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Topic #8734811
CruiseCritic - BB- SHeila please do not obstruct your microphone. Sheila - sorry NT 0 Replies #8734811 10:49AM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8734831
CruiseCritic - Sharon gets a pepper out for the GPs - Sheila gets her first cup of coffee and Nat is making 0 Replies #8734831 10:51AM 12/04/2008
herslef a bowl of cereal. Nat says it is going to be a nice day today and then she starts doing kisses to the GPs and says bebees, furrennds, are you hungry? Hi bebees, hi guineas (she is at the cage)

2 feeds still on Adam in bed. Sheila at counter in her HOH robe and her coffee. Sharon talking about an ex BF
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Topic #8734832
echo - ryan joins sheila in kitchen she asks him where adam was he says still sleeping 0 Replies #8734832 10:51AM 12/04/2008
ryan explains to sheila how hoh laundry works
sheila worried bb will be mad she gave them the blanket to clean
bb asks sheila not to obstruct mic
sharon now in kitchen and tells sheila her dreams of the ex's
nat now in kitchen too gettin milk
adam shown again still sleeping
nat now saying piggies making kisses noises and saying babies to gps in ear piercing tone
sharon goin on about exs to sheila
sharon cuttin treats for gps
nat eating cereal
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Topic #8734855
echo - sharon says she was tossing and turning because of the dreams 0 Replies #8734855 10:54AM 12/04/2008
sheila says she was awake at 4 am
sharon feeding gps
sheila and nat discuss wakeup songs
adam still in bed
ryan not on feeds
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Topic #8734883
echo - sheila doin a few dishes, tells sharon to drop the dishes in the sink 0 Replies #8734883 10:57AM 12/04/2008
sharon doesnt mind washing her own dishes
nat still eating cereal
sharon saying how random her dreams are
bb voice rude tone adam i said its time to get up for the day
adam groans and is up now
ryan now in kitchen tellin his dream of jen on her mission
adam yells happy bday sheila as he enters sr to change batteries
nats yellin at adam cause she didnt get her gm first
they all start yellin gm and huggin (ed extremely annoying)

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Topic #8734919
echo - adam says they are gonna have some kind of party from bb today 0 Replies #8734919 11:01AM 12/04/2008
adam heads outside and yells whats up to the cam, im up im up
sheila in kitchen saying she cant prank adam with nat around
nat still eating
adam now in wc alone
sharon now eating too
sheila says 46 man
nat says shes doesnt look 46
sharon says alot of smokers look bad at 46
nat says her mom rolls her own smokes cause its cheaper
adam off to his room
sheila says smoking is hard to quit, talks about her ex quitting cold turkey
adam gettin a shirt on
sheila says her ex quit the day they started dating and she didnt make him do it he did it on his own, they talk about how expensive smokes are

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Topic #8734936
echo - ryan explains adams grand total spent on smokes is up around 0 Replies #8734936 11:03AM 12/04/2008
50,000 in his lifetime so far
sheila is goin to split a bagel with adam
adam tells them he lfet his patch on and had bad nightmares from it
adam says he was shot in his dream and when he woke he could feel the pain (ed lmao)
sheila crackin eggs
adam asks if she put her clothes in for cleaning
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Topic #8734964
echo - nat says she wasnts some i mean COFFEEE, she tells them to stop sayin joe 0 Replies #8734964 11:07AM 12/04/2008
adam annoyed bb woke him up
sharon stil eating
adam has a huge smile this am
nat says adam looked hilarious burried in his blankets
he says its cause he was scared of his dreams
shiela asks adam what kind of cheese he likes as she mixxes eggs in a bowl
they are all looking the the birds adam goes outside and chases them away
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Topic #8734993
echo - they reflect on sheila making adam breakfast in bed on valentine day 0 Replies #8734993 11:11AM 12/04/2008
he says no ones ever done that for him
nat was impressed and they say james did it to for chels
sheila tells adam he needs a woman who will do it for him often
sheila says james was a good guy
ryan gettin coffee
adam asks nat where the splenda is
he finds it in a zip lock baggie and adam says just like my weed smoke
nat says adam prob buys his weed by the pound
adam hugs sheila and says gm again
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Topic #8735010
echo - shiela fryin scrambled eggs, adam talks about his mom being the best 0 Replies #8735010 11:13AM 12/04/2008
his mom doesnt mind when he scratches his balls unless his bor gf is there, then she calls him white trash (ed lol)
ryan and nat sit and drink coffee
adam say his bros ex wanted a ring worth 30,000 so he dumped her
sheila gives adam his eggs, says shes ina great mood its her bday
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Topic #8735027
echo - nat says number 11 is another one of her lucky numbers 0 Replies #8735027 11:15AM 12/04/2008
(ed what number is not her lucky number lol)
adams bday is apr 30th he will be 30
sharon now in bikini and sunglasses and heads outside to tan
nat says she will join her a few min
nat says say goodbye to ur 20s nat
nat says she will be sad when she turns 30
ryan says hes ready for 30
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Topic #8735077
echo - they discuss what pms stands for the guys are correct and nat says no ur wrong its pmc 0 Replies #8735077 11:20AM 12/04/2008
(ED wtf)
nat talks about how she thought there was 27 letters in the alphabet
ryan said he lost it when she counted and
adam says thats classic bb
sharon laying towel down on lounger
ryan asks if they would want to stay in the bb house for another 3 months
they all say no
ryan thinks bb wants it to be a nightmare on them
sheila says bb loves the drama this is no vacation for me
sharon now using sunscreen outside
sheila says her mom raised 5 kids alone, thats alot, sheila feels like shes had 15 kids in the bb house cleaning up after them all
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Topic #8735118
echo - ryans goin to make some new noodles later, at around 2-3 per adams suggestion 0 Replies #8735118 11:25AM 12/04/2008
ryan asks adam how he feels on his chess game today
adam says his game is beat today
adam drinkin coffee
sharon still putting on sunscreen
adam asks ryan what they are gonna do today
ryan doesnt want to play chess yet
nat talks about the birds and how they love each other
nat says james is definatly in seq today , tells what the video will entail
(ed they have no clue theres no interviews)
adam and ryan outside talkin about ryan being sore
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Topic #8735155
echo - nat and sheila still in kitchen they talk about sharon being a pawn 5 times 0 Replies #8735155 11:27AM 12/04/2008
nat says wow im the pawn this time not sharon, she says its scary being up against the utlimate pawn but shes got a great speach planned (ed if she only knew)
sheila asks if 5 times in a row is a record nat says yes
the boys outside smoking talkin about drinkin

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Topic #8735247
echo - nat says shes giving an inspiring speach, nats says what about a tie 0 Replies #8735247 11:35AM 12/04/2008
sheila says no worry (ed sheila has said many times if its a tie she sending nat out)
nat says her family is gonna freak on shes on the block
they cont to talk about how many times they have had to pack , sharon packed 5 times
adam joins them in kitchen and saying packin ur stuff sucks
adma asks how sheilas stye is she says better
sheila loves her new makeup says bb is good to her
they played oh sheila as a wake up song all songs were for sheila this am
nats gonna get her suit on and lay out now
sheila and adam alone now
sheila asks adam what ya thinkin about he says u she laughs
sheila says they all make her feel young like them

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Topic #8735297
echo - sheila says james would have wiped them all out if they didnt take him out 0 Replies #8735297 11:39AM 12/04/2008
adam agrees it was the right thing to do takin james out
ryan and sharon outside talking
they are talkin about how fast adam is in pov's he was on fire
sharon says she can definatley help ryan win this games
as long as they take adam and sheila out they are good
back in kitchen cant see nat but shes talkin, they discuss splitting to singles

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Topic #8735347
echo - adam and sheila are laughin and making faces 0 Replies #8735347 11:44AM 12/04/2008
sheila says why do u always make me laugh
hes checkin out her broken tooth from hoh comp, he said he heard it it was loud
adam outside now sheila goin to change and join them outside
adam by pool table and tells sharon hes indecisive
adam takes his shirt off and grabs towel
sheila wiping down kitchen alone
ryan in pool
adam says its hot out here
sharon agrees
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Topic #8735412
echo - sharon joins ryan n pool, nat in wc puttin on makeup 0 Replies #8735412 11:50AM 12/04/2008
sharon asks the boys who they were talkin about late lasy night ryan says big she
adam sittin at edge of pool, talks about josh being immune to the hottub heat
they reflect on the photo shoot in the hottub early on

sheila up to her hoh room alone to change
sharon talkin about jacob again, jacob heard her voice before he entered the house
ryan says he was all business, said mike to told him to relax

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Topic #8735454
echo - nat joins them outside, sharons tryin to get a bee and she screams 0 Replies #8735454 11:55AM 12/04/2008
adam says he thinks he got stung , ryan says no u didnt dude
nat says kill it
adam says again he was stung
nat says shes afraid of bees
adam says he got stung on the ankle and shows them
nat says they always sting her
sharon says she cant kill anything
nat says she kills bees and spiders
adam jumps and splashes in the pool, water covers camera view
adam now out with the ball running around yard and jumps hard again in pool

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Topic #8735473
echo - adam jumps in again almost hitting his head, sheila pops head out 0 Replies #8735473 11:58AM 12/04/2008
and asks if anyone knows where her sunglasses are
adam says he just shrunk up
adam says he hit his foot on the pool ryan and sharon casually hang in pool
sheila now out side says thanks to sharon
adam bouncing ball jumps in pool again

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Topic #8735557
marinswife - Sharon talking about wearing her David Beckham shirt when she got into her wreck. 0 Replies #8735557 12:08PM 12/04/2008
Saying how hot David Beckham and Sharons Ex looks a lot like him.
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Topic #8735585
marinswife - Shelia talking about how well all the guys dressed in the house, she said the best dressers were Adam and Josh for the guys. Nat says Matt dressed 0 Replies #8735585 12:11PM 12/04/2008
the best. Everyone making fun of Matt's highwaters. Everyone talking about singing to Shelia for her birthday.
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Topic #8735614
marinswife - Adam whispering to Shelia ( can't hear what he is saying ) 0 Replies #8735614 12:13PM 12/04/2008
Shelia has Adam and Ryan holding on to her in the pool. She has her around them both. Nat said todays has to be the hottest day here.
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Topic #8735640
marinswife - Everyone still outside, Ryan, Adam, Nat, and Sharon in the pool. Talking about Ryan snoring last night. 0 Replies #8735640 12:15PM 12/04/2008
Shelia is laying out. They are discussing putting on weight while on the show. Jeanelle gaining weight.
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Topic #8735688
marinswife - Everyone outside talking about how the last HOH comp is held. 0 Replies #8735688 12:18PM 12/04/2008
They are talking about past HOH comps that were held the last week.
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