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sunflower721 ryan tells nat as soon as he gets this (fixes his clippers)he will be out of her way. NT 0 10:37AM 13/04/2008
echo sheila in hoh bathroom tweezing eye brows 0 10:37AM 13/04/2008
sunflower721 adam now in bathroom telling a story.nat giggling in mirror and repeating what he says. NT 0 10:40AM 13/04/2008
echo ryan still tryin to fix razor/clippers in wc as nat picks her face 0 10:41AM 13/04/2008
echo feeds are out on all players at the moment, having trouble connecting NT 0 10:46AM 13/04/2008
echo feeds still messed but did see ryan blowing on clippers and spraying something on them in wc 0 10:49AM 13/04/2008
echo sheila tells sharon no matter what happened she never planned to put 0 10:54AM 13/04/2008
sunflower721 sharon talking to sheila up in HOH bathroom,they are talking about nat.Sheila says that nat didnt give Comp to me I stayed up there for three fricking 0 10:59AM 13/04/2008
sunflower721 nat in WC brushing hair.ryan done showering toweling off.Sharon now down in WC with nat and Ryan.Nat talking about her root(hair root) growth. NT 0 11:01AM 13/04/2008
sunflower721 ryan in Wc mirror now cleaning ears and putting lotion or aftershave all over his face and arms.Nat is blowdrying her hair now.Sharon is sitting on WC 0 11:02AM 13/04/2008
sunflower721 Ryan now in Boat room getting dressed . NT 0 11:04AM 13/04/2008
echo ryan and adam in kitchen gettin some joe, adam says its starting in the next half hour 0 11:07AM 13/04/2008
sunflower721 Sharon just got called to DR. all feeds on Ryan in boat room. Ryan leaves boat BR and adm walks up behind him to KT 0 11:09AM 13/04/2008
echo adam tells ryan when he was in dr he told shannonhe got all shaved up for her 0 11:10AM 13/04/2008
sunflower721 Sheila now coming down from HOH and tells adam its all him (about the Dr convos) he laughs.Sheila then asks where nat is,ry back in KT now tells 0 11:12AM 13/04/2008
echo nat comes in yelling i only use 2 towels dont blame me i heard my name 0 11:13AM 13/04/2008
sunflower721 sharon feeding the GPS,adam and sheila in KT sheila says she is going to make some more coffee.ryan goes off to the DR. NT 0 11:13AM 13/04/2008
realitydoll Natalie to DR NT 0 11:22AM 13/04/2008
realitydoll Sharon comments to the other 3, about the boys commenting on the 9th commandment to Nat last night, and laughing NT 0 11:24AM 13/04/2008
lexi everyone except nat in KT. nat in DR NT 0 11:25AM 13/04/2008
echo nat in dr the rest in kitchen talkin about how nat doesnt understand 0 11:26AM 13/04/2008
realitydoll Sharon makes fun of Nat when they called her out about asking what the 9th commandment means, sharon says she explains to her about "false profit", Sh 0 11:28AM 13/04/2008
realitydoll Nat is happy and telling them about doing her hair/highlights after POV (i'm few mins behind) NT 0 11:31AM 13/04/2008
realitydoll The others wander off. Nat comments about how the guinea pigs need human contact. It's just her & sharon. Nat says she wants to lay out. 0 11:34AM 13/04/2008
realitydoll Hg's, Shel/Ryan/Sharon in KT general chat NT 0 11:35AM 13/04/2008
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