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lexi nat goes in to PB + tells baller not to let them turn him against her NT 0 7:10PM 13/04/2008
timetakenbyBB Nat goes into PB and leans over to tell Adam while he is sleeping...Baller please don't let them make you turn on me. It was James plan for them 0 7:13PM 13/04/2008
TracyTurnblad Feeds 1 and 2 on Nat in the WC still doing her hair, feed 3 on Ryan sleeping, and feed 4 on Baller sleeping(ED:exciting stuff! lol) NT 0 7:16PM 13/04/2008
timetakenbyBB Ryan now snoring with pillow over his face. Nat still working on hair NT 0 7:17PM 13/04/2008
WieKacie Natalie is putting more dye in. Everyone else is sleeping. 0 7:22PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Skippy perving on Nat. NT 0 7:27PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Nat finally starting to take the stuff out of her hair. NT 0 7:36PM 13/04/2008
timetakenbyBB HaHa ! Adam all spread eagle sleeping on F4 NT 0 7:38PM 13/04/2008
lakeview Nat finally took the foil out of her hair NT 0 7:38PM 13/04/2008
FrouFrou Rinsing out in Shower. Whole puddle of color on shower floor. NT 0 7:39PM 13/04/2008
lexi Nat blowdrying her hair. Sheila in HOH listening to music. NT 0 7:58PM 13/04/2008
lakeview Ryan's snoring getting even louder! Nat still playing with her newly dyed hair NT 0 8:01PM 13/04/2008
soulmate Nat in HOH with Sheila, showing her her hair NT 0 8:12PM 13/04/2008
soulmate talking game........Sheila saying she asked the boys why they did the meeting NT 0 8:13PM 13/04/2008
soulmate Shiela: why did they go to the bible...that was bad 0 8:17PM 13/04/2008
soulmate Sheila asking why Nat gave sharon the pool today. Nat said no we were not talking game NT 0 8:19PM 13/04/2008
soulmate Nat why would I talk game with someone that is up on the block with me... NT 0 8:20PM 13/04/2008
soulmate Nat just said she never through anyone completely under the bus NT 0 8:22PM 13/04/2008
soulmate Nat: James told Sharon to throw me under the bus 0 8:27PM 13/04/2008
soulmate Nat: just said both boys have told her F2 with her. Shiela is like really! NT 0 8:29PM 13/04/2008
soulmate Nat said she could have called both of them out. 0 8:31PM 13/04/2008
sunflower721 Sheila saying the boys are damned if they do and damned if they dont,because there is still going to be one of the girls they will have to deal with. 0 8:33PM 13/04/2008
sunflower721 nat tells sheila that she will tell the boys that if sharon goes to the end nat will vote for her.Sheila says that will scare the hell out of them 0 8:34PM 13/04/2008
lakeview Sheila/Nat in HOH 0 8:35PM 13/04/2008
sunflower721 sheila wondering what sharon is telling the boys for them to trust her (sharon). NT 0 8:36PM 13/04/2008
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