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more Nat/She/Ry in HOH - KineGirl
9:51PM 14/04/2008

Sharon assuring Adam he's going to be there for the end of this game. Feeds choppy. NT - saskwatch
9:52PM 14/04/2008

Ryan downstairs now and telling Adam that Nat feels she has his vote. She doesn't know wht she's doing and Nat wants to talk to him. - saskwatch
9:54PM 14/04/2008

Adam says he's got to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ to get thru this. Sounds like he's crying. NT - saskwatch
9:55PM 14/04/2008

Adam says a crazy psychic girl in his office told him to be himself and he'd make it. NT - saskwatch
9:57PM 14/04/2008

Adam says its now 3 on 1 in his eyes now... so a totally new game for him. NT - saskwatch
9:57PM 14/04/2008

Sheila refusing to let the flour / nat laughing go. - KineGirl
9:58PM 14/04/2008

Adam advises Sharon to take the same approach. Says his winning the POV was a crap shoot.. he had no idea he'd won. Says he doesn't care if he - saskwatch
10:01PM 14/04/2008

Sharon says that she doesn't believe that because Josh said if Nat made it to end he'd vote for her.. and he flipped ev1 to bring James back.. he - saskwatch
10:04PM 14/04/2008

Sharon thinks group will look at Nat's need and give it to her. NT - saskwatch
10:04PM 14/04/2008

Sharon telling Adam that before Josh was evicted, sometimes James would tell him that if Nat got to end he'd vote for her. NT - saskwatch
10:05PM 14/04/2008

Adam and Sharon believe that you can still always do the right thing in this game and win. NT - saskwatch
10:06PM 14/04/2008

Adam says he's just got to win HOH this week and then try and win POV. He says if he's on the block, he's going home. Adam thinks worse case - saskwatch
10:08PM 14/04/2008

Adam says he's a worry free dude because he won't worry about tomorrow today. NT - saskwatch
10:09PM 14/04/2008

Adam says you can't control other people. NT - saskwatch
10:09PM 14/04/2008

Adam says that Jacobs scared of your old man. NT - saskwatch
10:10PM 14/04/2008

Sharon's saying what did Jacob say about my dad. Adam says Jacob said he respects Sharon's Dad big time. NT - saskwatch
10:11PM 14/04/2008

Sharon telling Adam about fight bw Jacob and her Dad. NT - saskwatch
10:12PM 14/04/2008

brb NT - saskwatch
10:12PM 14/04/2008

Sharon realizes that the reason Jacob did this show was to prove to her Dad that he loves her. Adam confirms. They both tear up. NT - saskwatch
10:13PM 14/04/2008

Adam tells Sharon that the reason Jacob did this show was to prove to Sharon's dad that he still loves her. NT - saskwatch
10:15PM 14/04/2008

Sharon's blown away thinking what the wrap party will be like with her Dad and Jacob both there. NT - saskwatch
10:15PM 14/04/2008

Adam says that what Jacob did for Sharon to do the show and for Adam to stay in the house, is the reason Adam has Sharon's back. Both crying NT - saskwatch
10:17PM 14/04/2008

Both laughing and crying at the same time... Adam says f'n Jacob heald. NT - saskwatch
10:18PM 14/04/2008

Sharon says, How am I plotting? I've been on the block for 5 straight f'n weeks. Wish I could have HOH and plot. think sheila's there. NT - saskwatch
10:19PM 14/04/2008

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