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Ryan says they'd love to take me to the end. But he wants to go with Nat to increase their chances. Nat told him she told JC she only trusted him NT - saskwatch
8:05PM 14/04/2008

Ryan says he will work on Adam to vote FOR Nat - keekeet
8:06PM 14/04/2008

Ryan says he believes Nat fr yesterday because Sharon never said $*****. Baller out. Convo changes. NT - saskwatch
8:06PM 14/04/2008

Sharon knows and is telling Sheila that Nat and Ryan are talking game. Everyone knows Ryans game talk mannerisms. NT - saskwatch
8:06PM 14/04/2008

Everything is cooked inside and fish is still cooking. Nat tells Ryan it's done when fish flakes. NT - saskwatch
8:08PM 14/04/2008

Sheila noticed and is thrilled that Adam washed dishes. NT - saskwatch
8:09PM 14/04/2008

Sheila says she won't have any peace until she knows that Natty is out the door. Sharon assures her she can break the tie NT - saskwatch
8:10PM 14/04/2008

Sharon's says her macaroni is like friggin glue ( not surprised ed.) NT - saskwatch
8:11PM 14/04/2008

Sheila expressing concern over Adam. Says she was upstairs listening to music, getting depressed and crying again. Cabbage is burnt. NT - saskwatch
8:13PM 14/04/2008

Sharon says mac may taste diff because she had to use soya NT - saskwatch
8:14PM 14/04/2008

Sheila says Nats fish is really good. Sheila doesn't want to take too much of anything, wants to wait until ev 1 has some.. Sharon prays. NT - saskwatch
8:15PM 14/04/2008

Ryan teasing Sheila for being in HOH bawling. NT - saskwatch
8:16PM 14/04/2008

Sheila says she's crying about home... it's only 2 more weeks. NT - saskwatch
8:18PM 14/04/2008

Ryan and Baller says they never get homesick. Ryan says he misses reality. NT - saskwatch
8:19PM 14/04/2008

Sheila says it's almost over but it's going to feel like it takes forever to get to the next 2 weeks. NT - saskwatch
8:20PM 14/04/2008

Ryan says Sheils crying because he threatened to throw her Alex over the rails. She says he's going out the door with her. Ryan says you might be - saskwatch
8:21PM 14/04/2008

Nat says to ask JC if Alex doll can vote. NT - saskwatch
8:22PM 14/04/2008

HG comparing Sheila's Alex doll to Wilson on Castaway. NT - saskwatch
8:22PM 14/04/2008

Sheila talking about her "Alex" doll - keekeet
8:23PM 14/04/2008

Nat imitating Sheila when she's on the block..Noisy around table and Adam's wincing. they tell him to get meds. She suggests asking for Tylenol PM NT - saskwatch
8:23PM 14/04/2008

Ev1 thanks Natty for supper. Natty thanks Sharon for making mac n cheese. NT - saskwatch
8:24PM 14/04/2008

Sharon says she's going to read the book of James tonight. NT - saskwatch
8:25PM 14/04/2008

Ryan telling Sheila that the outside of things don't have to be cleaned all the time when she asks if BBQ is clean. NT - saskwatch
8:26PM 14/04/2008

Sheila / Sharon talking about family dinners - keekeet
8:28PM 14/04/2008

Sharon saying she wants the guinea pig cage key, she wants to take them out NT - keekeet
8:31PM 14/04/2008

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