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saskwatch Adams did not respond to Nats attempt at convo. NT 0 7:41PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon asks him what makes him feel better when he has these headaches and he says his meds... he lets Sharon feel the glass in his face. NT 0 7:42PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Adam outside with Ryan who complains he can't even do a mile Adam back in . NT 0 7:43PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Nat says to Ryan that she's going to start doing 20-25 laps a day. Asks him to turn on grill NT 0 7:44PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Nat was prepping cabbage for supper not salad. Nat says she's a sitcom... "Back with Chatty" to Sharon. NT 0 7:45PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan lighting BBQ and Baller scraping grills NT 0 7:46PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila still not on any feeds NT 0 7:47PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Nat says once she grills the salmon she's going to put some mayonnaise on top NT 0 7:47PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon draining macaroni and comments on how funky the water looks... it's like a gel (she was stirring mac majority of cooking time.) NT 0 7:49PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan takes credit for BBQ being ready, says it's all clean... Adam looks up then Ry adds, "Baller helped too." NT 0 7:50PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon putting cheese on mac and Natty going to put salmon on BBQ NT 0 7:50PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Baller wondering if mac and cheese expired since water was so thick. NT 0 7:51PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon says it's good till Feb 07/09.. LOL NT 0 7:52PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Mac/Ch ready.... cabbage cooking and salmon cooking... NT 0 7:52PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch OOPs .. Natty is going to take salmon out to BBQ in just a second... Sharon covering mac and cheese with cling wrap. Nat says use foil. NT 0 7:53PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Nat tells Sharon that cabbage will be done in 3 min and to watch it cuz she's going out with ryan to do fish and add mayo to it. NT 0 7:54PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon tells Adam that the burner is really really high and she doesn't know... Baller still concerned that mac and cheese water was like jelly. NT 0 7:55PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Flames. NT 0 7:56PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Natty says she doesn't know what to talk about. Nat tells Ryan that Sharon cont talks about Jacob. NT 0 7:57PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Can't hear convo b/w adam and Sharon over Natty and Ryan. NT 0 7:58PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan and Natty feel sorry for "Aballer" . Ryan says he's been out of it all day. NT 0 7:59PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan tells Nat that their best chances of winning this game is if they are F2. but people see them as too big a threat. Nat says She has her. 0 8:02PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan says that he and Nat don't kiss ev1's azz like Adam, Sheila and Sharon. NT 0 8:03PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan tells Nat he'll work his hardest to save her so they can be F2. NT 0 8:03PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan apologizes for calling her out. Nat says she's mad at Adam that he just did it for jh votes. NT 0 8:04PM 14/04/2008
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