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Adam back in and says gm to everyone. NT - saskwatch
10:47AM 15/04/2008

nat in wc in towel doin hair talkin to adam whos on the chair - echo
10:48AM 15/04/2008

Adam asks where Ryan is. If he's in DR. Sharon says he's weighing out his options. - saskwatch
10:49AM 15/04/2008

Adam laying on couch in WC.....Nat in towel sweet talking Adam... - Divinemissm30
10:50AM 15/04/2008

Now Sharon blowdrying. Adam at sink brushing teeth. Nat still in mirror . Adam called to DR NT - saskwatch
10:51AM 15/04/2008

Adam called to DR.....Sharon & Nat still primping NT - Divinemissm30
10:51AM 15/04/2008

Skippy being a perv with Sharon on F1 & F3.....Nat putting on lip gloss..F2 & F4 NT - Divinemissm30
10:53AM 15/04/2008

Sheila down to KT to make cup of coffee....Nat goes to Pink Room to get dressed NT - Divinemissm30
10:54AM 15/04/2008

Sheila called to DR. Natalie doing dishes. Sharon eating. No talking. NT - WieKacie
11:09AM 15/04/2008

Sheila to DR-Nat washing the dishes, Sharon eating a cream cheese bagel - BBSheri
11:10AM 15/04/2008

Ryan called to DR again. NT - WieKacie
11:12AM 15/04/2008

Now Adam to the DR again NT - BBSheri
11:15AM 15/04/2008

Now Nat to DR NT - BBSheri
11:17AM 15/04/2008

Sheila tells Adam they need to Powow tonight. Sharon to the DR NT - BBSheri
11:21AM 15/04/2008

The boys in pink bedroom talking about the girls.....Adam says he will - BBSheri
11:25AM 15/04/2008

Sheila and Adam conversing in kitchen with Nat. Shedam having bubble bath tonight in HOH. Adam can't even touch Big She's toes. Nat's going to buy - saskwatch
11:57AM 15/04/2008

Adam teasing that he's going to throw Alex in the pool. Nat chimes in. Sheila tells them go ahead, and America will kick your azz. NT - saskwatch
11:58AM 15/04/2008

Sheila tells Nat and Adam that Alex is perfect for all reasons she's prev stated. Tells them he's made of paper towel and if he's in the pool he'll - saskwatch
12:00PM 15/04/2008

Shei says that she'd sooner see Alex doll thrown in pool than over rail... less violence. NT - saskwatch
12:01PM 15/04/2008

Sheila says when she was on slop it made her totally mad. Nat says she'd be the same way.. She says "Totally mad, Totally mad." (:LOL) NT - saskwatch
12:02PM 15/04/2008

Ryan going upstairs to listen to cd. She tells him not to cry when he hears asphyxiate... - saskwatch
12:03PM 15/04/2008

Ryan just threw the Alex doll over the rail into the kitchen. Sheila sreaming, "No! Alex!" NT - BB9Sucked
12:03PM 15/04/2008

Ryan threw Alex over railing onto floor.. Sheila fake grieving and crying "Alex, oh Alex" NT - saskwatch
12:04PM 15/04/2008

Sheila tells Rybread he's not allowed in her room anymore even tho she's leaving tomorrow. Ry says check. check. NT - saskwatch
12:05PM 15/04/2008

Sheila packing up Alex doll and hauling him back to her room and tells boys not to touch him. Ry says he's sorry. NT - saskwatch
12:06PM 15/04/2008

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