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Bot Adam and Sharon agree that Nat is the biggest hypocrit going in this house. NT - saskwatch
9:27PM 14/04/2008

Sheila saying she is not calling anyone out but obviously she is calling out Nat and saying she is not part of TC - kamzer
9:27PM 14/04/2008

Nat saying she is not calling people out because she only goes whats in her gut NT - kamzer
9:28PM 14/04/2008

Shraon says listening to Nat talk about the Bible irritates her cuz she just memorizes select verses to use on others & doesn't even know the 10 NT - saskwatch
9:28PM 14/04/2008

Sharon's upset and says she has noone to vent to but DR and she's sick of all of this. What really bothers her is that Nat is calling them liars. - saskwatch
9:29PM 14/04/2008

Sharon says all she ever said is things that she has seen. NT - saskwatch
9:30PM 14/04/2008

Sharon spilling her guts to Adam right now. Exposing everything Nat has been saying against Adam. NT - saskwatch
9:30PM 14/04/2008

Adam says it don't bother him if they wanna talk behind his back... go ahead and talk ***** homey... he's spent his whole f'n - saskwatch
9:32PM 14/04/2008

Sharon says all the emotional abuse she took from Jacob destroyed her self esteem. After the bills..Now she's done. NT - saskwatch
9:33PM 14/04/2008

Now Sharon doing the whole Jacob talk... Adam says there's lots of relationships like that in this world. NT - saskwatch
9:33PM 14/04/2008

Jacob talk continues. Adam listening and patiently sitting on railing while Sharons in sofa bed. NT - saskwatch
9:34PM 14/04/2008

Sharon says she's a survivor. NT - saskwatch
9:36PM 14/04/2008

Adam says he's not going upstairs and participating with all the drama. He'd rather hang out with Sharon. NT - saskwatch
9:36PM 14/04/2008

Adam says Jacob push you right to the edge and you come her e to get away from him... and he's here. NT - saskwatch
9:38PM 14/04/2008

Adam says if it wasn't for Jacob he wouldn't be where he is right now.. so he owes him big time. NT - saskwatch
9:39PM 14/04/2008

N: I completely admit it (about wanting to be put up against Ryan and not Adam) - KineGirl
9:41PM 14/04/2008

Switched feeds. Sheila saying she doesn't trust Adam, but she hopes Ryan has her back. Assures Ryan that she trusts him. He says she should. NT - saskwatch
9:43PM 14/04/2008

Nat crying and saying she's paying the price for bringing Ryan and Sheila together. She tells her to talk to Adam privately in the a.m. NT - saskwatch
9:44PM 14/04/2008

Nat crying and saying it sounds like Sheila isn't going to vote to keep her. She tells her to let her do her job and not worry about it. NT - saskwatch
9:45PM 14/04/2008

Ryan says he's not like James and he's not going to hold Nat and Sheila's votes against him to save Matty against them. NT - saskwatch
9:46PM 14/04/2008

Adam telling Sharon his fate comes Wednesday. NT - saskwatch
9:48PM 14/04/2008

Adam says he'll see what God's got for him... if it's meant it's meant and if it's not it's not. NT - saskwatch
9:48PM 14/04/2008

Sharon says they can't do nothing about the edit BB gives them. Either they can win, help someone else win or not be there. NT - saskwatch
9:49PM 14/04/2008

Sharon says she can't understand why people wouldn't drag her to the end, they'll win. Adam says you can't even campaign for next week. NT - saskwatch
9:50PM 14/04/2008

Sharon says she'll have to win HOH if she stays. Said she knew she didn't have the glass thing. NT - saskwatch
9:51PM 14/04/2008

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