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saskwatch Ryan outside doing dumbbells and huffing and puffing. NT 0 7:20PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Adam outside now. Ryan says Adams prolly down due to smoking withdrawal. Baller says, that Sharon's a hawk. James was right. NT 0 7:21PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says he used to do this fruit punch tasting thing just before a workout. Ryan says that ??? something energizes you for a workout NT 0 7:22PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon and Natty working together in kitchen and now Natty is doing Sharon's routine with gps and calling them yogi and booboo-Both girls squealing NT 0 7:23PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Baller and Ryan still outside. Ryan says he doesn't feel like working out anymore but he's going to finish it. NT 0 7:24PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Nat Sha cont to squeal like hyenas at guinea pigs.... (ugghhh! ed) NT 0 7:24PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan says to Adam they haven't seen a sunset in almost 3 months. NT 0 7:25PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan back in house too. Girls cont to squeal at gps. Sheila still cleaning her HOH room. NT 0 7:26PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon tells Ryan that Sheila has Alex and she has her guineas.. they don't talk back. Adam outside sitting on pool table. NT 0 7:27PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon tells Ryan he's toning up.. and Nat repeats. Ryan says he can tell he's gotten stronger and looking better.. has lost 5-10 and could more. NT 0 7:28PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Nat says she's gained about 3 pounds since she's been there. NT 0 7:28PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch ryan feels a lot better with the weight loss and muscle gain. Says Jen will be able to see diff NT 0 7:29PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Natty says if they had the "smith" machine she'd be all hooked up because you can do everything on one of those. Ryan agrees. NT 0 7:29PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Girls cooking, Sharon mincing , Nat loves basil... its' so good ..prepping fish. NT 0 7:30PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Baller suggests mac'n cheese with fish. Nat agrees. NT 0 7:31PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan jogging around back yard, huffing and horking spit. NT 0 7:31PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Adam asks girls what Sheila is doing. They tell him she's upstairs cleaning her room, maybe listening to music. NT 0 7:32PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Adam doing dishes. NT 0 7:33PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon goes to help him and he dismisses her with an "I'm all right." NT 0 7:34PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Natty making salad now. NT 0 7:35PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon prepping macaroni and Nat tells her to put drop of olive oil in to stop them from sticking. Sharon asks should she put in salt and pepper.. NT 0 7:37PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch "Houseguests: 191/4 laps = 1 mile" BB says. Nat says she's going to do that now. Thanks bb for sharing info. NT 0 7:38PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Gps squealing and Sharon tells them they are not getting anymore. Nat repeats. NT 0 7:39PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Plane overhead. Ryan staring up at it. NT 0 7:40PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Nat tells Adam that Sheilas going to love him for doing the dishes. NT 0 7:41PM 14/04/2008
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