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saskwatch Natty says her mom always made her say please and thankyou. Sharon says she never had to say yes maam or no sir. Says Jacob hated that his parents 0 8:31PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila singing Adams praises for doing dishes and taking out garbage. Sharon still talking to gps. Adam not at table. NT 0 8:32PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Natty spraying stove with 409 and Sheila reminds her to take macn'cheese off stove first. Sheila says she ate alot today. NT 0 8:33PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila asks whats with all these neosporins, somebody dying? Sheila thanks Nat for supper. NT 0 8:34PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Natty whispered something to Sheila but I couldn't hear it. NT 1 8:35PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Adam in bed reading Bible.Ryan in kitchen with girls. Sharon still talking loudly to gps.Flames. NT 0 8:37PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila invites ryan and Adam to hoh party. NT 0 8:38PM 14/04/2008
keekeet Ryan called to the DR NT 0 8:39PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon got yelled at by BB for stick in gp cage. NT 0 8:39PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan called to DR NT 0 8:39PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Nat and She in HOH room. Nat tells She about Ryan's promise, leaving out f2 portion, and asks Sheila to break tie if they can't get Adam. She 0 8:43PM 14/04/2008
WVpdles Nat and Sheila alone in HoH, Nat asked Sheila is she would keep her if it was a tie, Ryan hinted to her that she won't. Ryan promised Nat his vote. 0 8:44PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Nat says Ryan told her that if she gets vote to go 2/0, he'll keep her as long as it don't put target on her back. NT 0 8:44PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Nat tells She that Adam put her, She and Ryan in a bad position. Nat assures Sheila that she won't win. Jury all hates her. NT 0 8:45PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila asks if Ryan's thinking that Ryan and Natty will go F2. Natty denies it completely. NT 0 8:46PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila says she's not going to allow vote to go 1:1 forcing her to break the tie. She promises she won't tell Ryan about this convo. NT 0 8:47PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Nat assures She that Ryan will talk to Adam tomorrow and ensure the vote is 2/0. She says she will talk to Adam too. NT 0 8:48PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch She doesn't like the way Ryan is setting this up to make Adam look like the bad guy. She is pizzed off. NT 0 8:49PM 14/04/2008
keekeet Sheila/Nat in HOH 0 8:49PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch She tells Nat that Ryan is throwing her and Adam under the bus. NT 0 8:49PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch She promises Nat that she will not share Nat's confidence with Ryan. Nat also tells She Ryan told her that Sharon thinks she's safe.. NT 0 8:50PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch She tells Nat that boys told her that Nat was going to come after her next week. Nat denies. NT 0 8:51PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan and Adam playing chess. ryan says X2 'Big fat puss" NT 0 8:52PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Nat says if she gets HOH Adam's ass is going on the block. Nat says she trusts Ryan more than Adam. NT 0 8:53PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Nat says if TC evicts her she will be so bitter, because they should have her back. NT 0 8:54PM 14/04/2008
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