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Sheila's blaming the boys for trying to screw her by evicting Nat. NT - saskwatch
8:54PM 14/04/2008

Sheila says she can't talk to Adam until tomorrow because he's not feeling well tonight. Nat promises to take She off the block next week if boys NT - saskwatch
8:55PM 14/04/2008

Nat tells Sheila Ryan told her that everyone sees her as a huge threat. Sheila asks for clarification. - saskwatch
8:57PM 14/04/2008

Nat says Ryan told her that he didn't trust Sheila if vote was split. Nat lies and says that Ryan told her that this was the only way he could - saskwatch
8:58PM 14/04/2008

Sheila is pissed at Adam that he would even think of this. NT - saskwatch
8:58PM 14/04/2008

Nat says Adam was the only one who didn't tell her to drop. Nat says she thinks Adam and Sharon have something. (so do I) NT - saskwatch
9:00PM 14/04/2008

Sheila reminds Nat that Sharon in sequester is 4 votes. Nat says they'll all vote for you. Sheila denies. Flames. NT - saskwatch
9:01PM 14/04/2008

Sharon comes in and says BB says they can't hold the gp for their safety and hg safety. Flames. NT - saskwatch
9:02PM 14/04/2008

Sharon says she hasn't been called in all day. to DR NT - saskwatch
9:04PM 14/04/2008

Nat says she's a 28 yr old woman and she knows how to hold a gp. Sheila defends DR stance to girls. NT - saskwatch
9:05PM 14/04/2008

Sheila ends it by saying that its an N-O and they have to go with the rules. Sheila wishing for luxury. NT - saskwatch
9:06PM 14/04/2008

Sheila says she may be joining Sharon in JH next week.. Nat says or me... and Sheila says whichever... she'll be following. NT - saskwatch
9:06PM 14/04/2008

Switching feeds to try and catch Adam and Ryan's convo.. brb NT - saskwatch
9:08PM 14/04/2008

Boys talking queens and rooks. NT - saskwatch
9:09PM 14/04/2008

Adam says sitting around just sucks and he wishes HOH was tomorrow. NT - saskwatch
9:11PM 14/04/2008

Sheila denying she was in an alliance with Natalie and that she didn't know they were team christ NT - kamzer
9:11PM 14/04/2008

Sheila telling Natty she judged Joshuah for being gay and saying he would not end up in the kingdom of heaven NT - kamzer
9:12PM 14/04/2008

Boys quit playing and discussing value of chess set... Adam says $50.00 NT - saskwatch
9:12PM 14/04/2008

Sheila saying James & Josh redeemed themselves to her because they apologized to her NT - kamzer
9:12PM 14/04/2008

Lift it up and it's made in China... ryan says that cuts its value in half. NT - saskwatch
9:12PM 14/04/2008

Ryan says "Aint nuthing but a pussy party upstairs." NT - saskwatch
9:13PM 14/04/2008

Sheila and Nat arguing if Nat told Josh to his face that he won't go to heaven because he is gay NT - kamzer
9:14PM 14/04/2008

Sharon left HOH because she doesn't want to get involved NT - kamzer
9:15PM 14/04/2008

Sheila telling Nat don't say evil doer name in front of Sharon because she will go to jury house and tell them Nat says she doesn't care NT - kamzer
9:15PM 14/04/2008

Sharon downstairs with boys saying girls are having game talk upstairs and so she said f this ***** and walked out. NT - saskwatch
9:16PM 14/04/2008

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