nat cant win...if she wins we are DONE!... BB tell sharon please dont obstruct ur mic NT 0 Replies #8709490 9:26PM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8709558
milkmoney - ryan & adam playing chess....shelia & sharon in KT...shelia goes up to HOH & says whyy does it have to be tonight 0 Replies #8709558 9:28PM 10/04/2008
im worn out!!

bb tells shelia to move her necklace away from mich

sharon follows shelia up to HOH...shelia tells sharon if she is up against nat...nat goes home
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Topic #8709638
milkmoney - sharon saying that nat has to get her makeup perfect for POV... Nat goes up to HOH room where sharon & shelia were chatting about nat NT 0 Replies #8709638 9:31PM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8709686
milkmoney - Nat & Sharon talking about all the noise they were making outside for comp....shelia says this old lady is spent!!! she has ice pack on her back NT 0 Replies #8709686 9:33PM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8709753
milkmoney - shelia says how she is a mess with her stye (lol sry for spelling) in her eye, her back , starting her cycle & chipped tooth says she is a mess NT 0 Replies #8709753 9:34PM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8709860
milkmoney - sharon shelia & nat talking about food...shelia says it sucks she won HOH the week of no food comp cause everyone can eat NT 0 Replies #8709860 9:39PM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8709907
milkmoney - shelia says that maybe sat will be her b-day fest instead of a nothing day since the pov is tonight and tom (fri) will be nothing now NT 0 Replies #8709907 9:41PM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8709955
WVpdles - Still playing chess. A- we shoulld have kept jimmy over that b!tch. R - for real NT 0 Replies #8709955 9:43PM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8710030
milkmoney - sharon nat & shelia talking about all the pranks they pulled on shelia laughing about how they couldnt keep a straight face to shleia 0 Replies #8710030 9:46PM 10/04/2008
shelia asks if they have done that to other HG & they say they dont think so

Shelia says they arent as good as her brothers were pranking her
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Topic #8710172
Rubykins - Adam in shower...Nat Sheila and sharon talking in HOH...Nat talking about pranks played on her by her dad NT 0 Replies #8710172 9:54PM 10/04/2008
(ed. You r doing a great job milkmoney )
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