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saskwatch Adam says Jacob loves Sharon to death and he was going to win this to prove to Sharon's dad... then he sacrificed himself to save Adam. NT 0 10:21PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says he still loves a girl that he dated from the 8th grade but it didn't work out because her family hated him and she's got a guy now. NT 0 10:21PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon saysJacob will probably call Adam when Adams out of there. Adam says Jacob was his boy. They hit it off instantly. Adam knew Jacob was good NT 0 10:23PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says Jacob told him everything about him and Sharon and that jacob was scared being there and Jacob wanted to be 0 10:24PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Feeds frozen NT 0 10:26PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says he slept all day... pulled a crazy james. Said he may have sacrificed his whole game to honor his promise to Jacob to protect Sharon, 0 10:29PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan in from hottub.. says he doesn't know how Josh did it. Sharon and Baller reminiscing about Josh. Both love him. NT 0 10:30PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Adam confirmed that he's not voting for Nat. Ryan told Adam he's not voting for her either. NT 0 10:32PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Adam pizzed that Nat thinks she's coming after him... and trying to turn the house against him. Said he knew Nat wasn't on his side before POV. 0 10:35PM 14/04/2008
BeachinBrunette Natalie just told Sheila that Adam is the biggest threat in the house. NT 0 10:39PM 14/04/2008
BeachinBrunette Sheila telling Nat the main focus is for them to get to Adam. The plan is Nat talks to Ad tomorrow. Both agree against Shar. NT 0 10:41PM 14/04/2008
BeachinBrunette Sharon saying she'll never go to Georgia. There's nothing there for her. Ad says Jacob is there. Sharon: "No." NT 0 10:45PM 14/04/2008
bbbigfan1 Sheila and Natalie calling Sharon a sneak. NT 0 10:46PM 14/04/2008
bbbigfan1 Sheila saying that Sharon thinks that she deserves the money. NT 0 10:47PM 14/04/2008
BeachinBrunette Sharon asking if Nat/She are still up there. Adam: "Probably hooking up." Shar laughs. NT 0 10:47PM 14/04/2008
bbbigfan1 Adam downstairs talking to Shar. Shar laying in bed. She/Nat/Ry up in HOH. 0 10:50PM 14/04/2008
bbbigfan1 Nat/She/Ry talking stuff about Shar. Saying J/J hired her only to find out more info. 0 10:59PM 14/04/2008
lexi Sheila/Nar/Ryan in HOH 0 11:10PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Nat leaving HOH . Adam up there with Sheila. NT 0 11:30PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch She tells Adam that Ryan threw them under the bus. (Yippee!) NT 0 11:31PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Both Sheila and Adam are saying Ryan is shady. She says she will f Ryan so bad if he throws Adam unde the bus by fudging a vote. NT 0 11:33PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says ryan doesn't know that Adam and Sheila are hooked up. She says that she is not worried about Adam. She reassuring Adam again. She tells 0 11:36PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch She says that Ryan has thrown Adam under the bus twice. She says Nat spilled all the beans to her tonight- that her party plan was a success. NT 0 11:38PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch they discuss their jobs again. Adam reminds her that this job is hers in the house. His is out in the yard ( Her psych game and his comp game.) NT 0 11:39PM 14/04/2008
saskwatch He says he'll put Sheila and Sharon up if he wins and pull Sheila down. NT 0 11:40PM 14/04/2008
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