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Divinemissm30 Adam loudly reading scriptures from Bible.....Nat stil refusing 0 4:29PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Adam saying it doesn't make you look good. Adam saying we are giving you a shot. We wanted to let you defend yourself. Sheila saying not me and 0 4:29PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Sharon saying they are just trying to start problems. Sheila saying this didn't help me at all. Ryan saying well now you know. NT 0 4:30PM 13/04/2008
sunflower721 nat tells sharon that she is safe,she also said to sheila she wants to go home,she wants this all over.sheila out back with boys. NT 0 4:30PM 13/04/2008
Divinemissm30 Adam & Ryan left bathroom....meeting over.....Sheila mad at Nat.... 0 4:32PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Ryan saying it hurts but (to Sheila). Sharon saying that Nat is freaking out. That Nat said it was Ryan and Adam that said F3 to her. Sheila saying 0 4:33PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Adam says let her come to us. Ryan saying there is no question to that. Ryan saying we won't look like the f*cking a*sholes. Ryan really happy. NT 0 4:34PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Ryan going on about the Adam triple threat thing. Adam says I am loyal to you. Adam saying we were being fair. Adam saying we didn't throw you 0 4:35PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Ryan and Adam yelling about food. NT 0 4:36PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Adam saying he felt bad for Nat. Ryan says I brought it up with her making deals with James. We didn't do that, and she did. NT 0 4:37PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Ryan saying she overdid it. We don't have multiple alliances now. Adam said her defense was vote me out dude. NT 0 4:38PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Adam saying that they expected her to call Sharon out more. Which Adam says that Sharon is saying is true. It's Nat that was talking more stuff than 0 4:39PM 13/04/2008
SouthernBelladonna Ryan/Adam agreeing that they way Nat reacted might mean that the stuff Shar has been telling them is true. 0 4:40PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou sheila saying that didn't bother you that she was saying that about you. Sharon says No. She keeps saying that stuff. The boys join Nat. NT 0 4:41PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Adam brings up the triple threat. We wanted to clear this up. Nat saying sharon was throwing ideas in my head. Adam and Ryan saying why didn't you 0 4:41PM 13/04/2008
SouthernBelladonna The boys have changed out of their meeting outfits and are back in the bathroom talking to Nat. 0 4:42PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Nat saying I always told you was going down right away. The first night. NT 0 4:42PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Ryan saying they didn't want us to bring it up. Nat says because they didn't want to have to get caught in their lies. Nat says I have never lied to 0 4:43PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Nat saying I may instigate. Nat saying I feed off what Sharon and Sheila said. Adam saying you take it to another level. NT 0 4:44PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Nat blaming it all on Sharon. I promised you. And it would be good. That is why I reassured you Nat. I have always told the truth to you two. Nat 0 4:45PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Adam saying we are going to have another meeting and you can call out Sharon. Nat saying the F2 with Sharon, I didn't want any part of it. Nat says 0 4:46PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Nat saying I agreed with their scenarios. I never brought it up or led the conversation. Nat now throwing Sheila under the bus. NT 0 4:47PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Ryan saying that you said you would put me up. Nat finally gets the conviction and says that was a straight up lie. NT 0 4:48PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Nat saying I always came straight up to you. Nat getting confused. NT 0 4:48PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Ryan throws Sheila under the bus. Nat saying I told you guys everything and always been faithful. I don't know what to do, Nat says. Now she is 0 4:49PM 13/04/2008
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