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mgd911lcfr Ryan in HOH telling Sheila she is going for sure (Nat) - even with a split vote, you'll vote her out and she is gone NT 0 12:26PM 13/04/2008
mgd911lcfr Ryan assures Sheila he is voting out Nat NT 0 12:26PM 13/04/2008
mgd911lcfr Ryans talking about how fake Nat is - when HG's telling stories, they can see her thinking about what story she weill tell NT 0 12:28PM 13/04/2008
cluckman Nat talking to baller in kt 0 12:28PM 13/04/2008
mgd911lcfr Sheila tells Ryan about Nat interrupting a chat between Sheila & Sharon about Jacob and Nat interrupting to cite an irrelevant bible verse NT 0 12:29PM 13/04/2008
mgd911lcfr Sheila tells Ryan - these are the things I will remember at the end NT 0 12:30PM 13/04/2008
mgd911lcfr Sheila leaves Ryan in HOH to listen to music - heading downstairs after spotting Balla & Nat talking in the KT on the HOH cam NT 1 12:30PM 13/04/2008
mgd911lcfr Shaila asking Balla what he's up to as she comes dow the stairs NT 0 12:31PM 13/04/2008
mgd911lcfr Balla looking at the memory wall, Sheila says she can't look at that and flames NT 0 12:31PM 13/04/2008
mgd911lcfr Sheila in BY - telling Sharon she'll get some water and be back out to join her NT 0 12:33PM 13/04/2008
mgd911lcfr Tells Sharon that BB got her Duvet cover very clean - telling sharon where everyone is and up to ... NT 0 12:33PM 13/04/2008
lexi Sheila going outside to tan. Baller in SR putting away the veto box NT 0 12:33PM 13/04/2008
mgd911lcfr Nat now coming out to the BY to join Sheila & Sharon - asking where Ry-bread is NT 0 12:34PM 13/04/2008
mgd911lcfr Sheila talking to Sharon laughing saying she could be the one going home next week NT 0 12:35PM 13/04/2008
lexi Sheila + Sharon outside tanning. Nat looking for Ryan. Adam laying down reading the bible NT 0 12:35PM 13/04/2008
mgd911lcfr Nat up with Ryan in HOH - Ryan tells her not to sweat it (being on the block) NT 0 12:35PM 13/04/2008
jube Nat in HOH, Ryan (lying to her) saying don't worry, you're safe NT 0 12:36PM 13/04/2008
mgd911lcfr Ryan getting up - tells Nat he is going out to the BY NT 0 12:36PM 13/04/2008
lexi Nat in HOH talking to Ryan. Telling him Adam is stressing her out. Says as long as she has Ryan she's fine NT 0 12:36PM 13/04/2008
Stella222 Sharon and Sheila in pool talking about Sheila's speech 0 12:40PM 13/04/2008
lexi Sheila asking Nat if she thinks the jury house is in hawaii nat says no NT 0 12:41PM 13/04/2008
lexi adam + ryan talking about calling a house meeting later NT 0 12:46PM 13/04/2008
lexi ryan + adam talk about confronting nat later about playing all sides NT 2 12:48PM 13/04/2008
lexi ryan + adam talking in BR 0 1:05PM 13/04/2008
sunflower721 Nat/sharon/sheila all in pool,nat just called to the DR. NT 0 1:08PM 13/04/2008
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