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Topic #8699716
WieKacie - BB: "Natalie, Adam, I said it's time to get up for the day." 0 Replies #8699716 10:44AM 10/04/2008
Sheila and Ryan in kitchen general chat.
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Topic #8699751
CruiseCritic - Shiela said the HOH room got hot then it got cold - (just got booted - sorry) NT 0 Replies #8699751 10:45AM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8699797
CruiseCritic - Adam still in bed all covered up and Natalie just came in the kitchen - Sheila wondering about 0 Replies #8699797 10:48AM 10/04/2008
taking a shower in the HOH room and taking a shower - wondering if it will be on the internet. Ryan said if he was in there with her and they were doing the NASTY - then they would show it - but if she is by herself, they will leave her alone.

Adam all covered up in Natalie's old bed
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Topic #8699807
WieKacie - Natalie said they have a serious ant problem. NT 0 Replies #8699807 10:48AM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8699824
CruiseCritic - Natalie- Big Brother we have a serious ant problem - Ryan says they have to lock us out - 0 Replies #8699824 10:49AM 10/04/2008
nat saying there is a huge infestation.

BB- Adam please change your batteries. Adam - OK as he gets out of bed and puts on a tshirt.

Ryan saying he is working on his bagel skills . Sharon cutting up food for the GPs as she says bebeeees.
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Topic #8699851
CruiseCritic - Adam in SR and now Natalie is in there - but cant really hear them as Sheila and Ryan discuss the 0 Replies #8699851 10:51AM 10/04/2008
ant problem. Sheila says they are going for the maple syrup. Natalie says she doesnt want to go up, Adam says he doesnt either.

Adam comes in the KT and says - with the new robe on (Sheila's HOH robe is like a salmon/pink color)

Ryan and Sheila moving some items to get them away from the ants
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Topic #8699896
CruiseCritic - Sheila moving the spices - the outside of the honey container has honey all over it. 0 Replies #8699896 10:53AM 10/04/2008
Sheila still cleaning up with Ryans help. Sharon talking about the ants saying they have to go on the block.

Sheila found an ant on a coffee mug - says that is sooo not right. Ryan says they better stay off Sheila's coffee mug.

Adam trying to read something on the back of the cereal box - trying to read something.

Sheila says good morning Adam, give me a hug. He wont hug her. She says whatever Adam, boo hooo
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Topic #8699911
CruiseCritic - Sheila asks Nat if her butt is hurting her and Nat says her lower back is hurting - Sheila says 0 Replies #8699911 10:55AM 10/04/2008
she had a hard time sleeping last night too. Still looking at cereal box - say you have to blur your eyes it comes to you. Natalie staring at it now.

Everyone in the kitchen around the coutner, minus Sheila who is cleaning up
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Topic #8699947
CruiseCritic - Ryan staring at back of cereal box along with Natalie - all quiet around the counter 0 Replies #8699947 10:57AM 10/04/2008
and then Natalie guessed it - its a skateboard. Sharon pours milk into her cereal bowl. Natalie eating cereal as well.

Adam now staring at the back of the cereal box, he is focused as he pulls it close to his face and then far away.

BB- Ryan please exchange your microphone with one in the SR

Adam doesnt know how they could see it, Adam says I am too old. he is still staring at it
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Topic #8699973
CruiseCritic - Ryan back from SR and Nat now has the cereal box back up to her face - Sheila wants to 0 Replies #8699973 10:59AM 10/04/2008
put the honey in the fridge but worries it will get too thick. Sharon tells her to put it in the microwave.

Sheila tells Adam they have beer for tonight...he is in a daze. Sheila says she is getting the Hiney (Heineken) out of there before someone else does. Adam had said "is someone talking to me" when Sheila told him about the beer - Sheila says whatever.....
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Topic #8699994
CruiseCritic - Ryan reading the back of the Golden Grahams box out loud with directions on how to 0 Replies #8699994 11:01AM 10/04/2008
see the item (skateboard) on the back of the box. Sheila saying she has had 4 periods since she has been in the house and Adam says it is high stress levels.

Natalie then says good morrrrrning baller.....Adam quiet. Sheila says he is not in the mood. Nat says the nic patches get the guys going bad.
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Topic #8700023
CruiseCritic - Adam talking about using the toilet last night and when he came back the outside doors were closed 0 Replies #8700023 11:03AM 10/04/2008
and he couldnt get out and then he saw it was open around 230am and he ran outside to get a drag. Sounds like someone asked him for a cigarette? outside and then says he was called in the principals office.

Sheila said she had a dream someone was getting screamed at. Adam talks about not supposed to have patch on and smoke. Ryan staring at back of cereal box....says his eyes cant stand it and he puts the box down.

Talkign about list from DR about symptoms of the patch - irritability - check
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Topic #8700059
CruiseCritic - Adam goes outside, Sheila says her feet are good and her back hurts where it was against the 0 Replies #8700059 11:07AM 10/04/2008
plexiglass. Girls telling Sheila how to focus on cereal box. Sheila has the box close to her face. talk of what it is called - optical eyes, secret eyes.

Sheila cant see it at all. Sharon says Ryan couldnt either. Nat says try to blur your eyes, but dont squint.

Sheila says how do you blur without squinting? Nat now has the box. Sheila says if she was on slop she would probably see it since slop makes you delusional
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Topic #8700081
CruiseCritic - Natalie wants Sheila to come over to look at the box and she will point it out to her 0 Replies #8700081 11:09AM 10/04/2008
skateboard, railing, etc etc. Sheila says ok.

Adam outside by himself - sounds of a plane or helicopter overhead. Sharon comes outside and talks about doing laundry. Adam and Sharon going to do some laundry together.

Sheila now looking at the box again.

Sharon pulling sheets off her bed.
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Topic #8700112
CruiseCritic - Sharon bringing her linens outside and Adam coming thru red BR with his and heads outside 0 Replies #8700112 11:12AM 10/04/2008
Natalie and Sheila still at counter. Adam asks Sheila if she can see it and Sheila says she needs glasses anyways. Adam now outside and leaves laundry by Sharon.

natalie sees the picture again and SHeila comes over and Natalie points out legs, butt, hand, head. Nat tells her she has to blur it out together and it will come together.

Sheila - Ohh ohhh I can see it. She says he is on a ramp. She can see it from far away. She is happy. Adam comes in and says there is nothing there as he picks up the box and is staring at it again.

(I am out - gotta get some yard work done)
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Topic #8700466
dupont - Baller asked Ry if he would take him down with veto and ry said yes NT 0 Replies #8700466 11:46AM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8700473
dupont - Baller said what will you tell Nat, she will work you not to use it and he said he has to take care of his boy NT 0 Replies #8700473 11:47AM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8700529
milajoy - Ryan to Nat: We're Good NT 0 Replies #8700529 11:52AM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8700758
kimber1 - About 10 minutes ago, Adam and Sheila convo 0 Replies #8700758 12:13PM 10/04/2008
Sheila is saying she has to put adam up. Adam says you need to put up Nat. Sheila says I can't. Adam says You could but you Won't. Asks her did you make a deal with her up there. Sheila admits she kinda did. Adam says fine, thats all I needed to know.

Sheila says quit being such a baby. She goes outside to tell Ry and Sharon that Adam is being a big baby.
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Topic #8700781
kimber1 - Outside convo in back yard 0 Replies #8700781 12:14PM 10/04/2008
TAlk about how hot it is in the Valley as opposed to near the ocean. Sheila talks again about why no one wants to live in valley.

Natalie comes outside, now all HG outside. She says in high pitched voices "Hello Houseguests". Eveyone talking about how sore they are from last night's comp.

Now talk about Sheila's teeth.
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Topic #8700799
kimber1 - Ryan goes inside to change into trunks, very hot wants to swim 0 Replies #8700799 12:16PM 10/04/2008
Sheila in pool.

Sharon complains of back ache from James jumping on her when he was naked (LOL).
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Topic #8700834
kimber1 - About 15 minutes ago, Ry and Sharon have conversation re: getting rid of Nat 0 Replies #8700834 12:19PM 10/04/2008
They really don't want to her win veto. Sharon lays out plans for her and Ryan to get to final 2. She says at one point, if we have to loose Sheila along the way o-well. (didn't catch whole convo sorry ed.) Seemed Sharon is confident in working with Ryan and seems to trust him.

Camera switched quickly in middle of convo to go to Sheila and Adam in kitchen.
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Topic #8700883
milajoy - HG this is a Lockdown. Please go inside. Everybody is complaining. NT 0 Replies #8700883 12:22PM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8700931
kimber1 - All HG in kitchen random convo regarding ants, storing sugar in fridge, now the musical Rent NT 0 Replies #8700931 12:26PM 10/04/2008
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Topic #8700961
kimber1 - Sheila and Adam discussing Broadway plays, Ryan and Sharon on "Ant Hunt" NT 0 Replies #8700961 12:28PM 10/04/2008
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